While the Zelda community is really about the fans, the websites within the community serve as focal points where hundreds of fans can gather to discuss new concepts and ideas together as well as share their excitement for the series. A complete listing of websites dedicated to the Legend of Zelda may be impossible to come by, but we would like to start by recognizing as many as we can.

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Contributor Sites

  • Exploding Deku Nut Site dedicated to finding humour in the Zelda series
  • Gamehiker Exploring the depths of several Nintendo series
  • Ice's Zelda Central An old site, but a good site, Ice brought this back and is building up a new site from scratch
  • Indie Zelda Creator of Zelda fancomics about Legend of Zelda and The Wind Waker
  • North Castle The oldest active Zelda with lots of fanart and fanfiction!
  • Rauru's Return Serving Zelda fans with game information and interactive features!
  • The Desert Colossus An oldbie Zelda site with lots of information and downloads
  • The Grand Adventures Home of TML's novel "The Book of Mudora" and Dark Link's novel "Eloze"
  • Zelda Infinite A rather big Zelda site, home of Goddess Rinoa's novel "Worlds Apart"
  • Zelda Legends The biggest Zelda fan site in existence with tons of content

Art & Literature

  • Kimya's Nursery A bevvy of art drawings from The Legend of Zelda and other series
  • The Written Legend A site devoted to writing about the Legend of Zelda


  • Jew Wario A blog of a new fan of Zelda going through each game and blogging his experiences
  • Trifuerza A Spanish site that blogs about interesting news and fan creations
  • Zelda Glitches and Cheats A guide devoted to unlocking cheats and glitches found in the Zelda series
  • Zelda Up Another Wordpress blog with a small bit of multimedia content and a good bit of news!
  • Zelda Wii A blog which primarily discusses Twilight Princess and the Nintendo Wii


  • The Zelda Fanlistings A list of Zelda fansites, from shrines and other fanlistings to major sites


  • Forum Nintendo A forum site on all things Nintendo, even with a place to exchange Nintendo WiFi friend codes!
  • Zelda Lounge A website covering the modern-day Zeldas; also has a Zelda Wiki
  • Zelda Romance/ Diamonds in the Rough A forum site dedicated to the Link/Malon pairing, but all shippers and fans are welcomed!
  • Zelda World A forum covering all the Zelda games, emphasising on the most recent ones

Mainstream Sites

  • Ganondork's Tower A website that is working on a new project, "The Chaos Chronicles"
  • Hylian Help Desk A site that has come back after losing everything, but will have quite a bit of content!
  • Hylian Legends A site providing media and information from the Zelda games
  • Hylian Worlds A site with lots of content, ranging from game info to community stuff and more
  • Hyrule: The Land of Zelda A reincarnation of the old HTLOZ with content from the original site all the way to a modern Zelda Wiki
  • Hyrulian Legends A new Zelda site that has game information, an interactive section, and media
  • Just Zelda A good site for game information and interactivity, especially with the ongoing story
  • PSLOZ A site with unbelievable content, especially some very rare trinkets
  • The Shadow Palace A site that has a variety of interesting reads as well as a beginners' guide to Japanese
  • The Temple Ruins General information for all of the major Zelda titles as well as multimedia and fanworks
  • The Zelda Chronicles A Zelda site with a lot of information on the games
  • Zelda Dungeon An old Zelda site that has extensive information and a great community section!
  • Zelda Elements Another major site with a bit of everything, including Zelda sheet music
  • Zelda Forums A Zelda fansite with a lot of general content and a moderately-sized forum
  • Zelda Gaming A new website that is just getting started but has the potential to become a major site
  • Zelda Planet A unique site with oodles of content, especially character art tutorials!
  • Zelda Twilight A smaller site focused on Twilight Princess, chock full of Zelda goodness from games to fanstuff and more
  • Zelda X A Zelda site with quite a variety of content
  • Zelda: The Hylian Legend Recently merged with Clock Town Central, a site that shows a lot of promise to be big!
  • ZeldaPower A website just undergone a makeover; holds a good amount of fanart

Nintendo Sites

  • Brotherhood of the Underworld The most comprehensive directory of fictional villains on the Internet
  • Gaming Memories A site dedicated to remembering the best games from all walks of life
  • Hidden Triforce A site that covers both the Zelda and Final Fantasy series in depth
  • Mario Up A Wordpress blog dedicated to Nintendo and specifically Mario
  • Nintendo Database A site exploring all the Nintendo games and series from NES to present
  • Nintendo Revolution Fan A fan site covering in-depth news about all of Nintendo's major systems
  • Nintendo Universe A website about all things Nintendo with a lot about Zelda
  • Nintendo X A site in progress dedicated to the Nintendo Revolution and its games
  • The Hylia A site with detailed information about all things Zelda as well as an archive of interesting editorials
  • Wii's World A site covering news, rumours, and everything else about the Nintendo Wii
  • Wiishful Thinking A brand new blog started during E³ 2006 covering Wii, the DS, and all their games
  • Zelda 101 A site covering all Nintendo games from the NES all the way to the Revolution

Roleplaying Sites

  • LoZ Universe RPG A forum-based RPG taking place in the realm of Hyrule and Termina
  • The Legend of Zelda Online Website for a homebrew MMORPG Zelda game/chat
  • Triforce MUCK A roleplay site based in Ocarina of Time where you can truly live and breathe the world of Hyrule
  • Zeldafront RPG Stone A very new and very deep Zelda RP in a forum environment
  • ZRPG A Zelda roleplay site that's been up for over three years


  • Twilight Princess A site wholly committed to information and media about Twilight Princess
  • Wandering Mage: Fern A shrine site dedicated to an original RP character, Fern
  • Zelda et Ses Mangas A French site about Akira Himegawa and the Zelda mangas
  • [Lord and] Ladybird A shrine dedicated to the Ganondorf/Malon pairing

Unique Sites

  • Dusk The most unique Zelda site on the web with Twilight Princess info and some of the best fanart out there!
  • Hyrule Realm A site dedicated to exploring the Hylian language and has rare trinkets such as self-made Zelda items!
  • Legend of Zelda.com A great site with content from timelines to game information along with the Zelda Dance!
  • Legends and Adventure A Zelda site with more content than you can shake a stick at, even Zelda ringtones!
  • Mabe Village A clever site that spreads its links throughout Mabe Village from Link's Awakening. Very nicely done!
  • Midnight Castle's Legend of Zelda A site with lots of articles and content for fans to enjoy
  • Zelda Fans Blog about the latest news and interesting random findings of Zelda.
  • Zelda Radio A new site that will produce radio shows about Zelda games and the community
  • Zelda Reorchestrated A site with great Zelda remixed music from all of the Zelda games


  • Hylian Revolutions A website about promoting the spirit of Zelda and honouring great Zelda websites

Other Sites

  • RPG Up A Wordpress blog dedicated to all things RPG, including the Legend of Zelda
  • Tingle Tuner A Dutch website covering the Legend of Zelda, Square's Final Fantasy, and Namco's Tales series

Personal Pages

  • Darkened Triforce A small site dedicated to the games with a few features for the fans
  • Ganon's Demise A fledgling site with info on the games, fanstuff, and resources for new webmasters
  • Hyrule Kingdom A small website covering information on the recent Zelda titles
  • Link and Zelda Dude A portal to several personal blogs on Zelda and other games
  • Red Dark Nut A new site with a forum and an Oekaki board
  • Toaru Lakes A new site that is growing their content about all the Zelda games
  • Triforce Tour A relatively new site with big plans to have lots of content
  • Zelda Legacy Lives A small MySpace blog centred around Zelda
  • Zelda Linked Green A small site with a made-up animé-like series based on Zelda
  • Zelda Oracles A small site with a media gallery and a set of forums