E-Mail Woes Finally Fixed [updated 3]

January 9th, 2007 at 3:09 am by The Missing Link

[UPDATE 3: So I think I fixed the server… for reals this time (I think)! E-mail stuff was causing the server to break (I think). I taught it a lesson or two. Still will be checking back on it shortly to make sure the server doesn’t go down again. Now, off I go to commence writing down all the things I need to remember to should I ever move ZeldaBlog to another server ever again.]

I know several of you guys have been complaining because the E-mail components of the site have not been working for the past few months. Well, after much digging into the problem and many, many failed attempts to get it working, I think I’ve finally got things under wraps.

Forgotten password E-mails as well as new member E-mails, the goddesses willing, should now be working again; if you’ve been expecting one and haven’t received one, please contact me or use the Lost Password page on the ‘Blog so you can get running again. Also, the mailing list is fully operational now as well (I think; at least I got my lovely spam that says I posted an article, but I’m first on the list, so…). If you signed up for the mailing list within the past two months, I had to take you off because some service had been spamming the database with tons of addresses (plus the fact that you weren’t getting E-mails anyway), so feel free to sign up for that again if you wish. It’s a very easy process, and it spams you only to let you know that we’ve posted something new to the ‘Blog.


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12 Messages from the Gossip Stones about “E-Mail Woes Finally Fixed [updated 3]”


    wow. nice work tml. i was wondering why the email wasnt working, ’cause i thought i heard someone say something ’bout it in some other topic. i havent signed up yet, cause, its my dad’s email.

    Didn’t know it was broken…

    Good job TML, I dont envy you.

    Shinigami Ninja said:

    Didn’t know it was broken…

    nor did i….

    I tried to sign up once, and it didn’t work. Now, I’ll try again!

    so……what…exactly is it :? .

    Shadow Ninja Kakashi said:

    so……what…exactly is it :? .

    It puts you on the mailing list so you get an email when there’s a new article.

    does it do anything else?? :p

    does anyone know
    why ZI isnt working
    is it just me
    or yeah…?

    Well, good job TML.

    i think were running out of things to say… :p

    Abd they say that technology is supposed to make life easier, somebody lied.

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