Upcoming Server Maintenance

October 17th, 2006 at 11:47 pm by The Missing Link

Just so you all know, I will be temporarily taking ZeldaBlog offline on the evening of Thursday the 19th probably around 10pm EDT or so (although that’s really a guess; it’ll probably be whenever I get around to it) to transfer the site to our temporary server so that I can check that off of my long list of things to do before I move. If all works well, the ‘Blog’ll only be down for about an hour and a half. However, I’ve worked with computers long enough to know that “complications” can crop up in the middle of perfectly “easy” tasks, and I am not completely convinced that things will run that smoothly. If something like that should arise, I’ll make a mention of it on the main page, and hopefully things will get working shortly thereafter.

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    Good luck TML.

    Well that sucks. I hope you don’t have to call tech support in India.:)

    Well, nothing wrong with that! Good luck, and let’s hope the great ‘Blog’ll survive! Nah, jus’ kiddin’. Anyway, good luck!

    ***Please Handle Blog With Care****

    Zen Blade said:

    ***Please Handle Blog With Care****


    Where’d my post go!?
    Ok here’s what missing from the other one:
    What I’m worried about is an inevitable problem that could putt the blog out of commision for a few days. Like a Haku needle attack. Then I’d be bored for an extra ten minutes a day. :-(

    good luck T>M>L

    good luck! I hope its back up really fast!

    • 9. jrz says:

    the server does occasinaly have trouble every three months

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