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May 10th, 2006 at 12:05 am by Louisa

Its been only a few hours since Nintendo’s Pre-E3 press conference and the release of the new Twilight Princess trailer, yet I figure its not too early to do a quick analysis of what the new trailer has to offer us.

This isn’t a very long trailer, but this is also the latest of several that Nintendo has offered us of the game since 2004. There have been several stylistic and interface upgrades since we last saw it. Lets get into it!

We’ll do this in chronological order as the scenes appear so that you can follow along with a copy of the video if you wish. It might also help others pick out the things I might’ve missed.

1. The trailer opens fast as a wild horse appears to be charging Link. He dusk out of the way and looks back with an expressive face.

Slide 1

The scene cuts away too quickly to confirm it, but the horse may have a rider. As well, its also hard to say for sure whether or not this is Link’s own horse.

The town-city in the background looks pretty interesting. Is this place situated at the foot of mountains, or in a gorge?

2. Who is this fellow?

Slide 2

He’s wearing glasses and has a welder’s shield pulled away from his face. The atmosphere is cool-looking. Perhaps he forges swords. Or he’s an engineer? There’s really no telling, since EAD’s core Zelda team has been known to insert all manner of strange things into their games. He also appears to be speaking to someone.

You’ll also note he’s a human, not a pointy-eared Hylian like Link.

3. We finally have a video glimpse of what is probably part of the town we saw in the screens that Nintendo released back in August 2005.

Slide 3

There are a few things to note here. First, notice the Goron to the top-left above Link at the center. We’ve seen glimpses of Gorons in some other previously released Twilight Princess media. However, what we saw was what appeared to be Link fighting a Goron, and speculation was that perhaps Gorons might not be friendly this time around. This Goron seems to be happily mixing with others in this city.

Since the video isn’t high-res, its hard to tell, but it also seems that there is a more diverse range of different characters on screen than what we saw of the screens from back in August 2005.

It might also be nice if some of these NPCs that we’re seeing onscreen could offer Link interesting side quests to earn bonuses and other items.

4. Wolf Link walks through a forest.

Slide 4

5. Montage of enemies.

Slide 5

Including this creepy bird thing in the style of those other creepy ground guys that we saw in other trailers dropping out of sky portals. We have seen other enemies in the game more in the style of previous games. We have to wonder what the difference is between those enemies and these special ones. Their visual appearance contrasts heavily and I have to assume this will tie into gameplay (as well as the Twilight Realm idea).

6. I hate underwater eel monsters…

Slide 6

This one is worse than that big electric eel in Mario 64

Slide 7

And its watching you! Eek!

I’m thinking this confirms an underwater portion of the game to some extent. Let us hope this doesn’t bring back terrifying memories of Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple level to anyone.

7. A boss drops down before Link and a huge island drops from chains into a pit of lava!

Slide 8
Slide 9

Fire! We get to see another glimpse of this boss battle later in the trailer.

8. Pretty…

Slide 10

Those stones covered with markings and runes seem to have a specific purpose…

9. Again, more of those stones…

Slide 11

Like in the previous screen, there are a set of runes and light. The light is actually some kind of creature with an illuminated head.

Slide 12

I had a slight Princess Mononoke moment seeing this. By the markings its hard to tell whether this is a friendly or enemy creature. Its even hard to say what its supposed to be. The profile gives the impression its some kind of snake.


Slide 13

This shot appears to show ears, and in the trailer you can clearly see curled antlers or horns on the creature’s head.

The creature is situated within a set of those rune stones, meaning these creatures might be tied to them somehow. Is this particular creature trapped, or is it being created by the stones…?

10. Hey, you kids! Get off my lawn!

Slide 14

We last saw these kids at the last E3, bothering Link with requests for training. They’re back, and they’re about to get flattened by what looks like that huge boar rider we’ve seen from the horseback fighting demos.

Slide 15

The kids turn around and begin to run, all in slo-mo. It looks rather nice, and not the first time we’ve seen Nintendo utilize slo-mo for Twilight Princess in these clips (Another time was, again, at the end of the horse battle demos. After defeating the boar rider boss in a jousting-type faceoff on the bridge, Link reared his horse in slo-mo while triumphant music played.)

11. Horsey!

Slide 16

What I found interesting here was the weapons interface. You’ll notice the weapons selection options in the top right hand corner of the screen is transparent.

Then, in this screen…

Slide 17

Selectable! Why the difference? I really can’t tell. TML thinks its context sensitive because he and written Japanese know each other from their crazy college days and I don’t…

But something else you can see in the second screen… a far off castle… Hyrule Castle?

12. Another comparison of two screens:

Slide 18

Someone (or something) swings a light in front of Link in this screen. A dark fog surrounds them.

Slide 19

As the individual swings the light, the fog moves away. This clearly ties into the whole “light versus dark” theme of the game, and the series in general. It brings up some other questions: Is the fog IN the Twilight Realm, or has it seeped out? And if so, is there a special kind of light needed to get rid of this stuff, or do you need a special kind of “light”?

13. Targeting.

Slide 20

I like the scrolly-type arrow they have there. Also, Deku Baba! TML pointed out to me that at one point the Deku Baba actually has his mouth wrapped nicely around Link.

And notice the top right hand corner and the Japanese on the buttons. I wonder if the E3 floor demos will indeed be in English again.

14. New weapon? Or old?

Slide 21

The claw thing that Link’s holding. Hookshot? Or grapling hook? Or something else? Whatever it is, Link appears to be ready to jam the Deku Baba in the face with it, until…

15. Cut to a new enemy!

Slide 22

I think it looks a pterodactyl. Notice the target icon above its head. Its different than the one for the Deku Baba.

16. More new enemies!

Slide 16

Creepy little troll fellows! Their targets (like the one for the Deku Baba did) actually change colour. The colour rotates between red, orange, and yellow. Perhaps the colours indicate the best times to get in combo attacks? Like in Wind Waker with the special button that would appear to do a combo hit?

And to return back to an earlier idea, these enemies again look completely different from those dark things with the glowing runes on them that come out of the Twilight Realm.

17. Midna and Link: Atmosphere.

Slide 24

This new trailer seems to be more glowing and hazy than previous media we’ve seen.

18. Remember that boss who “dropped in” earlier?

Slide 25

Link’s apparently got some kind of magnetic boots that probably allow him to keep on the playing field without sliding off (It may move side to side and cause him to slide? We’ve seen the same kind of thing in Mario games.). It also looks like Link deals with this boss in true Mario style, hurling him in a ball across the screen (Just like in the Bowser battles in Mario 64!)

19. Doggy went “Boom”.

Slide 26

Wolf-Link disintegrates up into the sky. I’ve heard some ask whether or not this means he’s moving from one realm to another.

20. And with that, the clips disolve into the logo.

Slide 27

Perhaps this is just me, but I never noticed the actual logo for the game was composed to two separate graphics.

Slide 28

The end! For now, anyway. For sure, we’ll see more media over the next few days as people get to the demos. It’s probably good to stay tuned to Zelda Blog to see what comes our way.

In the meantime, feel free to pick apart the trailer or my analysis yourself!

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17 Messages from the Gossip Stones about “New Zelda Trailer Blow-By-Blow”


    My take on 8 and 9…

    The thing descending in 8 is what Link recovers after completing a dungeon. Wolf Link is sent to this “in between” world similar to the Temple of Light in OoT or the giants in MM. The object reminds me of a spiritual stone. After every dungeon an animal spirit is freed or awakens or whatever. In this case its a snake.

    Could be way off, but that’s just what came to me when I first saw the trailer.

    I’d like to say that nr. 5 is not in the twilight realm, because the sky isn’t grey… does this mean that twilight monsters aren’t necesarily in the twilight, or does it mean that the twilight isn’t necesarily a place where everything is black and white as we’ve seen in the previous trailers.

    Two thigs really interest me, the glowing thing, and the snake eel. I cant wait to get underwater to beat that thing. I hope they include a Zora thing…. just guessing!

    just speculation, but after looking at the two logo’s that make up the logo, the one in the front looks like wolf link and the one in the back, midna.

    This game reminds me of Metroid Prime Echoes…

    Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god this game looks SWEEEEEEEEET, I just cant wait for it any longer, ok about Link fighting that Goron in the old trailer I always figured that Link was training with the Goron and not fighting it.

    BTW from the looks of one of those pics I would say that we are gonna get another Water Temple/Dungeon… which I am VERY happy about even if some of you are not, lol.

    There are a few things to note here. First, notice the Goron to the top-left above Link at the center. We’ve seen glimpses of Gorons in some other previously released Twilight Princess media. However, what we saw was what appeared to be Link fighting a Goron, and speculation was that perhaps Gorons might not be friendly this time around. This Goron seems to be happily mixing with others in this city.

    Yeah well as you know you had to undergo a test to become a brother goron in OoT, perhaps the goron you fight is testing you. Or maybe its just a mini-game. You had to fight Orca but he was cool.

    Also I think that’s hyrulian knight in the lower right corner of the town, he looks to be wearing a helmet of some sort.

    xKillswitchx said:

    This game reminds me of Metroid Prime Echoes…

    Amen.This is the first Zelda game where all the monsters look alike (dark bodies, red glowy lights, some blood lust against Link) so its eerily like MP2:E. I always thought that when you fought the Goron, he’s a warrior fighting Link in some tournament or something (noting the markings all over his body) and like I said in another TP subject, Link maybe the new Spiderman *spiderman theme song plays* because of the Magnet Boots and Grappleshot (plausible names? *laughs nervously* ) and when you put two and two together, you get more fun.The mist-diver-away-er thing is that monkey from the Forest Temple repelling the darkness mist that can disable the use of your items (reference to TWW) and it looks like the Sea Snakes (reference to MM) are making a comeback.Maybe Wolf Link will turn dogfish (heheh, old pun) to fight that thing, or Mikau makes a comeback too.

    Actually, I think they are just Iron Boots, using the power of magnetism.

    Also, about the town pic, it does look like there is a knight there, because he is wearing the bird insignia on his chest plate,which looks like the same one we have seen in shields.

    Note that this is the Gamecube version of the game as well, because there is no fairy and there is X and Y buttons.

    the monsters from the twilight realm will probably come into the real world as the game progresses.I WISH the gorons wernt in this game because it seems like whenever thay come thay have a way of making me miserable.but im guessing thay will be freindly as always and that one fighting goron will probably be gaurding a temple or something and hes testing link.and when I first saw the glowing guy he looked like a ghost to me (he does look kind of suspicious with that eeire green glow surrounding him :) ).

    • 11. JC says:

    All those one-eyed monsters…maybe specific Twilight monsters of sorts?

    I just hope that Link gets to fight Dark Link again because that would be sweet.

    Robert-UK said:

    I just hope that Link gets to fight Dark Link again because that would be sweet.

    Maybe a new version of our shadow clone…Twilight Link.He has ancient looking markings all over and a lust for blood, and can change from Hylian to Wolf, making him deadlier.From the pic of the giant sea worm shows it’s inside a building (something not easily seen in the trailer)

    Yeah good idea Hyrulian Hero, he could have a black body but also have all of those red markings all over him like those Twilight Monsters.

    yeah… and it would be the ultamate sword battle!! ooo…

    shadowknight said:

    yeah… and it would be the ultamate sword battle!! ooo…

    Aw man!You made me want it more.

    I think that light creature is a spirit deer, from the way it looks, and knowing that Nintendo tends to put Japanese stuff in here, they’ll probably put spirit animals of those in Japan (maybe native animals) for those you gotta save.I’ll open up, Zelda’s Axiom:
    Link ends up having to save the 3-25 *wierd spirit name here* in Hyrule, in order to drive away the Twilight Realm and save Zelda from *insert villian name here* before the land is swallowed up by the Twilight.This means that Twilight is another Element of the Zelda games, like Light, Forest, Fire, Earth, ect.

    Sounds like those Gods and Spirits from Studio Ghiblis classic “Princess Mononoke”, gotta be a good thing as I thought that true wild life was the only thing missing from previous Zelda games… actually ALttP had some cool animals in it especially when you go to get the Master Sword and all those Rabbits and Squirrels run past.