Phantom Hourglass Likely Next Year

July 27th, 2006 at 11:07 pm by The Missing Link

The simply fabulous people over at Joystiq have brought us the first-party games lineup for the rest of this year for the Nintendo DS and GBA. While there are some fantastic titles on there that I am excited about, you will notice the lack of a certain Zelda game that we’re desperately waiting for information on.

Yes, Phantom Hourglass doesn’t appear to be in the crystal ball for release this year. Truth be told, that isn’t entirely surprising for me. We know precious little about the game other than a single video, an interview or maybe two with Nintendo folk not giving us much substantial, and a notion that this will be somehow tied to Wind Waker. Beyond the basic framework, I’d say the game is still several months away from completion, much less release. Plus, it could easily get overshadowed by Twilight and the Wii (although we wouldn’t forget you, Hourglass!). So this is expected. Trust the TML. :D

By the by, my Bomber’s Notebook suggests that we might see this in March 2007.

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    • 1. TSA says:

    Yeah…I’m a little upset nobody believed me. I reported on the delay this past weekend :( At least GoNintendo believed me.

    Ah well, I suppose it was a bit to much to ask for two Zelda games so close together. Well, as long as the game turns out great because of the extra time spent, I don’t mind much.

    I didn’t think it would make it this year. After all, remember what happened when everyone thought this one game would be released in 2005 but it wasn’t?

    Eh, Eh? You all know what I’m talking about.

    I’m talking about Twilight Princess

    I suppose I should have seen this coming…

    But I am very glad this has happened - it would be a hassle for two Zelda games to come out so close together. That and I think they will make the game better this way.

    Should it be delayed much longer however, I believe Darth Citrus will have to make a Phantom Hourglass Expectation List.

    TSA said:

    Yeah…I’m a little upset nobody believed me. I reported on the delay this past weekend :( At least GoNintendo believed me.

    *smiles* I believed you!

    I’m really not too disappointed. I’m looking forward to TP too much to really care about what happens to PH. I guess this is what Ninty may have been trying to avoid, having PH overshadowed by TP, along with a few other things.

    meh, we will get it one way or another

    I am relieved. I’ll be soending nearly all my spendable money on the Wii, TP and MP3: Corruption. I won’t have much left and I’m definitley not gonna buy a DS game when I probably wouldn’t play it for four months. By March I will have raked in another couple hundred through my paper route and be able to safely and guiltlessly buy PH. Its a dream come true. Also that means gannon will be in TP and he won’t be in PH.
    And I do trust the TML, The Master Log, The Monkey Lord, The Mojo Lackey. Joking. Tripley Joking TML.

    Zelda games and delays go hand in hand but at least with Zelda you know that the finished product will be worth the wait.

    According to GAMEINFORMER, it’s “SUPPOSED” to come out in the fall of ‘06. I don’t really really on it, they’re not the best source, but I get it free, so that’s how I know. I think its coming out in 2007 as well.

    that only makes sense… after all, nintendo wouldnt want them relaesed around the same time because one would be more popular

    compared to the wait we have for TP,PH would have looked like a rush job if it came out this year (and like everyone else has been saying,it would have been greatly overshadowed).to bad im only seeing that now ;) .I was looking forward to getting it this year but a wait will give some extra time to play TP (that is….if its not delayed along with this :/ ).

    I can believe that… but it’s a DS game, and the DS is one of the most popular top rated game system in the US. That means we won’t be delayed… *counts on fingers* more than three times. If it IS delayed as lon as TP, (and I’m not saying it will be) I think most all of us will want to EXPLODE. *heats up by 30 degrees*

    Boy I’m not surprised. I guess it’ll refuel the Zelda-ism once the TP craze goes down, should people actually do all they can to get it. Just refresh my memory, but when did Nintendo start telling the outside world about OoT? Even though there was a five-year wait, I think people didn’t expected OoT so long, but I needed memory refreshment. Anyways, the odds of me getting this is now 50/50, because I’m a proud owner of a DS Lite, but I’m hoping to use it for education (I’m still waiting for Brain Age) and communication. Maybe I will, but I won’t go crazy over it like I did with TP.

    TP will get delayed one more month to come out after Thanksgiving.
    You payed $140 to get something for education and communication?! Buy a cel-phone.

    Light Link 007 said:

    TP will get delayed one more month to come out after Thanksgiving.
    You payed $140 to get something for education and communication?! Buy a cel-phone.

    :D Too late :D I use my cell for emergencies, though. I really need Brain Age, personal problem. Anyways, I bet the next Zelda game will be delayed by a long time. I say that because it’s true, and I didn’t say how long so I get a better chance of winning, and the only way I’ll lose that if nintendo never talks about the next Zelda project until one month before release, but what are the odds?

    TML, can I have a Bomber’s Notebook, too? lol

    Shoot. I was planning on reserving my copy of it as soon as I got to college. Maybe I still can. Do you know if we can reserve our copies, TML or anyone with that knowledge?

    This is a random thought, but imagine if there were any oigs in this :D Pokey pokey ^_^

    I meant pigs. Forgive me for double posting. I think this game will be a good one, maybe not as good as Twilight Princess, but atleast it’ll feed our need for adventuring, and then E3 at Christmas in July ;) then, we wait for more Zelda/Fire Emblem/Final Fantasy games to come out.

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! must……resist……hands……NECK…… whew…that was close. But, damn! I was looking forward to that game!

    no why is this happening zelda games keeps getting held back im sick of waiting for ph and tp they both look so good!

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