Twilight Princess Officially Delayed

February 19th, 2006 at 1:16 pm by Archaic Sage

Yes, you read the title correctly. Twilight Princess has been officially pushed back out of the First and Second Quarter of 2006 release section, we now have confirmation that it will be released sometime in “Fall”, otherwise known as Autumn. This is news that is unsurprising to many of us. This confirmation was given to us by Reggie on Spike TV in the US.

This isn’t really a big shock for many of us. The rumours have been there for a long time, as have all of the signs from the officials. Nintendo of Europe’s First and Second Quarter release games list neglecting to mention Twilight Princess, the frequent denies of Nintendo that it’s going to be on Revolution. These are all things that show us that it will be released later.

However, this is not the end. It is merely the beginning. It’s not really a big deal, we never had solid release date for April anyway. We were simply told we would have new news at the end of the financial year. Which is April 1st. As such people simply believed this to be true.

Although almost an entire year late can be considered disgusting, it’s not unheard of. If the graphics and the gameplay elements we know so far is anything to go by, this game is going to be brilliant. Now, many people are going to jump onto the NGC bandwagon and say it’s going to be for the Revolution, and yes, it will be. But all Gamecube games are for the Revolution, it’s called backward compatible. Features for the Revolution is nothing to worry about though. Remember that!

It’s not the best news, but it’s been coming for a long time!

Source: Spike TV
Rauru’s Return

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Y seguimos con los retrasos… aparentemente, es oficial el retraso del Zelda: Twilight Princess y reci�n saldr� para septiembre de 2006 (oto�o en USA/Europa). Fue confirmado por Reggie, en el programa Spike TV’s Game Head, ayer. Tambi�n dijo que ser�…

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Twilight Princess Officially Delayed

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Twilight Princess Officially Delayed


AAAaaahhh *navi* its true, better harvest those boko sticks (just kidding) well, I’ll be able to afford it by then (maybe i’ll have a job by then too, meheh) best to accept it, which will take a week.Off subject: I think Reggie’s last name is pronounced like so,: Fills e-may.Time to achieve a dream of flying an airplane *flies an airplane from the NoA building, then the plane breaks down, so HH jumps out and tries the parachute, but the it fails, so tries the emergency cord, but it fails too, then sees a bail of hay, also sees a pitchfork sticking out*
Navi:Will hyrulian Hero miss that pitchfork, will he survive the crash, will he ever pulls the boko buds from his house?Until next post.
Back to subject:I wonder what NoJ have up their sleeves?With a delay *cries for five minutes then abrubtly stops* that long, it’ll be good *blows steam from ears*

Speaking of Nintendo, how do we get to see this year’s E3 convention or whatever it is?Will it be on NP, over the television, or online, or even the radio?I’m born with Nintendo playing skills, so I can’t easily turn on Nintendo (even if I want to)

Hyrulian Hero said:

Speaking of Nintendo, how do we get to see this year’s E3 convention or whatever it is?Will it be on NP, over the television, or online, or even the radio?I’m born with Nintendo playing skills, so I can’t easily turn on Nintendo (even if I want to)

G4TV (the videogaming channel) usually has live footage of E3 every year.

Well… last time this happened was with OOT, right?

If it means this will be as monumental as OOT or more… it’s worth it.

For the record,

Anyone else you blatantly misuses the “*Navi*” curse word substitution simply as a way to just yell and scream at Nintendo will have their comments deleted. This topic will be civil, and there is no need for that type of language here.

Is there any chance of getting it on DirecTV?I’d like to see E3 for the first time, and see why it waas delayed (maybe a better reason than it having better content) and what the release date is.

what is e3 anyway?

Hyrulian Hero said:

Speaking of Nintendo, how do we get to see this year’s E3 convention or whatever it is?Will it be on NP, over the television, or online, or even the radio?I’m born with Nintendo playing skills, so I can’t easily turn on Nintendo (even if I want to)

What E³ is.

E3 is some sort of meeting, I learned a little bit of it from an issue of NP when they were starting E3, and the details are fuzzy, so it why I’m innterested to see it this year rather than wait until the officials of the Zelda Community (aka, webmasters) say what goes on.The title had the words starting with “e”, but all I can remember is “Entertainment”

Gamespot usually covers all E3 events live. Which is good.

In other news, I’m personally glad that we’re getting an official release date… ish. It’s not like anything was ever confirmed for April, it’s just like one of those things that grew over time. People just mistook news for release.

words cannot describe the pain and siaapointment i feel right now…. not even the word “navi”…… i feel like ive had all the juicy desire for TP sucked right outta me sloowwwwllyyy slowwwllyyyy…delay after delay…. i was hopin this game will come BEFORE Fall 2006, cause thats when i join the army… and that means i wont be able to play this game like it was ment to be played…. ill only have every other weekend off when i can actually go home…. i was SOOO hopin for it to come right before that, so i could sersiouly play one last epic game before goin out to the big world….. seems like i will not be playin this game for a whiiillleeee…. probably by the time its a multi-million seller or something….

Ok, thats what E3 means.Thanks TML.Anyways, will someone answer my question please?This year outta be big, especially with TP coming out (this fall ;_;)

Hyrulian Hero said:

Ok, thats what E3 means.Thanks TML.Anyways, will someone answer my question please?This year outta be big, especially with TP coming out (this fall ;_;)

Already did. See the website I linked to in my previous comment. :P

oh and didu notice that not only the GAME has been delayed, but the actual day when they “release” the release date of the game, has been delayed as well, from april 1st to may 9th…on E3 2006…. not to mention allll this delaying, and not a single screenshot or some form of meida wutsoever to try and sweeten such bitter news…. half a year almost without any new media wutsoever…. so cruel…

I meant if the channel E3 shows up on DirecTV, is there a channel?I have an E3 calendar, like an advent calendar, only leads all the way to E3, and it begins nows *several months later, one day before E3* ok, here’s the last prize, and its…a half eaten cookie *is run over by angered ZB users**back in normal time*MMMmmm bad idea *runs*

Anybody think we’ll get any screenshots like we did on the last delay? I feel like going to Hyrule.net to watch all their gameplay videos and get spoiled. (which in the Zelda fan-world, is the equivelent of getting drunk.lol.)

Well… there we have it, delayed again. Now, I would really like to see some new screenshots, official artwork, and of course the exact release date XD!!!

*NAVI* yeah, that means we get some screenshots at least! come on, Nintendo! Stop warming the bench and get in the game!

here are my responses to this blog: https://zeldablog.com/2006/02/18/assa-the-twilight-princess-delay/

Why do they need to keep on delaying Twilight Princess? I think it looks great all ready!

its a shame, but the game will be better, it will be worth the wait, garanteed!

wow thats a long time to wait.it makes you wonder how much of the game is really complete.either that or how many flaws thay have left to fix :) .so is that the official release date or what?

Hirokazu said:

Well… there we have it, delayed again. Now, I would really like to see some new screenshots, official artwork, and of course the exact release date XD!!!

I agree!! If you’re going to make us WAIT a year give us SOMETHING! Geez! Grr. Frustrating. Extremely. Double Grr.

I was so mad that i must’ve clicked on that cucco at the top of the page at least 20 times! (poor little cucco) It sure made me feel better though to get my anger out, I highly recomend it. (lol) anyway, yea it sucks, but i never saw ACTUAL proof that Q2 was a substantial release date, so i never believed it. Nintendo isn’t making me mad at all, after all, it’s there job to put out only top quality games, which in my opinion, makes them better than most any VG company ever. But the only thing that makes me mad is when i see a noob at a forum who thinks he “KNOWS” that TP will be exclusively for the revolution simply because he didnt read an article about NGC’s rumor on a zelda site completely, or because he wants to be the first one to predict it, or because he just draws conclusions about the release date being close to the revolution. well guess wut! if it were for the REV exclusively, then Reggie would have announced it when he said it would release in fall on spike tv’s interview! (GOD i wanna KILL that cucco!)


Twilight Wolf said:

Why do they need to keep on delaying Twilight Princess? I think it looks great all ready!

I agree 100 percent! Enough of this delaying, I want to see SOMEthing happen, whether its official art, or trailers, or..
Anything, as long as it keeps my mind off of the black void that has permeated me, as dark as ganon himself… Well, all I have left to say is that this game better be, like, top notch. :(

This is sooooooo stupid, and might I say that this is the first second third FOURTH delay that they have put on TP. Personally, I think this is very stupid. And I hate it! Get off of the ground and move, Nintendo! TP is definently worth it though, ’cause the screenshots and the trailer on Zelda.com are AWESOME! It must really be worth it! :-)

They outta listen to “Dare You to Move” song by Switchfoot, maybe that’ll get ‘em up and running.You know what folks, looks like there will be 100 hours of gameplay for TP, and I’m sensing (its just me) a lot of movies of this (like in Kingdom Hearts) oh boy, maybe it will have a sad ending.Who really knows?


I apparently said something wrong (and I know what) I better go and hide *zooms out of picture*

Though I don’t necessarily agree with the move Nintendo has made in delaying it again, I accept it and look forward to the possible benefits of the situation (let’s just say my expectations for TP just bumped up another level).

Thank you for posting the news- you’re so quick with good stuff :3 Well, not that this is going to be thought of as “good” news, but its good to at least know -if you know what I mean.

I just want another Zelda game I like, I’m almost 27, I feel I’ve lost all reference to time- so there ain’t no ants in my pants -as long as it comes out eventually, and doesn’t suck- I’ll just sit back and do whatever it is I do I guess ;p

Is there a video on the internet of the episode anywhere?

Unless Nintendo goes for a “World Wide Release Date” we in the UK wont see TP untilll the 4th quarter of the year, probably sometime between August & December. Looks like I better get those bombs ready, lol.

I’m mostly just disappointed in Nintendo, because I feel like they’re really making this game ’sell out’ in the bad sense. Instead of it being a nice bow-out for the Gamecube (and supposedly the ‘last Zelda as we know it’) it’s getting stretched between that no-man’s land of console generations.

I mean, seriously, they didn’t release Majora’s Mask on the Gamecube even though it came out at the end of its console’s lifespan…granted the Cube wasn’t backwards compatable, but still…

The fact that Nintendo seems to NEED this game as a pseudo-launch title for the Revolution doesn’t exactly make me feel too good about the new console either…are they saying they don’t have enough good games being developed for it?

Link-X said:

Is there a video on the internet of the episode anywhere?

Yes there is, www.hyrule.net.

If you read the interveiw or watch it, you notice Reggie says that “it’s coming out this fall.” So it’s more of a confirmation of a release “area” than a delay.

In my opinion, this just further solidifies evidence for Rev. compatability. I’m not saying it will be a full-blown Revolution title, (they wouldn’t go that far…would they?) but I think that it will definitely have some sort of special features for the revolution, and this is part, (if not all) of what’s causing the delays. I could be completely off base, but I don’t think I am.

Personally, I’m unhappy. (Like I need to say it.) I don’t really care about revolution features; I just want the game on my gamecube. Save the sword-controller for the true Zelda Revolution title, and give us one last outing on the gamecube.

  • 37. Zozh says:

Cheer up everyone, although it does kinda suck it aint to bad if think about it (as many hav said it wasnt ‘actually’ scheduled for april). I dont intend to look at any more vids or pics from TP as i dont want to ruin the suprise for myself (made that mistake with WW) and its guna be tuff but you just need to find other things to keep you ocupied (prefrebly sothing zeldaish) like going through zelda1 or 2 (ow im going throught 2 and at the current raight i wont be done until 2010). OH and The_Tr1F0rce, bad luck there dude but at least when u go back to the army after having a weekend of TP NO-ONE will be able to kill you as u’ll be filled up with the power of zelda (or somthing like that). And remember what the old Monty Python boys say ‘All ways look on the bright side of life!’

The way I’m seeing it, they just don’t wnat to release it before the Revolution, since it has some capabilitieson played on the Rev., like when the Oracle series came out, the GBA was released shortly after, and there was something special, so there must be something only the Rev. can deliver for TP.Plus all the content they’ve been showing us is just the beginning of the game, so they’re waiting to let us see the rest in the game.What puzzles me the most is the famous quote, “This will the the last Zelda Game in it current form as we know it.” What “form” do they mean?Will the hero be in any color, any gender, and weapon?This is food for thought, what is the “form” that Nintendo is talking about, because anything can be the last, while another thing can be new.

Maybe we will see Link in a cool Black Tunic.

BTW It would be great to see Link with an “Indiana Johnes” style Whip.

It definitly wouldn’t be the villian, since Zelda has broke from Ganon/dorf more than once (and Vaati is the only other one that appeared in more than one games) or, you can begin as either Zelda, or Link.Or you can choose any color tunic, or even choose where you start out as (like if you want to start in a forest, or desert) or even create your own hero (that would be sweet!) or even…ahhhh, the possibilities are endless.Whatever it is, Nintendo is making this last “form” game the best it can be.And when this new “form” comes up, we will be talking about it more than all these delays (these may not be delays, I could be wrong, and don’t cry,yell,scream, or anything showing negative force on me if I’m wrong, and I tend to make a lot of incorrect guesses)

I just want thr in-game time system to be set to the GameCubes internal clock, wouldnt it be cool to have the Game running in “24″ style real time.

Like Animal Crossing?That would be cool, but then again, anything requiring nightime would be done from 5:00 pm to 6:00 AM (I’d like to see anyone stay up that long for a game) what they could do is make some more Zelda merchandise to kep us busy (like Moblin punchbags or something) and (like I said before) when TP comes out, we can beat up the enemies.

*breaaath in*** breath out***everythings going to be ooookkkkk! No its not!!! NO ITS NOT!!! I’ve been waiting for this too long!!! I’m gonna go crazy!!! No!! Noo!! NOOOOOO!!!! ***Zen is dragged out by men in white coats***

Would that be kicking & screaming Zen Blade?

No, that would be my adult clones.Just chill people, here at ZeldaBlog, we should go around the community and tell people to cill out of this OUTRAGIOUS delay, ‘cuz by then, we will have the money to buy our own copy of TP and be locked away in the room, wearing a diaper and holding the fridge hostage until the game is beat (hey mom! lets go to Sam’s Club for food) ahh just kidding, anyone who takes me serious is obviously a fan (just kidding)

Good point Hyrulian Hero, I bought a mini fridge when Wind Waker was released to hold my food and drinks you can never go hungry when you have one of them , lol. But seriously guys all this crying, screaming, whingeing and threatening isnt going to get you anywhere… yes I did threaten to become a suicide bomber myself but thats beside the point XP, just go play some other games such as “Gun”, “Ico” and “Shadow of the Colossus” and when “Twilight Princess” is released you will be ready for that… but failing that you could always take up meditation, yoga and vegetarianism, lol. *Important Notice* Robert-UK is NOT A vegetarian, meat allt the way baby.

I meant a real fridge, the one you keep in the kitchen (maha) and get a bedpan too, juuuuuust incase (just kidding) or people could help make the Zelda Community better,, like adding more humor to DC’s site, or more questions to Ask Ezlo in Jack’s site, or even add more FanFics for TGA (not exaclty TML’s site, ZeldaBlog is his site though, and if I’m wrong, please correct me TML) or go do whatever anyone wants to do at anyones’ sites (just make it clean) and when TP comes out, like I said in my last post, hold the essentials for hostage in your room, come in a skinny well-fit person, come out a happy (but heavy and wide) fully-refreshed Zelda fan.Just remeber, when holding the essentials hostage, don’t forget to stop three times a day for food/break/nap/school work (better hope your *insert any school subject here* teacher doesn’t hold you hostage at school) and basically, thats all you have to do (maybe I can make a Zelda-Fan guide, maybe)

Forget the bedpan get a nappy, lol rofl.

Well I guess I wont get to see more gorons for a while.

Maybe you can make goron art, or stories about them.I got an idea, people can ask me (as long as they stay on subject) about stuff they can do until TP comes, but after wards, we have to get back to the subject that good ol’ Archiac Sage posted.Anyways, what I hear in that this wasn’t a delay, I think thats a logical thought, seeing all the evidence (the lies, the rumors, ect)

I just want to see the Zoras again (Dont start Hyrulian Hero, lol), but seriously if Link gets to fight/train with a Goron then he must do the same with the Zoras.

BTW everyone keeps speculating about different things when it co,es to TP, but nobody has asked “is the Triforce in Twilight Princess”, if it isnt then im gonna feel like im missing something when I play it, know what I mean.

your right,nobody has said anything about the triforce.I guess that would come down to who the main bad guy is.if its ganon/dorf than im sure it will be in it,unless he decides to take up a new hobbie (obsession :) ).but if its someone like vaati……not likely (stupid lightforce).

I have a theory what if Ganondorf & Vati are not the true evils in Hyrule, what if they are servants to some kind of higher power of evil like some kind of dark deity or something that has been festering underneath Hyrule since its creation by the three Goddesses. It would also be cool to see Hylian, Zora, Goron, Gerudo, Kokiri and Deku Scrub traitors who have sworn allegiance to Ganondorf and have choosen to fight against Link and all of Hyrule to bring back Old Ganon/dorfs dark age.

I’m thinking that the real reason for the delay has nothing to do with the game needing tweaking. The Zelda games have always been “system sellers” — you know, games so good that people will buy the system just to play the game. So if Nintendo releases TP now, just months before their next system and the PS3. it’s going to be a waste. No one is going to buy a new Game Cube at this point, BUT if the game works for the Revolution, people can have additional incentive to buy that particular next-gen system. Meanwhile existing GC owners will still be able to play it on the Cube as they would have anyway.