Website: http://www.freewebs.com/thezeldaschool
Profile: Hiya, all! My name's Link-X, webmaster of the hopefully soon-to-be-popular Zelda School. I am a 13-year-old, 8th grade, nerdy :P web-designer who is intermediate-to-expert in about 3 languages other than my native (English); they're also all computer languages. I'm pretty good with graphics (mostly seperating images and making graphic collages, really) and I love web scripting. I am a semi-perfectionist, and hate sloppy jobs. My website is currrently under construction and very choppy looking, so sorry! The images on it are mostly temporary and real, good-looking ones are in the works! I strive with this website to create one of the most complete and comprehensive Zelda sites on the web. Right now I have absolutely NO fan art or fiction; if there's something YOU created, send it in, please! Ok, on to my Zelda life. I hold the undisputed title in my school for Biggest Zelda Freak; have for five of the eight years I've been there. (All of the other years there was no Biggest Zelda Freak.) The first time I ever played Zelda was when I was five (I think); It was Oracle of Seasons on a friend's gameboy. I died pretty fast, but I had a blast. I basically forgot about it for two years until my family and me went on a two-week trip all over the East Coast (in America :) ) My birthday was in there somewhere, so my parents took me to Toys-R-Us and bought me a GBA. When they asked me what game(s-I coaxed them into it :D ) I wanted with it, I instantly remembered and so took home Seasons-AND Ages! That was the start. I played those and had an absolute blast; I still didn't know there were other games in the series. I somehow heard about the Wind Waker and then forgot about it too, until a friend got it and I played it his whole birthday party. After that I was an official Zelda Freak. The year after I got a Gamecube for Christmas and about died when my parents handed me another present with the Wind Waker AND the collector's edition games in it. Ever since then, well, I've been getting fonder and fonder of the series. Go Link!