“Twelve” Days to TP

November 16th, 2006 at 11:45 pm by The Missing Link

Before anyone gets their tunics in a knot, yes… yes… I know that it’s only three days (soon two) until Twilight Princess for the US… and soon 15 days (or more) for those that aren’t in the US. Trust me; the math is definitely not lost on me. Don’t you worry none about that.

Be that as it may, I saw a small little Flash video online today over on Deviant Art by someone whose art I have admired for quite a while, and depending upon how you know her, you might know this dedicated fan as Sailor Universe, Ashleigh, or Gold Princess. Taking a cue from that old Christmas classic The Twelve Days of Christmas (with what just has to be a customised MIDI of it), she has made a video called The Twelve Days to TP. It’s definitely something to bide your time whilst you’re still waiting for Wii Day.

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11 Messages from the Gossip Stones about ““Twelve” Days to TP”


    That was pretty good. Props to Gold Princess!

    I so wanted him to hit that drum.

    HIGH-larious. Seriously, you need to be high to be that good. I wish I could draw and have a $800 animation program.

    Hah! That was awesome. One of the best Zelda flash animations I’ve seen for ages.

    Majorasblaze said:

    I so wanted him to hit that drum.

    LOL ME TOO!!!!


    Ive always liked that song, and I love LoZ… put those two together, and its AWSOME!!

    AWSOME, Gold Princess is funny, I lol’d at Mikau and the cuccos.

    Majorasblaze said:

    I so wanted him to hit that drum.

    DITTO! Lol!
    Good find ML

    HAHAHA! That was good. I like the 5 thing, it keeps changing ^_^ I’m gonna save that for later, maybe show it to friends or family. In reality, though, how many days until TP is it? For the Gamecube.

    Forgive me for double posting, but it has been almost ten days since I last posted in this. Anyways, this movie could become a reality in four day from now, by this post, there’ll be sixteen days to TP. *looks around, then puts on the Zora mask, and starts rocking away*

    lolz, that was funny, i cant help it, so here i go….

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