Website: http://www.skell.org/spoonz/
Profile: I'd tell you how to contact me, but I have IM blocks. So, STAY AWAY, YOU STALKERS! Heh, I know you aren't stalkers. Not ALL of you, any way. If you really truly need to speak with me, track down my e-mail. I am an avid Zelda fan and have been for years. Who isn't, though? Anyway, I love to write fanfiction (I'm assuming you know what fanfiction is). To read my stories, if by ANY chance you even care, go to my website and click on the "fanfiction.net" button. It'll take ya straight to my fanfiction.net profile, where you can browse my story. What my website itself is is a place for me to put my art. It's art that goes with my fanfiction, though; that's all it is. I update relatively frequently and I would LOVE to get your reviews! People tell me my stories are quite good... I don't really have much else to say besides... I FUNCTION ON EASTERN STANDARD TIME! W00T! Heh, just had to say that.