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ZeldaBlog is first and foremost a site dedicated to the community of Zelda, and we would love to see the community brought closer together and have all of its websites work together for the good of the community at large. Most websites do this through affiliation; we, however, prefer to have a neutral relationship with all other Zelda websites, and so instead we keep a site listing. This listing will catalog all sites regardless of size, content, or purpose. If you have a website that relates to the Legend of Zelda, and it’s not listed here, please send an E-mail to , and we will add you to the listing as soon as possible.

Before requesting to be added to the listing, we ask that you would do us the following favors:

  • Please provide a link to ZeldaBlog somewhere on your website. A text link will suffice, but image links are always welcome! Feel free to one of our examples below for your website, although we request that you rehost any images below on your own website in order to conserve our bandwidth.


  • When mailing us, please provide us with a small, one-sentence description of your site so that we can properly categorize your site into the proper category.
  • Please do not promote the theft of fanfiction, fanart, or other content. This includes theft of content from major websites. Any site found to be knowingly stealing such works shall be removed from the site listing.
  • Please do not advocate the use of any illegal or adult content. This includes links to video game ROMs.