Twilight Princess Manual [link fixed]

November 17th, 2006 at 12:32 am by The Missing Link

[EDIT: I’d like to mention that the artwork of the manual contains characters that we HAVE NOT YET SEEN in any trailer that I am aware of. (I have been avoiding trailers that show spoilers, so your results might vary.) The story I have transcribed below is by and large the safest part of the manual other than perhaps the game controls, but even then, I didn’t scour those pages for spoiler images. Granted, you’ll have access to all of this before you play Twilight anyways, so the ball is in your court on this one.]

[EDIT 2: Link is fixed. Sorry about that! It was late, and I wanted to get to bed last night.]

Thanks to a hat tip from a fellow zelda_lovers community member on LiveJournal, you can find the Twilight Princess manual scanned, uploaded, and ready for the viewin’! You can find the introductory story, the game controls, a few pages of hints (the first few Photobucket pages since it’s in backwards order), and never before seen artwork.

To sweeten the deal, in case you’re too timid to wander over to the manual directly for fear of spoilers (especially those hint pages–labelled as Pages 16 and 17), I have transcribed the text of the introductory story for you in this post. There’s nothing in here that we kinda don’t know already, but just in case I’m still marking as spoiler because some of this will be the first events to happen in the game, so be forewarned!

Deep in the southernmost region of the kingdom of Hyrule lies a village by the name of Ordon. Cradled in the scenic beauty of pristine farmland, the villagers of Ordon make a living by raising livestock. Among the villagers is a boy known as the most skillful rider in all the land. A boy who, it is expected, will one day take over the responsibility of leading Ordon as the village chief. His name is Link…

Trusted and liked by all the villagers, Link is especially loved by the children of Ordon, among who he holds unofficial status as the leader of the pack. Link spends his days as a ranch hand and learns the ways of the sword from the village’s lone swordsman, Rusl, in his spare time. He often displays his newly honed skills to the village youths, which makes him even more powerful.

One day Link is showing off his swordsmanship as usual, when a monkey appears. “Hey! That’s the monkey that’s been causing trouble all over the village! Let’s get him,” cry the children. They run after the monkey into the forest. Link rushes into the heart of the woods after them and is shocked to find that the dark thickets are teeming with countless monsters. After fighting his way through their ranks, Link rescues the child and the monkey from the cage where they are held captive.

Until now, the forest had always been a safe place…

The next day, after much encouragement by Rusl, Link prepares to set out and deliver the village’s tribute to Hyrule Castle. Having never visited the castle before, Link is in high spirits as he prepares for his journey, but when his childhood friend Ilia notices a wound on Epona’s haunch, she gives Link an earful for being so careless with his horse. In a huff, Ilia leads Epona away.

Link tracks down Epona and Ilia at the mystical spring nearby and attempts to apologize for injuring Epona. But no matter how many times Link says he’s sorry, Ilia refuses to forgive Link. Then Colin, a young boy from the village who idolizes Link, steps forward to mediate the situation. Thanks to Colin’s explanation, Link is finally able to get Ilia to drop her guard and talk to him. Having warmed back up, Ilia tells Link, “Come back safely, and don’t do anything reckless!”

Just then…

A monster astride a huge boar comes crashing out of the forest. The fearsome monster and its mount break through the gate to the spring and attack the youths.

Caught off guard by the sudden assault, Link is helpless to stop the monster from delivering a blow that renders him unconscious. Through the fog of his half-conscious mind, Link watches Colin and Ilia get swept off by the monster…

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    Hey how come it’s 404′d? WE WANT THE SPOILERS!!!

    Anyway, FIRST POST BABY!

    PhotoBucket is “currently under maitnance” right now too, so you can’t even get to it that way…

    And to tell you the truth TML, I really wouldn’t spoilidify this post. Not only does your link give us a 404 (yeah, that’s right, be ashamed :P ) but I’m guessing that the PhotoBucket pic won’t even come back. And I pretty much knew what was going to happen in the beginning so…

    I don’t know. Whatever you’d like to do is fine, but I’d despoilidify it.

    You can still access the manual, you just have to go one extra step. If you click on the first link there to the zelda_lovers livejournal community, there is a link you can click on there to go to the manual screenshots. A direct link is: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v325/bigopinion/TPManual/

    We’ve already seen that story from the trailer, so the only real spoilerific part of this post is that link to the manual.

    Ooccoo scares the bejesus out of me. If I woke up with that on my bed I might die.

    Heheh, Thanks for fixing the link TML! But Imp? You don’t think maybe it’s a skull-kid? Or maybe Midna? Why am I reminded of Majora’s mask? Hmm…

    • 6. ella says:

    I want to play this game right now…*whines* Why did I have to decide to get the Gamecube version…?

    The manual is what I’m weary of. I’m okay with some spoilage, but not too much. I can’t restrain myself for very long, though. :/

    What’s weird is thatt Jack, the main man at TDC has already recieved his copy of TP. Weird, no?

    I’m also from TDC. Who else here visits that site?

    i’m bored…-falls asleep on computer desk- :P

    Dark Mime Gogo said:

    What’s weird is thatt Jack, the main man at TDC has already recieved his copy of TP. Weird, no?

    I’m also from TDC. Who else here visits that site?

    I do. Its a great dite.
    I alread saw the manueal on Rarus return.

    Cool! Can’t wait until TP on GCN! I won’t ruin it for anyone, but now I know what Midna needs for her own “agenda” *du du duuu* Hey, TML, mind putting up a counter for GCN TP? I like to visit TDC, maily for the “Ask Ezlo” game.


    SO uh, would you guys who go to the TDC forums mind telling me your usernames? Heh, mine is darkpuppet fears… currently “RRBM’s Manly Chest Hair of the Future!!!”

    ah well… If only I Could find a nice place to order TP for GC….

    Little help maybe?

    I’ve seen the manual before and printed out some awesome artwork and hung it up in my room.

    Saw this yesterday… someone linked it in the OCR forums. Only 2 more days until Wii and TP!

    It seems to have decided to not work again.

    Majorasblaze said:

    It seems to have decided to not work again.

    Yeah. I haven’t even seen it yet. GRR. Your fault again TML. GEEZ! :P


    Josephina said:

    Yeah. I haven’t even seen it yet. GRR. Your fault again TML. GEEZ! :P

    That one ain’t my fault. Honest!

    Laiz. Burn the Witch!

    Well, don’t complain. I won’t even be able to get the Twilight princess for wii. Im pretty sad, my ma said it’s because she didn’t preorder, which I told her to but she didn’t listen, now I shall never ever get to play TP, not even once, I may not even look at it, so these spoilers now mean nothing to me.
    Im sobering
    But don’t complain about these spoilers, your lucky your getting the game )-:

    Dude. Why do you have to leave off like that? You probably stopped just as everyone on Hylia was swept off to a diffrent universe, where everyone turned into Beanie Babies.
    This was a warped mind announcment.

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