Rules of the Blog

ZeldaBlog is a community site dedicated to sharing differing opinions and provoking intriguing discussion throughout the Zelda community. In order to achieve this goal, we ask that everyone, registered members and guests alike, ascribe to the following rules and guidelines:

  1. All conversation should somehow related to the Zelda series or the Zelda community.
  2. No spamming the comment boards. We encourage discussion and communication so long as it generally contributes to the topic at hand. This means that irrelevant discussion, one-word replies, and needless advertising links are prohibited.
  3. No double posting. The blog does not operate in real time, and posting again will not bump a conversation to the top of the blog, so don’t post twice in a row in any given thread.
  4. No swearing. The Zelda community ranges from people who are 10 and younger all the way to 25 and older; no matter how old you are, we have to respect that younger fans will be viewing the blog, so use tact in your posting.
  5. No flaming. It doesn’t matter how frustrated you become with another member, it isn’t proper etiquette to publicly humiliate them with insults. If you can’t contribute positively to the discussion, don’t contribute.
  6. No plugging websites. Links are allowed to external sites if they contribute to a discussion, especially if they reference any of the blog’s postings; however, posting links that do not contribute to the thread will not be allowed.
  7. Everyone must register to the blog before being allowed to comment; passwords and validations will be mailed to the account name provided at registration. Registered members cannot post new articles on the blog but may comment on any existing article.
  8. No pornography or other inappropriate materials, including links to any such material.
  9. Please do not directly hotlink or directly include to images on ZeldaBlog or on other websites; please link to them instead in order to save bandwidth and decrease loading times.
  10. Contributors to ZeldaBlog function as moderators of the blog, and their decisions are final unless the blog administrator says otherwise; however, be forewarned that the contributors were not chosen lightly and have proven themselves to be extremely trustworthy.
  11. Last, but certainly not least, have fun, and be creative! This is a site designed to provoke thought and to instill ideas! Enjoy yourselves and the company, and the blog should become a fun place.

As much as I hate to have to worry about people violating the rules, sometimes it does happen, and as such we have a very simple three-strike policy. The first two infractions will result in warnings and posts being deleted. On the third infraction, your account on the ‘Blog will be deleted, simple as that. People can always create a new account on the ‘Blog; however, further infractions will result in an IP ban on your addresses, thus disallowing you from posting.

For those members and guests that wish to use content found on the blog on their own sites or in forum discussions, we highly encourage use of the content on our blog! After all, ZeldaBlog is about the sharing and communication of ideas throughout the community, and we don’t wish to see discussion die here on our site. However, please observe the following guidelines when doing so:

  • The Legend of Zelda and its characters are copyright Nintendo of America. ZeldaBlog is in no way connected to or sponsored by Nintendo of America.
  • All posted content on this site is copyright ZeldaBlog unless otherwise owned and copyrighted to another individual, entity, or company.
  • Permission is granted to all individuals and web sites to reproduce all articles found on ZeldaBlog either excerpted or in their entirety provided that a hyperlink to the full article located at zeldablog.com is included.
  • Comments to articles on ZeldaBlog remain the copyright of their respective author and may not be used without the express permission of said author.
  • Do not claim credit for any content posted on ZeldaBlog unless it is your own.
  • Webmasters are welcome to use the trackback feature to create links from ZeldaBlog to their sites that reference any ZeldaBlog article. Trackbacks are monitored, and content will be checked before trackbacks are approved.
  • Do not trackback a site that is not yours.
  • ZeldaBlog is not responsible for the content created by its members or content on other sites that ZeldaBlog links to.

Oh, and be nice to our Cucco Sam. He’s pretty docile, but he doesn’t like being touched, not to mention that he has some pretty mean friends, so beware!

Hopefully, you will enjoy your time at ZeldaBlog, and happy posting!