EGM Talks about New Zelda

May 8th, 2006 at 11:04 pm by The Missing Link

[UPDATE: You can also find the scans of the magazine at Jeux France.]

The Hylia is reporting that new screenshots and information about the upcoming GameCube/Wii Zelda title Twilight Princess are in this month’s edition of Electronic Gaming Magazine, or EGM. The Hylia has hosted some medium-resolution scans of the seven-page article on its site and has posted a small commentary about what the magazine reveals about the game, including:

  • The game is nearing completion.
  • You won’t be swinging the controller the entire time, but you will be utilising the Wii controller to swing the sword to some degree.
  • Confirms the aiming of the bow and arrow with the Wii controller.
  • Will be bigger than Ocarina of Time.
  • Some form of online capability.
  • Will have a widescreen mode when played on the Wii.

If you want to check out the scans, I suggest doing so rather quickly; apparently EGM’s legal team will be roaming about and threatening to take down sites that display the pages in full. The safe way, and perhaps the more meaningful way, would be to head to your local game store and pick up a copy for yourself.

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8 Messages from the Gossip Stones about “EGM Talks about New Zelda”


    Wide screen, and online capabilities are the things I dread for Zelda this comes as a pretty hard blow for me. I’ve expected from day one that it would be bigger than oot, and the “wii” compatability makes sense, as they did a similar idea with oos + ooa, since the two systems were border line like that.

    Why don’t you want online capabilities or widescreen?

    This is COOL. I want to hear more about it on gamecube..

    Those are some really intriguing pictures. Hopefully we’ll have better versions in the next few days, along with all the new yummy info from E3!

    shadowknight said:

    This is COOL. I want to hear more about it on gamecube..

    I think the controls will be more of the same except when Link is a Wolf.

    Link Hero of Hyrule said:
    Why don’t you want online capabilities or widescreen?

    I don’t want online capabilities because of the nature of the Zelda game. Zelda games are solitary games (not including the Four Sword games); you emmerse yourself into Link’s character and follow through on his quest. To have some sort of online capabilities where you can interact with other players strikes me as wrong.

    The same thing happened with the Myst games (a VERY solitary group of games where there are few computer characters anyways). They released a game called Myst: Uru which had online capabilities and it flopped horribly.

    I just don’t see too many ways that online Zelda can be good.

    I think ive figured it out, in what ive seen in demos of Twilight Princess Link could swing his sword to block arrows while he was on his Horse (Epona?) so maybe thats when you will be able to use the Wii/Revolution Controller.

    i dunno, but it all sounds good to me!