E3 LiveBlog: Nintendo’s Conference

May 9th, 2006 at 12:16 pm by The Missing Link

[UPDATE 2: I just streamed the webcast from Gamespot after the fact. I put my comments at the buttom.]

It’s that time, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The Nintendo E3 press conference! Everyone cheer! Whoo!

Click the link below to read the live-blog.

The Nintendo press conference is now over.

[12:21pm] Alright, so we’re back! Welcome to Day 2 of E3: The Home Game! I’m your host, TML. So… it’s the morning after the reintroduction of the PlagiariseStation 3, and it’s Nintendo’s turn to shine! Or so we hope at least. One way or the other, they’ve got to respond, and I think they will. I expect them to directly compare the Wii and PS3 controllers, and I’m hoping they don’t resort to cheap shots such as price point. (As if we didn’t know.) Hopefully we’ll learn the price point of Wii today; I’m predicting US$200, and I’m hoping it’s not higher. If they go US$150, that would be even better since now a 360 and a Wii will underprice a single PS3. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

[12:23pm] I should note that between yesterday and today, Sega has announced a Sonic title for Wii, which will definitely help out since Sega is already pushing Sonic for PS3 and the 360. Not that you’re here to hear about Sonic, of course; however, this will give remove the Sega leverage that PS3 had going for it yesterday.

[12:27pm] Unlike yesterday, Joystiq is reporting that things are on time. Nintendo historically starts late, so it seems that the tables are turned. This is probably halfway on the account of Microsoft being at 3pm EDT today, and it looks like Nintendo is going for a full two hours. At any rate, this will be a wild ride!

[12:30pm] It’s time. Still waiting. I imagine it’ll start here in a few moments.

[12:35pm] For those of you who want to tune into the stream, you can find it over at Gamespot.

[12:38pm] Miyamoto is on stage and is seen directing a symphony with a controller. This is followed by a racing game, and then a swordfight–presumably Red Steel. Very impressive opening!

[12:45pm] Followed by another video like the one found on the Wii website mixed with the one from last year. Shows many people conducting and playing tennis and several other games. This includes Metroid Prime 3,WarioWare, and Red Steel.

Release date and price point STILL unknown. However, we do know that the release date is in Q4 2006.

[12:46pm] Joystiq reports that there is a speaker within the controller. Metroid Prime 3 is being shown as well.

[12:49pm] The Zelda clip looks really interesting, and Link can do all sorts of things. (However, we’ll see it in gory depth much later in the webcast.)

[12:50pm] Reggie’s on stage right now (though I can’t see him), and he’s answering general questions.

[12:52pm] They’re showing all sorts of games right now. Among them include a Dragonball game, Madden, Fire Emblem, Crystal Chronicles, H.A.M.M.E.R., and many more for Wii.

[12:55pm] Good job guys. But they are talking Zelda now. I’ll just go with this. “Best Zelda game ever made. Most beautiful game Nintendo has ever made. Breaking precidence.” WILL BE ON LAUNCH DAY FOR WII.

[12:57pm] Familiar style. Analog stick will move. D-pad on controller will do buttons. The Z-buttons on the nunchunk will be targetting.

[12:58pm] There will be a fairy on screen on the Wii which will show you where you are pointing. The game looks rather interesting (despite it upside down). The B button does classic sword swings. The bow will be aimed using the Wii pointer on the remote.

[12:59pm] Circle on centre of screen will show where you’re aiming the bow. Built into the remote is a speaker. The arrow will move from the speaker on the controller to the speakers on your TV to simulate travel.

[1:01pm] Wii will also have a built-in rumble.

[1:02pm] You can pick things up with A and then fling them with a snap of the wrist.

[1:03pm] Joystiq saying that you will have two different motion sensors on two different controllers — does that mean we’re using two Wiimotes for this? [UPDATE: Nope. The nunchunk has its own sensor inside.] We also have Link’s iron boots, although this time they’ll hang you from the ceiling; you might remember this from the screenshots in EGM.

[1:04pm] TWO versions of Twilight, one for Wii and one for the ‘Cube, both on Wii’s launch day. Could the supreme preorder package of Zelda include both?? They’re also going through games including Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (which looks a lot like Metroid Prime 2, Super Mario Galaxy… it’s very similar from Mario 64 graphically, but very different in terms of gameplay.

[1:08pm] Joystiq talking about Excite Truck… It’s pretty much the same as any standard racing game, but you’re controlling it with the new controller like handlebars or something. It ALSO includes terrain deformation, which is really sweet!

Project H.A.M.M.E.R. is pretty much a big fighting game of source, you versus the world. Disaster makes you might Mother Nature…

[1:13pm] So I missed a bunch of third-party titles — Sonic is here, very briefly. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is here as well. And Madden NFL ‘o7 and Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam. Also Rayman is back on Nintendo!

Now they’re showing Red Steel. The best I can do for you right now is to say to look at the still frames over on Joystiq’s live-blog.

[1:14pm] Alright, I’m seeing Red Steel. This game is katanas and guns for those who don’t know about it. I’m seeing people using the controller to aim as well as pretty much a standard FPS interface on screen. Saying how the control of the game is rather intuitive. First person katana fighting as well!

[1:15pm] Moving to DS.

[1:16pm] DS has sold more units than the PSP. This is good. Going on about free Wi-fi Net access. 16M DS units sold.

[1:19pm] Talking about Mario and Pokémon. Going to have new games for the DS: Yoshi, Star Fox, and Diddy Kong. (I finally have audio!) FF3 will finally be on the GBA with improved 3D graphics! Also have a Tony Hawk title as well which will also have voice over IP support as well!

[1:20pm] Talking about Phantom Hourglass. Possible sequel to Wind Waker.

[1:22pm] Now they’re showing a slew of games in a montage. I can’t see what they are, but I can hear the background music.

[1:27pm] Joystiq is saying that they’re talking about their gaming strategy now. Good stuff, but not as useful as say Zelda.

[1:30pm] I get my audio feed back. Alright. Though it’s still shaky.

[1:33pm] My friends who are connected to the video feed say that the Wii will be connected to the Internet 24/7, even when the system is off so that you can download mods to your games while you sleep! As such, it’s really only a “standby mode”. Networking included in the hardware, and it will have a version of the Opera browser.

[1:37pm] Joystiq reports that the winner of the contest is now playing tennis with Miyamoto. (How cool is that!?) Anyway, they’re saying it looks really nice and fun.

[1:43pm] And that’s the entire web conference it looks like.

Well, I most certainly hope the Microsoft web conference in an hour goes more smoothly than this. :P

Anyway, it’s really hard to judge Sony versus Nintendo at this point considering I didn’t get to see much of anything on this. Maybe I’ll see if I can catch the reshowing of this episode.

So the big secret that everyone’s been waiting to hear is the speaker directly on the controller which will definitely add to the 3D surround sound which will seek to immerse the gamer just as doing physical gestures on the controller. And we have two variants of Twilight Princess coming in, and I don’t know what to make of that. It seems cool, but yet I’m uncertain whether or not it would be worth to have both for anything beyond collecting them. (Here’s hoping that’s what the preorder bonus is).

Be that as it may, I’m still excited about the controller, and I think it’s the right way to go on this. But we will have to see considering I can’t judge from the webcast. Oh well.

[UPDATE 2: It doesn’t seem that Nintendo had anything absolutely big either in their conference. This is a shame. I was hoping for something big, some big announcement to counter Sony. I guess Nintendo will have to outperform Sony on the E3 show floor.]

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    I’m forsaking my supper to watch the stream- come on, start already!

    Hmm, thats odd, when I checked for the E3 thing, it says for me that it will be on tonite.

    Go Miyamoto conducting the audience!

    I’m assuming the video footage hasn’t started? There is currently no picture on the stream, for me.

    The controlling doesn’t sound so easy…
    But great that they give us something new! Can’t wait to try it out.
    But why do they need to release 2 zelda versions? They actually force you to take the Wii one this way. ^^
    However, starting with Myamoto conducting, how great is that?! Wish I was there. :)

    omg… sword fighting in red steel

    I hope Nintendo has something surprising to show before the conference ends! They need to blow us away! Joystiq is criticizing a bit already. Red Steel doesn’t seem so interesting and they take quite a few minutes for it.

    It is the sequel to WW :)

    scott dyer!

    who is that? ^^

    May I point out that just because it’s on the Great Sea, doesn’t mean its the sequel to TWW.

    Hmm, I watched the stream at work, and updated EDN as I went. I really didn’t notice any problems. Maybe its just your comp TML. :P

    Darth Citrus said:

    May I point out that just because it’s on the Great Sea, doesn’t mean its the sequel to TWW.

    Hmm, I watched the stream at work, and updated EDN as I went. I really didn’t notice any problems. Maybe its just your comp TML. :P

    Everyone that I was in league with was having trouble with the stream. Maybe you just have a higher bandwidth connection. ;)

    Darth Citrus said:

    May I point out that just because it’s on the Great Sea, doesn’t mean its the sequel to TWW.

    Actually, I thought they said that the game starts directly after The Wind Waker. Maybe I imagined it.

    I also didn’t have a problem streaming the conference.

    TP for the Gamecube!!! YAAAAAYY!!! Now I KNOW I can have it!!

    wow,thay put alot in the “wii” .it sounds good,but I wonder how expensive there going to make it :) ?

    So, how much does the Wii go for?

    Different, creative…and very risky. I really think it’s a hit or miss. Personally, the idea apeases me, but I wonder how others will respond to it.

    I don’t know, from what I hear Microsoft or Sony don’t think Nintendo will be competition (although the Sony conference yesterday might beg to differ), and the two of them are really concentrating on attacking each other. If that be so, Nintendo could easily sneak in there and take the top. Man, that would be ironic.

    Can’t wait for Zelda!!!

    The E3 thing on G4tv was wierd, but I saw some Zelda, including the Wii version, and Navi does make another comeback, or more like Tatl (hinting that s/he’s yellow, just a thought) and I saw how the famous nunchaku controller works, looks fun, maybe Nintendo will make the person not only feel the fights, but also get the lazy person of the couch, chair, ect., and get some excersize.I’m going for the TP version, no naggy fairy XD. And I see TML is having a tough night with all these updates and what not, how ya feelin’ David?

    Hyrulian Hero said:

    And I see TML is having a tough night with all these updates and what not, how ya feelin’ David?

    I’m here. I’m alive. But it’s hot in my room. You guys have been causing my server fans to run all day. Curse you all. Or something.

    Man I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nintendo & I dont care about the Wii name anymore, bring on the games, bring on Zelda, bring on my free mini me type clone pet of Shigeru Miyamoto *Hes small enough to put in your pocket just like a GBA* man Nintendo has got it 100% right this time and are getting the best games possible ready for launch brilliant.

    BTW I cant get my DS Wi-Fi to work on my PC so do you guys think that we will be able to use it through the Wii?