These are the members of the blog who have given their hard work, dedication, and passion for the Zelda series to make this community project happen.

  • The Missing Link

    Creator of ZeldaBlog
    Webmaster of Zelda: The Grand Adventures

    Everyone knows me as The Missing Link, but feel free to call me David. I was born and raised in Ohio, and I have have lived here for all 24 years of my life. I recently graduated from college with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and I work as a computer programmer although I would love to either work on video games or be an author. I joined the community in December 2000 and became the webmaster of TGA in 2001, and since then my biggest project has been the creation of The Book of Mudora. I speak fluent Spanish and dabble a bit in Japanese, and I can play the xylophone and the ocarina. My favourite Zelda game is A Link to the Past, but overall I simply adore Tales of Symphonia best of all.

  • Archaic Sage

    Webmaster of Rauru’s Return

    I’m Archaic Sage, otherwise known as Ian. I’m the God of Rauru’s Return, an upstart in the Zelda community. In real life I’m known for being the harsh arsehole who will tell you anything; in Zelda, I’m the one who will tell you that you’re acting stupid, just in a nice way so no one can hate me! :) . I’m a happy person, I normally go with the flow, but you annoy me, and I’ll kill you :) .

  • Darth Citrus

    Webmaster of Exploding Deku Nut

    My name is Caleb, known better as Darth Citrus. I’ve been active in the Zelda community for 6 years, and a webmaster for 3. I was born in, Calgary Alberta, Canada, I am currently enrolled in the University of Alberta to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. I created Exploding Deku Nut for the purpose of bringing Zelda Humor to the web; something I’ve found seriously lacking. My site specializes in Zelda Satire, Somewhat Serious Articles as well as a Zelda Webcomic drawn by me called “Accidentally Linked”. By far the Legend of Zelda series have been my favorite games of all time. I hope that by working with fellow members and writers of ZeldaBlog, we can bring about that sense of unity much needed in the Zelda community.

  • Goddess Rinoa

    Webmaster of Zelda Infinite

    I’m Goddess Rinoa. My real name’s Lydia; I’m from Michigan, and am studying to be a CPA. I’ve been a part of the Zelda community for 6+ years, and have loved every minute of it. I started out as the message board admin for Zelda Infinite, and ended up taking over the entire site when things went downhill for the original webmaster. I’m semi-fluent in Japanese and have been working on my own scanlations of the Akira Himegawa Zelda mangas, which are all available at ZI, so check ‘em out. I think one of the most important things the Zelda community needs is friendship and mutual understanding between webmasters. So, drop me a line! I don’t bite. …Usually.

  • Hylian

    Former Webmaster of Zelda-Temple

  • Ice

    Webmaster of Ice’s Zelda Central
    Creator of Zelda News Online
    Creator of Zelda Radio

    I find myself in a bit of a time warp, running Ice’s Zelda Central again. It’s been years since my site locked the gates and barred the windows. Suddenly I find myself running it again, as well as being a part of several community projects, such as ZeldaNewsOnline.com, Zeldablog.com, IZC Interactive!, and ZeldaRadio.com.

    It feels good to be active again, and to answer the questions as to whether I’m “rebuilding my Zelda empire” or not, let me just say “Who needs a Zelda empire when I can just talk like a hick on the radio?”

    My interests include design, programming of all varieties, and the creation of music. I’m known to show up at black-tie events rather unexpectedly, and to rock the stage all night with my fellow producers/musicians.

    Zelda fans, it’s good to be back. Sorry if I muck up this blog.

  • Irzul

    Webmaster of Perfect Zelda

  • Jack

    Webmaster of The Desert Colossus

  • Juliet Singleton

    Webmaster of North Castle

    I’m Juliet, most people call me Juli or Jules so take your pick! I’m 24 years old and from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England. I work as a civil servant for the Inland Revenue though I’d really like to get back into retail (I used to work as a sales advisor for House of Fraser selling Armani) as a visual merchandiser or do something a little more creative such as art or writing. I’m hoping to go to night school to persue my art interest in the near future. My interests are fashion, art, writing and reading, and of course, videogames (my boyfriends always think this is great!), particularly the old school titles.

    I’ve been with the Zelda Community for a really long time, around 8 years or so, when interest started to pick up with the series. I’ve worked for various sites on and off throughout the years but always had my own little site North Castle which I’m really proud of. For all these years its always been my dream to see the Zelda Community properly united and working together, it saddens me to see all the bad things going on after all. I hope the Zeldablog project can provide a mutual meeting place for everyone to share their views and ideas - let’s all do our best to make this happen!

  • Lord-of-Shadow

    Webmaster of Zelda Legends
    “Behind the Rupees” Writer at Zelda Universe

    My name is Max Nichols, though I’m better known as lord-of-shadow. I actually dislike that screenname, but I have too much of a reputation bound in it to change. Alas.

    I am currently a seventeen-year-old Senior in highschool, hoping to be accepted into the Game Development major at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. I sent my application off a week ago, so keep your fingers crossed.

    I’ve been involved with the online Zelda community for years now, and I consider most of the major webmasters my personal friends. It’s only been during the past year or so that I’ve actually got involved as staff anywhere, starting with when I volunteered to help David, webmaster of Zelda Legends. When he got around to getting a life, he chose me as the next webmaster. It continually amazes me how much work goes into running a large site, and I can’t even begin to fathom how much work it takes to start a whole site from scratch. I have only admiration for those who do so, since I don’t think I could ever do it. I am also a member of the Behind the Rupees writing team at Zelda Universe, though you can my articles all over the place. I post them up at Zelda Legends, and I let pretty much anyone who asks put them on their site. I’ll be putting them up here at Zelda Blog now as well.

    Over the years, I have come to love the online Zelda community. Not just bits and pieces of it, not just some select sites, but the community in it’s entirety. I know, and like, almost every single webmaster out there, and I’ve been an active member of most of the major and many of the smaller communities. Everywhere I turn, I find people I recognize, people I respect and admire for the hard work. I have come to know this Zelda community intimately, and I’ve also come to see that we are all of us Zelda fans. It saddens me to see all of the ill feeling between many of the sites, especially since it’s usually my good friends on both sides of any dispute. I will gladly support anything that might help to bring the overall community together, and Zelda Blog is trying to do just that. I hope it is as successful as it’s looking to be.

  • Louisa

    Webmaster of Indie Zelda

  • Masamune

    Webmaster of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Video Games
    Assistant Webmaster of Zelda: The Grand Adventures

    The name is Masamune. I’m 21 and live in the US, though the specifics may vary from time to time. Currently I’m in the middle of college working on a Bachelor’s in Digital Communications. My earliest memories involve Zelda since I grew up with the series. I’ve been in the community for 6-7 years, making my first foray as a visitor to the original ZeldaHQ as a one-time contributor. Since then I bounced around Zelda forums until at last I created my own site four years ago to encyclopediaze all the Zelda things that people tend to forget. Then over a year ago I joined TGA as Assistant Webmaster. My job here is to convince everyone that The Adventure of Link was and still is the best game ever.

  • ShawnaDuck

    Moderator at Gerudology

  • SilverWind

    Writer at Zelda: The Grand Adventures