About the Blog

ZeldaBlog is a project created by several leaders in the community in order to revitalize the Zelda online community. It’s primary goal is to achieve this by provoking meaningful discussion and sharing of new ideas about a wide variety of topics amongst the fans of the community. ZeldaBlog is about encouraging and promoting the general love and passion for the Zelda games, generating excitement about upcoming releases, and bringing back memories about fond experiences in the Zelda community. ZeldaBlog hopes to bring all factions of the community together into one place so that ideas can migrate to all corners of the community and beyond so that everyone can enjoy the multiple aspects of Zelda which have achieved international acclaim.

To a lesser extent, this site hopes to promote comradery and cooperation between the various websites of the Zelda online community. By serving as a nexus to all other Zelda sites, ZeldaBlog seeks to interlink all other Zelda sites together from a central place so that its fans can see the many different faces of both the games and the community. ZeldaBlog, therefore, is site-neutral; in other words, ZeldaBlog is not owned by any one site in the community but rather by all of the fans of the community. It seeks to provide free content for fans to read and webmasters to discuss in their editorials and articles.

In short, ZeldaBlog is about unity. ZeldaBlog is about unity between websites, unity between webmasters and their fans, and about unity between the player and the legend.

ZeldaBlog was created in 2005 by The Missing Link.