Spine-Tingling News - He’s Back

April 29th, 2006 at 9:21 am by Ice

The new Zelda is highly anticipated by many fans. But some may be shocked at this recent piece of news … That’s right, it appears that Tingle is going to be in the new Zelda.

I can hear the screams from here.

You know I’m talking about Phantom Hourglass, right?

An article surfaced in Japan recently that shows some new Phantom Hourglass screens, artwork, and possibly some information about the game (not that I would know, I don’t speak Japanese). Until we have a translation of the article, all we can do is speculate from the screen shots …

If you need to be caught up to speed, check out the news here. For the images, click here.

Look at the images. Link’s expression pretty much sums up a lot of feelings toward having Tingle back for another round of Zelda. We don’t know if he’ll have another big role, but chances are …

Another thing of note is the fact that the game may be multiplayer, one of the screenshots definitely shows four Links. They’re all at very different locations, it seems like!

Check out Link’s cool shield design in the first piece of artwork. It’s missing that famous “Tetraforce” piece at the bottom that riled fans up so many years ago.

Familiar enemies and characters abound, many from Wind Waker. Perhaps a text translation can shed more light one who else we’ll see …

Another thing of note is the fact that most of the text is in English. Is the game pretty far along? The screenshot that is NOT in English is the one that shows multiplayer functionality … is this a new feature of the game?

So for the most part, any news is good news at this point. We know we’re getting more information in a couple weeks, so this was good to tide us over.

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    Cool, Ive never been first, anyway, WHY on HYRULE did they have to include TINGLE????!!!!

    I did manage to translate text from the [french] website where the scans originated.

    The one…has returned, PEOPLE TO YOUR STATIONS! ZB IS UNDER DEFCON T! DC, does your ITEOHDGYCARLLNFLLR works with Tingle?TML, we need your Wallet monsters to save us, Ice, can you get the Fire Rod for your place?I’ll get the Anti-Tingle (aka, Navi) And Robert, go get the Bomb Flowers, and replant them around the building, we need aproximately 1,000.I also need 2,000,000,000 Force gems-*Force Gems rain from the sky* Thanks…whoever dunnit.LET GO GO GO PEOPLE! *Tornado and fire sirens go off, all lights turn green, and bells are ringing*Din, Farore, Nayru, The Four Giants, help.

    Well, do remember that the preview video we saw at… was it GDC?… was all in English. Many of the screenshots in this article are duplicates from that video.

    What I’m finding surprising though is that the artwork of multiple Links shows SEVEN links. We now have Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet Links, and my assumption is that it will just be a multiplayer component rather than the whole game. However, that multiplayer segment though looks disturbingly like Tetra’s Trackers (only without Tetra, although I don’t think that guy did part of Tetra’s Trackers in the original one. Ah well.).

    • 5. JC says:

    I’m more baffled over the fact that I had to click a million friggin links just to get to one image with Tingle’s huge head on it. -_-

    I wonder if you can kill Tingle like you can to the merchant in RE4… :twisted:

    • 7. Ice says:

    JC said:

    I’m more baffled over the fact that I had to click a million friggin links just to get to one image with Tingle’s huge head on it. -_-

    Good point, I added a link to the images in the entry; now you can go straight to Tingle’s huge head. Lucky.

    Yeah, I clicked through all those links before I found out the other one went stright to it.

    I really dont know what to say. Though I’m not that surprised.

    HH, I have also supplied our army with 100,000 master swords. Let us banish evil from hyrule!!!!

    WHY TINGLE!? WHY CAN’T HE BE BANISHED! ALL HE DOES IS STEAL YOUR MONEY THAT TOOK YOU SIX DUNGEONS TO GET!!! JUST SO YOU CAN GET TO THE NEXT PART!!! I’ll take 400 master swords for an angry mob supplies booth. Oh a few torches should be handy to.

    down with tinkle! and i thought this game was suposed to be good

    Omg, its insane! The screenshots look good and so does the image of the four links!

    I knew he would show up eventually.PH will probably be the sequel to TWW so it was bound to happen.hes probably going to be a mini-games person though.at first I thought he would be plot related (in other words,mandatory to associate with),but after hearing about the 7 links I changed my mind (it sounds like a mini-game and unless link gets the seven sword,impossible to be part of the real game).well this could have been worse,it could have been screen shots of tingle being in TP :) .

    Yeah, it sounds like tingle rpg was just a part of PH.

    I wonder why do they keep making Link’s head so big? It’s very annyoing >

    tingle…noooooooooo why why whyyyyyyyyy this really sucks but look on the bright side they haven’t said tingles goona be in TP!!

    shadowknight said:

    HH, I have also supplied our army with 100,000 master swords. Let us banish evil from hyrule!!!!

    I thank you, friend.Now, lets release an army more terrifying than rabid wallet monsters* a bucket of brown marshmallows fall from the ceiling*What’s terrifying is in the marshmallows…Navi and her family. *an army of blue fairies fly out*Looks like each member gets two master swords.Now all we need are those wallet monsters, the bomb plants, and the fire rod.Until then *picks up Sam* He’ll be our defense.*a bunch of trucks with metal in the back appears*Oh look, the search lights are here.

    I’m really tired of this ‘multiplayer 4-Link gameplay’ business that’s going on for this series. Before we know we got Mario Party again except without all the games and with Links everywhere. Um…yay?

    I don’t understand why everyone hates Tingle so much. He’s crazy, he gets on the nerves, and we would have nothing to complain about if he wasn’t there. So he keeps us from getting bored, and that should be a good thing :P

    Nero said:

    I don’t understand why everyone hates Tingle so much. He’s crazy, he gets on the nerves, and we would have nothing to complain about if he wasn’t there. So he keeps us from getting bored, and that should be a good thing :P

    Well, you may have a point, I mean, without Navi who else will I practice my bow and arrows on.

    The Soldiers on the battlements stood at their positions the cold rain beating down on them, dark storm clouds billowed overhead. Easy lads said Link with a grim look on his face, the dark one will be here soon just hold your positions and dont give in to fear for you are Knights of Hyrule Castle and mo matter what you will hold your ground, But sir said the young Knight to his left, how can we possible fight this creature, the mre sound of his voice can instill great fear in even the hardiest of men, dont you worry about that Lieutenant said Link I will be here with you and your courage will not fail you… even though I feel the fear also.

    Zelda paced the Throneroom with growing anxiety, hes coming father and I do not know if we will be ab;e to stop him… how can anyone, easy my daughter my Knights and the Hero of Time stand ready to fight to the end the dark one shall not enter these walls I swear it said the King, but still father I can not stop worrying, hes coming I saw it in my prophetic dreams and I dont know if anyone can stop him… not this time his power has increased said Zelda. I know my daughter sighed the King, I know but theres nothing more we can do, all we can do is to have faith in the Knights, Link and the Master Sword said the King now please sit and calm your nerves.

    There he comes screamed the Knight in the look out post, hes coming Link, hes coming what do we do, all the Knights began to tremble in fear, hold you ground and dont give in to the fear yelled Link, he is coming and he will taste the true might of Hyrule Castle… he has been gone for a long time and much has changed he shall not be victorious this day, yes sir said the young Knight, I am sorry sir I will try to hold my ground, good man said Link, with men like you here we shall be victorious.

    Suddenly the rain and the wind died down and a great silence covered all of Hyrule, then they heard it… that which no man could endure and the Knights began to scream, no screamed Link, dont give in to the fear, dont flee stand your ground and fight, but it was too late for every Knight threw down his and her weapons and ran for there lives, Link stood alone on the battlements ready to fight to the end… and then he heard it behind him, the sound of a Balloon being inflated and as Link slowly turned around that which he had feared his entire life slowly rose over the battlements and looked Link straight in the eye and it said, Tingle, Tingle, Kooloo Limpah said Tingle, and Link began to scream.

    There are a few ways to kill him (I suggest we get them all) One, Bow and Arrow to his back, Two, a silver steak to one of his 13 hearts, and the best non-violent one of all, soap.And make it eggplant soap too.

    I always liked Tingle. I’m glad he’s in this game. *sits back and waits to get flamed*

    Now there’s a reason to buy the game.

    Once upon a time, there was an annoying fairy named Navi. Her very first assignment was to guide and annoy the Hero of Time. At the end of his journey, the Hero of Time disowned Navi. When Hyrule flooded, Navi threatened the Great Deku Tree Sprout to take her with him and the Koroks to be on higher level land. Hundreds of years later, the GDT assigned Navi to guide the Hero of Winds for his next adventure because his last assistant committed suicide. The Hero of Winds disowns Navi because she’s so obnoxiously loud and annoying, so she joined Tingle’s evil forces to destroy the Hero of Winds. Link kills Tingle and Navi, but if you believe that the ToTT is the correct timeline, then Link actually killed his older self.

    No way…Go Tingle, I think this is a time where Tingle may redeem hiself by becoming a free costin map maker. He could change his ways or be old school.. All I have to say is this adds zest to the game, and fun. And something to make jokes bout. But bottom line is..I told u! And Im baaaaack!

    Tingle is coming back with the Tingle Tuner *hisses* but I will never trust that…whats the word I can use that does not break the rules here…I can’t think of anything (forgive me) Anyways, Atleast NAvi wouldn’t be so naggy in PH.

    Freak is a good word Dr. H. Hero.