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November 27th, 2006 at 8:59 pm by The Missing Link

There’s been a ton of Zelda traffic around the Internet yesterday and today, and I wanted to just get it all out on the ‘Blog in one fell swoop so I can get back to plain ol’ articles. So here’s a myriad of things that you should all care about.

As a fair-weathered warning, this WILL have links to pages that will have spoilers. Be that as it may, so I don’t have to classify the whole post as a spoiler post, this post will not reveal any of those spoilers. I’ll let you know very vaguely what you can expect on the other side of the link, and it’s your choice to pay beyond read beyond or no.

I saw this comic strip [TINY SPOILER] featuring Twilight Princess, and I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I won’t talk about it here, but suffice to say that this spoiler is very minor and takes place during the first three hours of the game [TINY SPOILERS].

There’s been a small update on the The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time fan-movie project. They were shooting to get the movie out sometime this fall, but, given that winter is fast approaching (we just got our first snowfall here today as a reminder of how close we are!), they realised that they’re not going to meet the deadline. The project is still slated to go off, but the release date is now to be announced.

A fan has uncovered a very serious glitch [MODERATE SPOILER] within Twilight Princess. Unlike most glitches that are either completely harmless or so harmful that it will destroy your save file, this glitch is perhaps more frustrating. If you should happen to save your game in a certain room at a certain time in the game, you will be trapped inside that room forever. Every way possible to get out of that room will be denied, thus forcing you to start your game again. Since this is troubling because telling you what the glitch is will cause minor spoilers, I will give you the following non-spoiler hints.

  • This glitch can only take place between Dungeon Six and Dungeon Seven.
  • This glitch involves saving inside one of the houses within Kakariko Village; if you save outside the houses in the town, you should be perfectly alright.
  • The video that I linked to which shows the glitch will not tell you anything major, although it will show you an object which you will need to get in order to open up Dungeon Seven.
  • If you want further details about this glitch but do not want to watch the video, please . I’m very good at being as vague (or as detailed) as you wish me to be, and I don’t want you to fall into the same trap as this player did. (Thankfully, I did not.)

Next up is an amazing feat of fanboyism that, while infinitely cool to us, is a level that I hope I never actually achieve. How would you like to own the Master Sword? You can own a 1/6th size replica of it for US$40, but this man did so much more. He commissioned to have a full-size replica of the Master Sword (Link to the Past version) made for him. How much did it cost? Only a mere 100,000 rupees 1,800£! (That’s roughly US$3,300!) You have to check it out. It’s totally worth looking at.

There’s also a website telling you random factoids about your Wii that you might not be aware of. There are a few trivia points about Zelda in them; none of them have any spoilers in them, so it’s safe reading.

And that’s all the news for this week… or at least today. Enjoy.

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    • 1. Jack says:

    The random factoids link was hilarious. I just tried out the tip concerning lobbing the bowling ball in Wii Sports Bowling behind you, and it was HIGHlarious watching the Miis scurry behind me.

    That glitch looks quite bad. [TML: Spoiler removed. I know it’s in your best intentions, but your comment probably won’t solve the problem on this one.] I already got past the 7th dungeon, now I am stocking up on Heart pieces, getting giant bomb bags and the giant quiver (which I was so close on getting a few hours ago) and I already have a giant Rupee bag. I also bought a really special item two days ago.

    Hm. That would really suck to get stuck with that glitch. I’m usually one fore glitches, but that’s pretty bad. Hopefully Nintendo finds it and releases a patch over WiiContect24 or something… but what about the people who have it for GC or don’t have Internet? :?

    That Master Sword is quite cool.

    I had that happen to me once on a game. Luckily, it was towards the begining of the game… But man, having it that late in the game stinks.

    wow,that glitch stinks.glitches are suposed to be fun too :P .by the time they get the GCN version out it should be fixed…right?

    and that master sword thing is nuts.I actually found a site that sells a master sword and links hyrulian shield (the shield really works,or so the site says ;) ). $90.00 for both of them,not too bad if cosplaying or collecting stuff like that is your thing.

    Zelda: By leaving the game on the start screen for an extended period of time it plays an extremely extended trailer that was not shown to the general public.

    Wonder what that is… DON’T TELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doing the bowling thing sounds fun!

    Sorry I screwed up on that last post.

    Just when I thought I had spent enough money and bought everything I needed *Almost, still gotta get a Wii* someone goes and makes an ACTUAL Master Sword… okay, how im going to have to save £1,800, lol.

    what is the difference between a real master sword and an ordinary one? ya I know,dumb question;one is just steel and the other has magic :) .seriously though,whats so special about the other one?

    The (real) Master Sword, a.k.a. The Bane of Evil, may not be touched by any with an evil heart.

    The Missing Link said:

    The (real) Master Sword, a.k.a. The Bane of Evil, may not be touched by any with an evil heart.

    no wonder it was so expensive :P .

    Wow tough glitch!

    Sorry for the double post but i saw a post for that glitch movie thing and he said he heard that if you kill your self with bombs or whatever[I dont have TP]that it will fix the glitch.

    Yowzer, that would be bad if you got stuck…
    I saw that pic of MS before.. somewhere. I prefer the MS in OoT, actually. Or WW. Or TP… :D I can’t make up my mind.

    greenlink said:

    Sorry for the double post but i saw a post for that glitch movie thing and he said he heard that if you kill your self with bombs or whatever[I dont have TP]that it will fix the glitch.

    Nope. There’s another video of them trying that. They’re stuck.

    All you have to do is not save your game inside ANY houses and we wont have any problems, still hard to believe that the guys at Nintendo missed a glitch like that.

    knowing me i will most likely fall into that trap when i get mine lol. Cant wait until next friday!!!

    yea.my compu has been down,so i’m like waaaaayyy behind :(

    off subject:

    master of windwaker said:

    yea.my compu has been down,so i’m like waaaaayyy behind :(

    In time, you’ll catch up. BTW, I’ve been trying to e-mail you, MoWW, check your e-mail spam box.

    to subject: I didn’t get the comic strip, so that should be a good thing. And for the movie, that looked like a bummer of a problem. No doubt, Nintendo will not find every bug in the system, so these people will have to learn from Ninty’s mistakes.

    Hey look at this guys thought http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEzOYn-jFPw&mode=related&search= about the glitch with the with killing youself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pnb5d9uHh5I&mode=related&search=

    I noticed a glitch in the [TML: *sigh* Please no spoilers. I don’t care if it’s minor or not. No. End of story.]. I know, not major, but it bugged me. I also wished that minigame took more use out of the wii remote.

    i dont have the wii >:[ its make me mad how much teh wiis cost. i want teh wii. stupid nintendo. tehy price wii too high. jeez, i need to get of the com for a few days, im starting to become a junkie for its language 0.0


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