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Website: http://www.livejournal.com/community/gerudology/
Profile: I've been a fan of Hyrule and everything in it since the very first game arrived to the US. I used to stick The Legend of Zelda into the NES, sit in front of the TV, and listen to the theme over and over again, in a quasi trance-like state. Very little has changed in 20 years. ^_~

Though I watched the cartoon series religiously (every Friday on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!) and I read Nintendo Power every month for years, I ony played the Zelda games off-and-on until Ocarina of Time was released. OoT completely blew my mind, but what really sucked me into Zelda fandom was the desert race known as the Gerudo.

The URL above will lead one to the Department of Gerudological Studies, a LiveJournal community devoted to analyzing and better understanding the mysterious Gerudo. If you are interested in the Gerudo and have an LJ account, please check it out! If you are interested in the Gerudo and don't have an LJ account, go get one at www.livejournal.com (they're free), then join! Let's make Gerudo fandom stronger together!