A Wii Bitty Light Gun

May 10th, 2006 at 7:48 pm by The Missing Link

IGN has a report up on their site about a new attachment for the Wii controller–a light gun. Reminiscent of the Zapper from way back in the days of yore and the NES, this will plug into the extension part of the controller and be used in games like FPSes. There’s an analog stick on the back of the gun similar to that found on the nunchaku as well as a trigger button inside the hole of the gun to emulate a trigger.

Imagine the possibilities of that little beauty.

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5 Messages from the Gossip Stones about “A Wii Bitty Light Gun”


    does that mean you could cheat and just go close up to the tv, i used to do that with the duck hunt game when i was little :)

    awesome. But I don’t think I’ll need it. XD

    *whistles* Sounds sweet, cant wait to plau Metroid Prime 3 with that set up.

    BTW if Goldeneye is made available over the Wi-Fi download service *and thats one HUGE if* wouldnt it be cool to play it with the new Wii control system.

    Why would we even need to bother with the thing? We could just use the regular controller. Well, I guess some people would prefer to use an actual gun for a peripheral, and I can’t blame them. It’d probably feel more comfortable in an FPS.

    I wonder if the Wii will be packaged with the dual-analogue attachment, light gun attachment, and (which I’m sure will) the nunchaku attachment…