The ‘Net Will Never Be the Same

June 6th, 2006 at 7:44 pm by The Missing Link

While Zelda news has and will continue to be scarce (save for the obligatory E3 demos), the Wii definitely isn’t following the same trend. Nintendo has decided that simply riding the coattails of E3 wasn’t enough for their strategy; they’re continuing to heavily market the Wii… revealing new data–even if it is inkling at a time–about the “next generation” of console gaming.

First up is a decent interview by Cubed3 with the makers of Opera about how the Opera Internet browser will be integrated into the Wii. First and foremost, it’s absolutely free and will use the Flash memory inside the Wii as its browser cache. It will also be using mouse controller gestures to help in browser navigation, although exactly how this will be enabled is still to be announced. This means that you will be able to check ZeldaBlog from the confort of your living room and not miss any of our news articles. (However, I have no idea how you’ll comment, but maybe they’ll allow you to connect a USB keyboard.)

Next up… Gamasutra reports that Iwata has indeed confirmed that the Nintendo DS will be able to interact wirelessly with the Wii. Don’t get your hopes up too high just yet, though! So far all we know is that DSes will be able to yoink of downloaded content from Wii’s Connect24 service and play it directly on the DS.

What will we be downloading? Why, online games, demos, and other content! But before you dismiss that part about games in there as just the Virtual Console service, read this juicy quote from Mr. Iwata:

When creating a packaged game to be priced at 5,000 yen [US$44/CDN$49/€34/£24], developers tend to feel the need to create a rich game. Yet it is possible to create a reasonably entertaining game in 2 months with a team of three. Offering such games for 500 yen over a network could lead to a reasonable number of people purchasing it. By offering an environment that allows this, we hope to encourage more developers to pursue basic yet enjoyable gameplay.

Could he be talking about indie game development on the order of something like Geometry Wars? We already know that the Wii will be the least expensive console to develop for, but allowing for micro-transaction games on the Wii, presumably compatible with the motion-sensing remote, would be a very slick concept indeed.

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    Awesome. Virtual gaming downloads is awesome.

    Rumor is the next Game Informer has final details on the Wii, one of which is that a “simple” development tool will be available over Connect24 that will allow people to make “simple” 2D and 3D games. Given the success of indie games on X-Box marketplace, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar on virtual console.

    $5 for a game?! That isn’t really expensive… With the production costs for discs and everything out of the way, they’ll be able to make good games for a price for which people can buy much more of them than earlier.

    I think i’m catching the gist of Nintendo’s marketing plan. over-fill the market with tiny tid-bits that will still stick in the news. and take up airtime that could be used for the PS3. This gives them the PR they need until Q4, Which is still aways away. It also takes gamers eyes away from the PS3.

    I expect alot more of this kind of news in the near future.

    According to a recent article I just read, VC games - new and old - will be available at a pricing point of 4-9 dollars (probably adjusted up to 5-10 dollars for us American types).

    And a Pokemon Revolution game. Interesting that, since it seems mainstream Pokemon games are far away from launch. But will be interacting with the Diamond/Pearl games, so there’s some DS-Wii connection right off the bat. Not bad at all.

    I LOVE NINTENDO, LOL. This is exactly why I have never turned my back on Nintendo and turned to the dark side that is *Evil music plays* SONY, Nintendo knows and has always known exactly what it is doing.

    BTW do you think that Nintendo will release Special Edition “Nes”, “Snes”, “N64″ and “GameCube” Controllers all featuring “Wii” logos on them or is this too much to hope for?

    The only problem is that the wii has a small onboard memory space. So you’ll only get a few games downloaded onto it. Also I hope this virtual console doesn’t go to far. I rather like holding and unopened brand new zelda game in my hands at the gamestop counter before playing it.

    I heard that you will be able to save those games onto Memory Cards LL007.

    Really? Awesome. I just hope its not a monthly fee thing

    You buy the game once and thats it.

    Dude, they need to put FireFox on the Wii, not Opera, but whatever as long as I can get the internet.

    Also, cool the DS can interact with the Wii, like the GBA connecting to the Gamecube.

    Robert-UK said:

    You buy the game once and thats it.

    I mean you set up n account and then download what you want then they bill you at the end of the month.

    FINALLY, some values in Canadian moneys. Its about time we got some ’spect round here.

    Since I’ll be hooking my Wii up to my computer montior, having internet through it is kind of pointless. Hopefully the actual games (NES, SNES and N64) won’t be too much considering I’m just a poor University student. :P

    Sweet. Now I’ll be able to use the Internet when someone else is here on the computer. Maybe we’ll just use the DS’s touch screen for the keyboard, like in Pictochat. Man, I may never use the computer again! I mean, they said it was free, right? Yep, no more computer for me. Well, unless I’ve got a project or something to do, but I won’t really worry about that. So, could this possibly mean that you can download MP3’s onto the Wii? Or is that just a fantasy at this point?

    Darth Citrus said:

    FINALLY, some values in Canadian moneys. Its about time we got some ’spect round here.

    Dude, every time I do ANY monetary conversion, I always link to the same bloody site. While me doing it obviously saves you time, maybe a smarter Darth Orange would bookmark it. ;)

    I just hope that Nintendo finds a way to get Goldeneye available on the Wii’s download service, I never lost a Death Match on that game.

    BTW on the 15th of June it will be the 10th Anniversary of the Manchester Bombing here in England, on the 15 June 1996: a sunny morning in Manchester. Saturday shoppers were filling Market Street and the Arndale Centre buying Father’s Day presents. The country was hosting Euro ‘96 and the nation was gripped with football fever. Then, at 09:43, came the first warning. It was coded message: ‘You’ve got one hour to clear the city centre.’ The IRA had packed 3,500 kg of explosives into a lorry parked on Corporation Street.When the bomb went off, it exploded at 2,000 feet per second. The sheer power of the blast shattered the city centre around Marks and Spencer and the Arndale shopping centre. Thanks to a massive operation to evacuate the city centre, no-one was killed although, 200 people were injured, some seriously, mostly by flying glass and debris. Unfortunately even to this day there hasnt been a single arrest for the bombing.

    Lol I already got the nintendo wii (hipthetically) my parents can say no to the cheapest price newest systm and with all these things they will get it as soon as i see it. I PROMISE I WILL NOT LEAVE THE STORE TILL I GET THE SYSTEM AND ZELDA.And why bother getting the other systems this one will be the king ive been with nintendo all the way and that is why i will be starting up my own website as soon as i get to my family’s BRAND NEW HOUSE but thats none of ure buissness i will although wont start the website till the beging of the school year.and im saying this for 2 reasons Tml and the others may i have the honnor to add this site and grand adventures to my website witch will have its own domain. ALSO i need a name for my new website BUT i do not want to intrude into this website so when I start it up TML can i have promisson to use this webpage to show my new Website email so i can get comments and things from the other blog members.

    Robert-UK said:

    I just hope that Nintendo finds a way to get Goldeneye available on the Wii’s download service, I never lost a Death Match on that game.

    OOH! I GOT IT! Nintendo should buy back enough share of Rare to own it! I was looking on IGN, and saw that letting Micro buy Rare was for “business reasons” as Peter MacDougall said. Maybe in a few years we’ll have Goldeneye and Banjo and Conker and PD back…