Darth Citrus

ZeldaBlog Contributor

Website: http://www.explodingdekunut.net
Profile: My name is Caleb, aka Darth Citrus. I’ve been an active member of the Zelda community for over 7 years, and a webmaster for 4. I was born in Calgary Alberta, Canada, and I am currently enrolled in the University of Alberta to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. I created Exploding Deku Nut for the purpose of bringing Zelda Humor to the web; something I’ve found seriously lacking. My site specializes in Zelda Satire, Somewhat Serious Articles as well as a Zelda Webcomic drawn by me called “Accidentally Linked”. By far the Legend of Zelda series have been my favorite games of all time. I hope that by working with fellow members and writers of ZeldaBlog, we can bring about that sense of unity much needed in the Zelda community.