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October 16th, 2006 at 12:57 am by The Missing Link

It’s time for Whose Blog Is It Anyway?! The show where everything’s made up, and the points don’t matter! That’s right, the points are like the CD-i Zelda games! Hi, I’m your host, Drew Linky. C’mon let’s have some fun!

Alright, so I know it’s taken a while to get to this Whose Blog? written up for you. The last one has been, what, over two weeks ago? Gosh, how horrible I am. I have perfectly legitimate excuses though, I swear! My apartment is an absolute disaster area, filled with boxes, boxes, and more boxes. (The sad part is that there’s so much left to go!) There will be an upcoming server downtime hopefully sometime this week, so if you happen to see the ‘Blog down, I’m in the process of switching servers. (Ah, the joys of moving!) I will try and let you know before that’s going to happen. But you’re not here to talk about my life. On with the Whose Blog?!

Many of you have been crying for this for what seems like ever, and it is my heartfelt pleasure to provide you with your innermost wishes. The name Vaati has scarcely graced the halls of this blog, and so today I will endeavour to remedy that. As such, Whose Blog? #5½ shall be about Vaati, the Prince of Quasi-evil.


Let me come forward and confess one thing right off the bat: I’ve never been all that fond of Vaati. I think much of it has been that Vaati… just doesn’t have a lot of stage presence. I mean, take Ganondorf. Even out of the gates with the original Legend of Zelda, Ganon was big and bad. He was a man—er, pig—to be feared! Just seeing his ominous presence on the screen is enough to make us players pause for at least a millisecond before we jump into action. Vaati… well… just isn’t Ganondorf. To quote the documentary-parody Fellowship 9/11, Vaati is just “a floaty eye thingy.” It’s almost as if he’s some glorified Patra, Kholdstare, or something. Physically, he just seems more a mini-boss than anything else.

But unlike mini-bosses, he’s got a mind of his own (and a minion horde!), and that mind is bent upon the evil purposes of evil, mwahaha! Or at least, kinda sorta. In Four Swords, his ultimate goal is to kidnap Zelda, marry her, and then toss her into his harem with the rest of the pretty girls he’s taken hostage. Sorry, Vaati, but that’s just not the epitome of evil; cavemen were doing such stuff back during their heyday. So are less moral persons within our own present-day society. (Hmmm… I wonder….)

(See what happens when I let my imagination get the best of me? I really am a scary man.)

Four Swords Adventures didn’t bode much better for him either; the entire time Vaati was just a pawn on Ganon’s chessboard. In fact, the game was actually more about Ganon than Vaati to begin with. So much for the pinnacle of evil. It really wasn’t until Minish Cap until he did his first true act of evil: turning the princess to stone and later taking over Hyrule to steal the Light Force (whatever that may be) and use it for ultimate domination! Alright, that sounds really cool and evil, but… here we see—for the first time, for the last time—Vaati as something else besides his truly dominating form. We see Minish(?) Vaati, and… well let’s just put it this way… he frighteningly would have fit perfectly into the chibi, cel-shaded world of Wind Waker. I mean, he almost looks like you could make a plushie out of him; granted, it’d be a plushie of raw evil in this case, but so goes the story.

Nevertheless, Vaati just isn’t as imposing as Ganondorf despite Vaati’s otherwise not-so-moral personality. At a party of all the super-villains of the world, Vaati would easily be sitting at the sidekick or henchmen table, ostracised from all the cooler villains in the world. Like Ganon. And Ridley. And the King of the Koopas. He’s just not as evil as they are. He’s semi-evil, quasi-evil, the Diet Coke of evil (just one calorie not evil enough!).

Despite his less than stellar career as a super-villain, Vaati does serve a very important purpose within his three-game stint in all of Zeldadom. His purpose is to create a completely distinct story arc within the Zelda series. Think about it; whenever we even hear that name Ganon(dorf) these days, question number one always is this: “But where does this fit in the timeline, Shiggy?” (It’s as if that question alone will define how good a Zelda game eventually is, despite the fact that it’s probably the least relevant question to ask about a new and upcoming Zelda title!) But when Vaati strolled into the picture in Four Swords, that question never gets asked. Granted, people still question its placement in that thing we call the timeline, but the ravenous desire to find that out is decreased because there’s absolutely zero overlap between Four Swords and any non-Four Swords Zelda title. (Okay, they both have Links. I stick my tongue out at you.) The same goes for Minish Cap as well. These Vaati and Ganon story arcs are completely separate from one another with the exception of the Ganon-Vaati conspiracy in Adventures, and that seems rather kind of tacked on as is.

Now I should mention that I have no problems whatsoever about having new story arcs within the Zelda series. So long as Ganondorf always has some place within the Zelda series somewhere down the road in the future, I’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug. So Vaati doesn’t bug me in that sense. But the point is that Vaati as a villain will never have the power to make a game feel epic just by his presence alone. In essence, the Vaati games (including all future Vaati games, should they exist) will never have the same flavour as the Ganon games. Again, nothing wrong with that; the Zelda series has, at Miyamoto’s discretion, always been a series undergoing experiment after experiment. From the open-ended game style in Legend of Zelda to the side-scrolling RPG feel in Adventure of Link, from the introduction of plot into Link to the Past to the dream sequence in Awakening, the heavy dialogue in Ocarina, the save system in Majora, the cel-shaded Waker, the multiplayer Four Swords, the darkness of Twilight, no two Zelda titles have ever been identical to one another. (Don’t you even bring up the two Oracle games; they’re a special case, and you know it.) So yay, Vaati! And all that stuff.

Yet while Vaati may have a good fit with the world of Hyrule, he cannot ever truly be Ganondorf. (Whether there could ever be a replacement for the big guy is an exercise for the reader.) Because of this, though, the instinctual question of “Is Ganon going to be in this new game?” is always going to be something I ask well ahead of “Is Vaati going to be in this new game?” Maybe one day he will become a household name, but if that happens I think that it’ll be the follows in the footsteps of Tingle and not the footsteps of Ganon.

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    I have to agree with you TML Vaati just dosent have much presence evil or otherwise, heck Tingle has more presence than he does so they should make him the next big bad in Hyrule. Look, Vaati’s greatest hour was in Minish Cap we all know that but I dont think he has what it takes to be the main bad guy in a Cube or Wii game, I would rather fight some new evil such as a Demi God or something from the time of chaos before Hyrule was created, Vaait… meh hes just not for me, good try though.

    I agree that plushy is a good word to describe the “raw and awesome evil” that is Vaati. A fluffy, fuzzy, plushy kind of evil. The kind you find in care bears and cabbage patch kids. Yeah…that kind of evil!

    Yeah because we all know that George Bush is on a whole different level, Ganondorf’s got nothing on him, lol.

    Thanks you TML, I now have inspiration to make a vaati plooshie! ^_^

    It’s so true that he will never be truely evil though D:

    I think that the main problem with Vaati is that he was originally created as the boss for a multiplayer game tagged on with a port of ALttP. As TML mentioned, he really didn’t get a chance to spotlight as a villian until TMC. I think this, more than anything else, hinders him.

    Look at Majora. Even with only one game, he rates higher on my “Zelda Villian Scale” than Vaati. I think it’s all about how you introduce a villian that determines the hmm… what’s the right word for this, “villian-ness” of said villian. Maybe Vaati can still be saved…but as long as he’s relegated to “Capcom inspired property,” it doesn’t seem likely. In my opinion, Capcom can makes “good” Zelda games, but has not yet managed to make a “great” zelda game. And yes, I know NCL made FSA, but Ganon was the main villian of that game really.

    I’m begining to have a feeling that Zelda may never shift out of the Ganon-Triforce Story as the main focus of the series. I suppose as long as there are always LA or MM style “Gaiden” Zeldas, I’ll be alright with that.

    I’d love to know what the *navi* gaiden means.
    The fact that Vaati’s an overstretched side character doesn’t help his villanescence either. Also the fact that he turns into the cliche giant eye is another mark against him. I mean an eye? How many things has that been in now? 50? 50,000? But a giant bipedal pig! Now there’s evil incarnate! It not only smells bad, it looks worse!

    Light Link 007 said:

    I’d love to know what the *navi* gaiden means.

    It’s from those…Gaiden…um…games. I forget what the’re called, but the’re basic dungon crawlers with an RPG twist. Pretty fun.

    Anyway, YOU LIE LIKE A DOG!!!!! Vaati is awesome! He’s just more sopisticated then Ganon. You don’t need muscles to be evil! Look at Bill Gates! But, I digress. He just is less threatening than Ganon. But can Ganon turn people to stone? No! Plus, He’s died about 5 times, been sealed away twice, and been beaten at thumb wrestling 10 times. In a row. By me.

    Light Link 007 said:

    I’d love to know what the *navi* gaiden means.

    maybe not what your thinking of,but in FE:6 (japanesse) it ment side quest.who knows?

    anyways I disagree with the article.Vaati dosnt seem evil because he has never been in a realistic looking game.if he were in TP (which he may or may not be :? ) he would come across very evil.his personality is 10 times that of ganon/dorfs,he looks more evil than ganon/dorf (sorry…midle aged men with balding problems and giant pigs never struck me as evil ),and…hes got magic! sure so does ganondorf,but his is stupid.speaking of his personality,Vaatis woud be perfect for a villian trying to,oh I dont know,envelop hyrule in a twilight world maybe :) ? he could be like narshen or seymour.thier some of my favorite evil villians ^_^ (in games anyways).but ganondorf,eh,hes just lame.and I grew up with him as the only zelda bad guy too.and whats so wrong about Vaatis alternate form anyways? again,if it wernt for the games hes in (refering to the games dificulty) he would seem alot more intiminating.well,im sure everyone will change thier minds about him when he does away with zelda (by then he will have given up on her and moved on to another girl :) ).

    yup,nice…but like,whatever.i didn’t laugh ={

    i dont know… i never just liked gannon/dorf(im glad Vincent beat him ;D) but i instantly liked Vaati, he looks good, hes arrogent, and he has magic!

    • 11. Sage says:

    I would love to see Vaati in a future Zelda game! Maybe even Twilight. I would really like to see him more in him Minish form. I think they could really expand on him as a character, like with Ganondorf in Windwaker. I think he would be great as a bad*navi* villian. But what you say is true, Vaati has never been equal to Ganon/dorf. Miss Piggy is an truly imposing figure. If you saw a gaint pig demon swinging double swords at you, I think you’d be a little more scared then if you saw an eyeball with claws.

    And by the way, love pimpin’ Vatti. XD

    i always loved vaati but i only liked the way he looked in TMC once i saw his evil in TMC he was my favorite final boss

    Light Link 007 said:

    I’d love to know what the *navi* gaiden means.

    Gaiden means side quest or side story. Majora’s Mask was known as Zelda Gaiden for awhile because that is what it was, a side story of Ocarina of Time.

    yeah, I guess this has already been cleared up, but I meant “side-quest/story” when I said “Gaiden”.

    Meh, never really liked Vaati. You’re right, he has never been a very evil kind of guy. AND he was created by CAPCOM!!!!! And what was up with the end of MC? He was supposed to be SEALED!!!!! Hopefully they make *gulp* a sequel. Although, I’d rather like to Ganondorf or some kind of NEW, one-time villain, like in MM and LA. I loved those games! (and still do!) But, otherwise, I’d like to see some explanation of MC. I’ve said enough.

    Sage said:

    If you saw a gaint pig demon swinging double swords at you, I think you’d be a little more scared then if you saw an eyeball with claws.

    not if I knew the pig couldnt hit strait or fast.I think ganon should think of getting smaller swords :P .that,and vaati should get a physical weapon,one that wont make him as slow as a…um…pig :? .

    Wasn’t there a “Ninja Gaiden” game or something?

    Well I love Vaati beacuse he’s a nice change from ganon, (I’m getting tired of Ganon being the cause of everything evil in Hyrule.) and he’s hot. :D (Human form.)
    Vaati is just as evil as Ganon, it’s just he hasn’t killed anyone yet. But I have a feeling if you do get him mad, he just might. :)
    Anyhow, some of you guys complain that Vaati doesn’t have enough personality. Well, Ganon is just as 2d, wanting to kill and maim everything in his path.

    Vaati_fan said:

    some of you guys complain that Vaati doesn’t have enough personality. Well, Ganon is just as 2d, wanting to kill and maim everything in his path.

    actualy, gannon has no personality in my opinion, hes just a giant pig who wants to destroy everything, most of the time.(and hes ugly too) vaatis cool looking, i hope hes in TP, i can just imagine how cool he’d look…

    • 20. jrz says:

    that hat was funny

    That hat was dumb. Vaati would look cool as an FE guy, a TP version would make him pretty bad too.

    I think Vaati was never really that evil. He just didn’t feel evil enough, sure, turning people into stone, kidnapping girls, and trying to become a god is pretty bad, but Ganon actually causes more damage than Vaati, actually kills people, causes the Goddesses to flood Hyrule, and a load of other *NAVI*!

    Light Link 007 said:

    That hat was dumb. Vaati would look cool as an FE guy, a TP version would make him pretty bad too.

    yeah, that would be cool. but he’d have to be a little less chibi. what would his type be a sage or a druid that uses anima tomes(like in sacred stones)?

    M Warrior said:

    I think Vaati was never really that evil. He just didn’t feel evil enough, sure, turning people into stone, kidnapping girls, and trying to become a god is pretty bad, but Ganon actually causes more damage than Vaati, actually kills people, causes the Goddesses to flood Hyrule, and a load of other *NAVI*!

    the damage Vaati does is more severe than what ganny does.if it wernt for the stupid hat,hyrule would have never been fixed do to Vaatis spells and monsters (zelda says something like this at the end of MC).however,ganondorf does nothing when hes the curent evil ruler of hyrule.in his time as leader…he killed one soldier.well,im sure he killed more off screen,but so did Vaati .I dont know,maybe I cant stand ganondorf because his magic isnt nearly as cool as Vaatis hes boring.like I said he hardly does anything (thats permanent,zoras,kokiri,and stupid gorons dont count ;) ) when he has the triforce.its makes for a dull villian.

    TML, go serfing on Deviant Art sometime. I garuntee that you’ll find a Vaati plushie. I did. On that note, doesn’t Vaati remind ANYONE else of the Nightmares in Link’s Awakening? I mean, Vaati’s final formseems so very similar to on of the Nightmares’ forms it’s not even funny (well, ok, it could be depending on your sense of humor). Am I the only one who’s noticed this? If so, then maybe I’ve just played Link’s Awakening way to much… (hey, it has a great replay value…unlike more recent Zelda titles *cough, cough* (fourswords) *cough, cough*)

    Ganondorf > Vaati
    Here’s proof:

    Are you saying that Vaati is less then ganondorf beacuse he’s short?
    Vaati > Ganondork because he’s hot and he’s good at magic, he just hasn’t showned his true power yet.

    Vaati_fan said:

    Vaati > Ganondork because he’s hot and he’s good at magic

    yup ^_^

    But I like Vaati. Maybe because of a fanfic I read somewhere, where Vaati’s evilness was a result of an abusive childhood and a napoleon complex. No, given his backround from TMC I couldn not respect him as a main villian, but as a side-villian, he would be cool. Another great opportunity to develop plot and character.

    Well, even though this subject is dead, I’ll comment anyways.

    Vaati, he is evil, but not evil enough to scare people. He’s sophisticated, has control over his emotions (except around pretty girls) and, like TML says, he’s like a plushie, a plushie of evil. Ganon/dorf, however, is less sophisticated, more blood thristy, goes outta control just to smite that fairy kid. The only way Vaati can scare me, is if he became more fearsome than Sephiroth.

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