ZeldaBlog Contributor

Website: http://www.generation17.com/izc
Profile: I find myself in a bit of a time warp, running Ice's Zelda Central again. It's been years since my site locked the gates and barred the windows. Suddenly I find myself running it again, as well as being a part of several community projects, such as ZeldaNewsOnline.com, Zeldablog.com, IZC Interactive!, and ZeldaRadio.com. It feels good to be active again, and to answer the questions as to whether I'm "rebuilding my Zelda empire" or not, let me just say "Who needs a Zelda empire when I can just talk like a hick on the radio?" My interests include design, programming of all varieties, and the creation of music. I'm known to show up at black-tie events rather unexpectedly, and to rock the stage all night with my fellow producers/musicians. Zelda fans, it's good to be back. Sorry if I muck up this blog.