Tingle Banished from ZeldaBlog

April 2nd, 2006 at 1:31 am by The Missing Link

First off, I’m very glad everyone enjoyed our April Fool’s prank. (Well, at least most everyone.) As you can see, the ‘Blog is back to normal, there’s no more psychadelic colours floating around anymore, the LttP crew is back in the ‘Blog header, and Sam is no longer painted in pastel colours. (I’m sure many of you are deeply relieved of Sam’s well being as well! He pecked at me several times when I came back to rescue him from Tingle!)

Yes, TingleBlog was our big joke. It was Masa’s idea, and I liked it so much that I had to implement it. I actually threw the switch to convert ZeldaBlog to TingleBlog, but I let Masamune make the post since it was his idea. No, I’m not giving the reins of the ‘Blog over to anyone, yet I don’t like to think of this place as “mine” to begin with; we’re sort of an “autonomous collective” for those who get the Monty Python reference.

Before I forget, yesterday (being April 1) was indeed our six-month anniversary. I couldn’t think of a better reason to celebrate the opening of the ‘Blog than to have some good-spirited fun. So huzzah to ZeldaBlog and all that jazz.

As far as the “official” Zelda movie, that’s a fake too. ;) The idea was originally mine to have several Zelda websites spark a community-wide rumour about this, and several of us bloggers got together to plan it all out. However, the crux of the idea came from Darth Citrus… as well as most of the work too. Having only come up with the idea less than a week ago, we slaved day and night to get the website ready, and believe me when I say it that we did not finish the website until roughly midnight of April 1. (The 11:54pm post time on my post was because I had the article already written up, and that was the last time I had physically saved the post, not when I posted it. I swear, I posted it as of 12:03am!) Many of you knew it was a fake, yet to be sporting about it we had to edit the first few comments on the ‘Blog so as not to give it away. (Apologies to those whose comments we edited! We just couldn’t help ourselves!) Many of you weren’t fooled, but a few were; at any rate, I am glad to report that we had near 850 people who at least had to see it before they were fooled, and for that I am glad.

For those who were fooled, if you remember the trailer well enough, I’m pretty sure there was a picture of a golf course in there somewhere. And the casting was made that way on purpose to give you one extra clue about the nefarious trickery. As far as how we made it, Mike Fireball (a new user to the comments section and the main guy behind Progressive Boink) said, “It’s ‘Google Image Search: The Movie’”. I couldn’t agree more.

The movie site was posted here on the ‘Blog server, and yes, that’s why both the movie site and the ‘Blog were running so slow. (That was, sadly, not part of the April Fool’s joke.) For those of you who did not see Darth’s and my handiwork, you can still find it over at http://www.tlozmovie.com behind the April Fool’s page. (Please be mindful of my bandwidth however.) However, expect the speeds of the ‘Blog to return to normal now that the joke is over and done with.

As a final tribute to the whole charade, Darth Citrus has his writeup of the joke and has made a second “trailer for the movie.” They’re both posted on his site. Over the next few days, you might want to go and visit it. I’m sure Darth would appreciate it. ;)

In closing, thanks for playing along with our jokes, and we hope that you enjoyed them. :)

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46 Messages from the Gossip Stones about “Tingle Banished from ZeldaBlog”


    after a long and toilsome day, it’s good to see things back to normal. oh brown, tan, and grey, how i’ve missed you.

    Indeed. 20+ hours of work. I think it was worth it. :D

    *Brushes up the rest of Tingles ashes and throws them in the bin* ha good show but I saw right through it because quite a few sites that I go to do a little trick on april fools but still good work I enjoyed it :) .

    *Whew* Scared me…^_~ YAY for ZELDAblog!!! 8D

    Whoa there, tiger. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m the “main guy” behind P-boi. But I probably am the only one who’d ever post here regularly, so hey, go me. 8)

    thank god its back to zelda blog, i liked the colours of tingle blog but zelda blog rules! goog prank though guys!

    I missed it. :(

    It was all very well done, bravo to all involved! And as a englishmen im pleased to see refereces to the Python team (Monty Python rules!)

    whew, Tingle is GONE! I like that, a lot….
    BTW, Those were some FUNNY pranks!

    Phew, thought so. That typo did sort of scream, “I’m a trick!” I’ll just wait for the unofficial movie! ^^ And huzzah! Tingle is gone! (Although, considering the TToTT post, that might be a sad thing…)

    Jack the Ripper said:

    I missed it. :(

    Sadly, so did I. I would love it if somebody could post a screenshot, or some kind of showing of what really happened, for those of us that didn’t think of popping in yesterday…

    Though I knew it was an April Fool’s joke, TingleBlog amused me for a while, but my eyes hated the colors, especially the dancing Tingles on the top. Thus, I found myself missing the good ol’ layout of ZeldaBlog.

    Unlike most people though, when I saw the post for the movie (which was around 12:00 at night, mind you), I firstly suspected it was true. I mean the thing was technically posted BEFORE AF, in which I thought that TML was trying to get it up before AF so that no one would assume it was a joke. Therefore, I started completely freaking out (not in the good way either, I’m not really for a Zelda movie, though it could be interesting and perhaps quite good if done correctly). I put an Away message up on my AIM so I could watch the teaser (and might I add it stated, “Omg, please say it isn’t so…”). After the teaser (which I think was called a ‘teaser’ for a reason), I lost belief. Just couldn’t believe it after that, and Jessica Simpson as Zelda? Not trying to insult her, but I don’t think it would have worked…but nevertheless, it still got me at first.

    So all in all, I commend all of you on your time and effort in making this AF joke. I laughed, I danced…and I *Naving* flipped out for a little bit there. Nice!

    Whaddya mean Jessica Simpson wouldn’t work for Zelda? I’m the one who casted her as Zelda!

    Masamune said:

    Whaddya mean Jessica Simpson wouldn’t work for Zelda? I’m the one who casted her as Zelda!

    Ugh Masa sorry but soooooo not Zelda material!

    And the colors of TingleBlog really hurt me eyes @[email protected]

    Fun stuff.

    in regards to Ms. Simpson playing one of the most noble and duty-driven fictional characters of all time, I have but just one thing to say:

    Daisy Dukes.

    That is all.

    Hey, sorry for hitting you on the head yesterday Masa.Finally, ZeldaBlog is back.I first thought the movie was a joke, until I saw the website, you guys are good.Now to give you guys the score… a 9.9!If TML didn’t reveal it was a prank in on our chat yesterday, then I would’ve been convinced.Can’t wait for next year.

    too bad I was at a 7 hour tournament and missed everything :( .it took me awhile to figure out why all the articles had lines through them (I knew thay weren’t real though ;) ).

    I applaud your greatness!! You guys got me GOOD!! Spectacularly executed, my friends!

    • 20. Kai says:

    Awww man, now I miss tingleblog….

    *Navi*. I should’ve checked ZB the last few says but I haven’t! I missed the whole April Fools Fool… Aww well, but there is always next year!

    If you want to see a sample of TingleBlog, you can find the header here.

    Heh, looks like TingleBlog is here to stay, eh folks? *holds up a massive samurai sword* I’LL KILL IT *runs into the door and knocks self out* Momma XP *thud*

    That’s a very fine nauseus green you fellows used, TML.

    You don’t understand how funny as HELL that ZELDA TRAILOR was!!!!! I coun’t stop laughing!!! It was just Scenery AFTER Sceanry!!!! LMFAO!!!! But I did Fall for it when I actually read That Post You guys did!!!! Great Stuff!

    Legendary_Blade said:

    Though I knew it was an April Fool’s joke, TingleBlog amused me for a while, but my eyes hated the colors, especially the dancing Tingles on the top.

    Frankly, if anyone didn’t know it was an April Fool’s joke, they have serious problems.

    The Missing Link said:

    If you want to see a sample of TingleBlog, you can find the header here.

    What, no a

    The Missing Link said:

    If you want to see a sample of TingleBlog, you can find the header here.

    What, no animation? But thanks, looks like I missed out on a good’un.

    Darn. I missed the whole thing.

    It’s my job’s fault. I did read the two april fool’s posts, however; although it was hard to read the post about the movie because it was all crossed out. (Bah.)

    Yeah, there were more than a few good April Fool’s jokes across IGN, GameSpot, RPGamer, and GameFaqs.

    DARN I havent been able to get On-Line for a few days and I missed the April Fools joke… oh well theres always next year.

    Well, I’m glad to see things are back to normal. I thought TML had finally lost it. Er, that is… not that I was expecting that or anything………

    Could you pleeeeeeeeeeze post a screenshot or something of Tingle in all his glory? I would’ve loved to pop in on April 1st but I didn’t have Internet.

    colonelchibbers said:

    Could you pleeeeeeeeeeze post a screenshot or something of Tingle in all his glory? I would’ve loved to pop in on April 1st but I didn’t have Internet.

    Its up there, TML has a screenshot of Tingle Blog. You just have to read through the comments though. :D

    *gets up* ouch, ITS 2006!I’ve been asleep for…all day, hmmm.Does anyone want marshmallow snack that look like Tingle’s head?

    For some reason, the fake movie trailers won’t load. It makes me sad. I don’t want to miss them.

    Alright you guys, to play the movie trailers you have to have Windomws Media Player.

    SECOND, they are ALL there. You just have to wait a bit to let them load. When they do, you can press play and you should see the Green Screen and such. I’ve tested in on 4 computers so far so I know they work.

    Those trailers were cool! I liked the choice of Rabbit Joint fo the second one. ;)

    I looked at the trailer not to long ago and I was suprised at how much detail you guys put into it.I didint even know you could put the nintendo logo on anything :D ! I was laughing at how real everything looked (exept the golf coarse…and the volcanoe kind of stuck out from every thing else).but like I said,I missed it so I really cant tell if I would have believed it or not.probably not since I was well aware that it was april first and there wasint any “this is not a joke” or anything :) .

    Maybe you could have Sakon or Ganondorf take over the Zelda Blog next year eh TML, could be funny oh oh oh or maybe the Zoras… Zora Blog, lol.

    ZoraBlog…maybe that will be your site Robert, but I’m sure a lot of fan girls out there will drool for a ZoraBlog (I’m just kidding about the fan girls) and IF I can get my lazy *NAVI* up and work on HTML, maybe I’ll have something for next year ^_^ meyaheheheh.

    Robert-UK’s ZoraBlog… dont tempt me, lol.

    Ok, have some Zora Coffee.*sweeps up Tingle’s ashes* Hold still Robert *stomps on Robert’s foot, Robert opens his mouth, and HH dumps ashes in Robert’s mouth* Forgive me, but I needed to do something in classic cartoon *gives Robert some Zora Coffee* Be good and I’ll add you in my next part of my metafic which I never finished, but I will soon, so anyways, we all had some good laughs, some pranks, some chaos, but it was in a good mixture of friendship…or tuna casserole.

    *What no one ever knew was that Tingle was able to resurect himself by having another consume a piece of himself and in a horrifying transformation Robert-UK became the New Tingle due to the parasitic nature of Tingles power*

    Tingle-UK: Tingle, Tingle Kooloo Limpah I am back and ready to bring happiness to everyone again for I know that I am every Zelda gamers fave character so does anyone want to buy a skin tight, green lycra outfit with red undies on the outside, its my new line of business.

    HOLY *NAVI* *attacks Tingle UK with Sephiroth’s Masamune* DIE TINGLE! *Tingle burns again and Robert is back to his semi-normal self* OK, all is better, *dumps ashes in acid* Now Tingle is banished from ZeldaBlog.

    TingleBlog? Crap, I wasn’t around to see it! Sounds like a funny joke. Nice “movie” joke.

    o-o can I see the tingleBlog prank anyway?

    o-o can I see the tingleBlog prank anyway?