Whose Blog? #3

May 18th, 2006 at 11:42 pm by The Missing Link

[UPDATE: Topic has been decided, and the comments section has been closed. I’ll get to this Wednesday or Thursday.]

With the chaos of last week over (and also this week for me!), I think it’s time for another Whose Blog Is It Anyway. So, you know the drill. Post a comment about what you’d like to see in a Whose Blog, and I’ll pick the one I like the best and go off on it. However, before I just let you guys run loose on this one, I’m going to declare several topics off-limits. If you make a comment about any of these, I’ll either ignore or delete it… depending upon what mood I’m in. ;)

Stuff I don’t want to see:

  • Metafiction — Don’t ask me to do a metafiction about something; some topics just don’t inspire me to actually write metafiction on them. (Plus, I just wrote one, so I’ve done my duty for the week! ;)) Instead, just give me the topic, and if I’m inspired, I’ll metafiction it myself.
  • The E3 show, Sony, or Microsoft — I lived and breathed this for a week, and I’ve already voiced my concerns about it. Not going to do those again for a while.
  • Nintendo Wii, Twilight Princess, or Phantom Hourglass — See above.
  • The Evil Fish of Doom™ from Majora’s Mask — You know who I’m talking about. I don’t like him, and I’m not going to talk about him.

Other than that, the mic is open. Lay ‘em on me.

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    I said it once and I’ll say it again: Vaati! (He rules!):D

    Something with Tingle. I need my fix. ;)

    A spoilers revelation debate.

    In other words, when should we assume spoilers of Zelda games known by every fan? In OoT, Zelda is Shiek. In TWW, Zelda is … y’know what I mean?

    I know its a bit of a touchy subject that depends on peoples perseptions and so on, but how about an article on what Link would be doing if he where to be living in modern times, ofcoures it depends on his personality and so on so to avoid to much argument, you could just keep the basics of his character that we should all agree on, naimly, brave, urge to help where he can, and generaly kind hearted, also it depends on where he was born and raised and the most logical country is of coures japan (because ‘technacly’ that is where he was ‘born’)
    ok iv said my idea *gets behind steel door and locks it* please dont try and kill me it just a suggestion *sits in a chair shacking and cuddiling teady*.

    I admit, this one is pretty… odd, but might give you some idea. The name Termina, in Spanish, means “Finish” or “End”, which seems appropriate for the whole “end of the world” concept in Majora’s Mask. However, another interesting name is Kakariko, which, in Spanish sounds like “yummy poo”… stupid, I know, but is there any link? I’d like to see what your take on that is (for humour purposes, of course).

    If Link Faught Samus who would win? Not in Smash Bros. in real life. Or if Link faught some Fire Ebmlem 7 character. By the way FE7 in america was released as just Fire Emblem. Had to add it too avoid confusion.

    How about a fight between Link & Solid Snake huh?

    Something on SSBM. PLEASE. That would be nice…

    I know. You could play Melee then set four characters on computer put’em at level nine with three lives and let’em go. Then you could do a play by play of what happened. Since its Zeldablog do Zelda, Link, Young Link, and Ganondorf.

    I keep telling you! Do one about what would happen if Link and the harvest moon guy from a wonderful life swapped places!

    but you have to admit TML, The Evil Fish Of Doom(tm) is pretty cool!!

    How about where the other versions of those Four Sword links come from? I mean…they can’t just be copies..

    Light Link 007 said:

    I know. You could play Melee then set four characters on computer put’em at level nine with three lives and let’em go. Then you could do a play by play of what happened. Since its Zeldablog do Zelda, Link, Young Link, and Ganondorf.

    That would be interesting, but mabey… an article on thier special moves, or something like that..

    Geez you guys. Let’s not be original and pick something that you haven’t requested before. ;) </sarcasm>

    A good half of you are BLUNTLY requesting metafictions; you may not be saying the word “metafiction,” but you know in your hearts that that’s what you want done. Don’t try to fool me on this; I’m onto your stealthy tactics, and I ain’t gonna do it. Nuh uh! :o

    I have an article…How much Zelda does a Zelda Fan gets per day?No metafiction, requires a few hours of investigation (polls work nicely) and then figure if its not enough, just enough, or obsessive.

    I have a really good Idea (and if I’m too late then I guess you can use it for another whose blog…that is if you find it interesting)

    I was wondering if you would talk about the Minish Cap and how that game has a bunch of evidence that it may have come before the Ocarina of Time.

    1.Spoiler!! …If you notice at the start of the game you will notice that the stained glass windows tell of a hero who has no Link cap (as I like to call it for ovious reasons). Also if you finish the game Elzo will give you a cap that looks exactly like him except without the bird beak A.K.A. the end of this story tells of the origins of Link’s cap.

    2. The Minish Woods and Mt. Crenel: If you notice, in no zelda game (that I remeber) is there ever a Mt. Crenel or a Minish Wood, my theory on that is that Mt.Crenel is actually Death MT. if you need proof just look at it, climable walls (OOC) and a volcano in the middle (most all zelda games) the only difference is that it’s being blocked by a mine. Now the minish woods I had some time trying to link it to the lost woods but then I thought about the minish and their hats and tunics, don’t they look similar like the kokiris? Also, if you notice, one of the only ways to get to the forest is through a bridge (OOC) and you can get to lake Hylia via an underwater passageway as a minish (OOC).

    3.Goron nomads: you notice that there are gorons in the game, but the thing is they are always at the east of Hyrule. The fist time you meet them there is one that’s punching a wall trying to get the rock sirloin inside because he smelled it, if you do their sidequest and finish it I think (THINK!) they say something like “I like this place, I think we’re going to stay here” which might mean something like “we’re from another land and we found this nice place to live in…so…yeah let’s live here”

    4.No Zora’s Allowed: well in most zelda games there’s zoras weather they’re spitting fireballs at you or helping your quest they’re there, so what happened to them in this game? (yes I know Zora’s don’t exist in some Zelda games)

    5.The Wind Tribe: I just think they’re the sheikah’s desendants, I have no proof just my own stab in the dark. I wonder why they were chosen to protect the wind element though? the only other race protecting elements were the minish and they were legend unlike the wind tribe.

    6.well we learn were all the items hidden in the grass come from…the minish trying to make Hylians happy

    7.SPOILER!! this is the most important piece of info, if you wait until the end crdits roll, a stained glass pic of link and the Elzo cap holding the four Sword, around them there are the different color versions of the four sword with their element and a minish behind link. under the window it says and I quote:
    “thus Link’s quest came to an end, but this is not the end of Zelda’s and link’s adventures…As long as the legend of the Light Force echoes through the ages…”
    doesn’t that sound more like the Epilouge of the first volume of a book? It’s interesting how the narrator bothered to tell us that that the legend of the Light Force(which I supect to be the Golden Power A.K.A. The Triforce) may continue through the ages even though we already know it will.

    other stuff:
    I don’t think there is a four swords, Minish cap paradox. for all we know Nintendo may have planned something in between MC and FS were Vatti comes back and steals madiens with pure hearts from each town or something to get another attempt at the light force. Remember that even though Vatti died at Link’s sword in MC he may not be completely dead, after all he may still be alive because he died with godly powers in him

    also I think Vatti may be an Illuminati. For proof just look at the stained glass windowns in Dark Hyrule castle, A triangle with an eye. Also most of the rooms En Route to Zelda are symetrical and all the battle fields with Vatti are also symetrical. If you don’t know what the Illuminati are then I suggest you read Dan Browns amazing book “Angles and Demons” (BTW you can take this comment as a joke or as a serious comment. your choice)

    How the Wallet monster (and possibly his relatives?) were created. That could kinda be a metafiction but…

    sorry I forgot to ask: who’s the Evil Fish of Doom™? Is it like the guy in the toilet or the moons face or something?
    I just came up with another great Idea, the little deku scrub that you find in the start of majora’s mask, is it’s soul inisde the deku mask? we know thanks to Akira Himewaka’s manga that the butler is the shirvelded shrub’s father but we don’t seem to have much history behind them. we could make up some history

    Epona4 said:

    sorry I forgot to ask: who’s the Evil Fish of Doom™?

    Its a boss called Gyorg, a big purple fish that caused the sea to warm up.Later, they become more shark-like in TWW and are an uncommon enemy, while they become a boss in TMC, but are not seabourne anymore, but I said too much now.

    Majora’s Mask (minus the Evil Fish of Doof™. *shudders*)

    There’s a huge ocean of material that I haven’t seen anyone delve into. It’s full of little things things and metaphore. I would live to finally see someone go in depth into that game! It would be wonderful! There is so much material to work with.

    I got another one, where did the symbol that makes the Triforce came from? It’ll be an interesting article.

    Hey HH, what about a friendly debate on the Tetraforce theory? That would be a good article for TML.

    I know that one, the Triforce symbol is the Coat of Arms of a Japanese Family so Mr Miyamoto San must have seen it one day and liked it.

    shadowknight said:

    Hey HH, what about a friendly debate on the Tetraforce theory? That would be a good article for TML.

    That is a good idea.We’ll figure out where to chat, who is going to be the witness(es) and the rest (that is if TML decides on it.)

    something about vaati would be interesting

    How about something on the Time Paradox from OoT, where you and the Windmill man teach each other that song… who taught it to who first?

    this is getting hard! how about….a metafiction about the Evil Fish of Doom™ going to E3 to test phantom hourglass!!! just kidding :D .seriously though,you could wright something about the people in terminia that dont have hyrulian counterparts.or you could make a top 10 list about something in zelda.

    I believe I’m a bit late posting…

    But I am in favor with those who suggested analyzing Majora’s Mask.