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This page details the privacy policy of ZeldaBlog. By use of this site, you agree to all of the policies and practices detailed on this page.

No information regarding the domain or personal E-mail address is automatically recognized upon visiting ZeldaBlog.

We collect the E-mail addresses and other volunteered information of those who register for ZeldaBlog. This data is for internal purposes only and will not be disclosed to any third party unless we are legally required to do so. You reserve the right to fill in as much or as little of the profile template as you wish and may change it at any time, although a valid E-mail address is required so that your password can be sent to you.

No unauthorized E-mail or postal mail from ZeldaBlog or third parties should result from giving this information to ZeldaBlog. If you do receive E-mail from ZeldaBlog, it is because you either (1) sent us an E-mail requesting a response or sent us an E-mail which we felt implied a response was needed, or (2) opted in to receive automated E-mails from ZeldaBlog (which you may opt out from receiving at any time).

Please be aware that any personal information voluntarily disclosed in the comment sections of ZeldaBlog can be viewed and used by other individuals. As a result, ZeldaBlog recommends to its members that those who do not wish to have their personal information revealed to others to not disclose this information. Members under the age of 13 are also encouraged not to disclose any personal information about themselves.

ZeldaBlog uses cookies in order to remember your member identification when logged in.

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