Begging for Twilight News?

February 1st, 2006 at 6:29 pm by The Missing Link

The Hylia and Hyrule.net have come across a few scenes from Twilight Princess that were shown at E3 that haven’t been released through any of the major media outlets. I haven’t been able to look at the ones on The Hylia yet as I’m halfway across the country blogging from a podunk laptop, but the ones on Hyrule.net show some nice footage of combat scenes both as wolf-Link and as Link on horseback. They’re worth checking out.

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    That sounds cool.Maybe when I have the chance I’ll see it.

    The parts on horseback are amazing. That one part of Hyrule field reminds me of Termina field right outside Ikana Canyon. And blasting Keese with arrows, I hope there’s a lot of that in this game, it looks very satisfying.

    I just saw them myself, and they looked good, but the on on The Hylia requires some sort of plug in called ZivX, and I have no clue was the *NAVI* that is.The footage is still good though, seeing Link fight those things that came from the sky, yet I’m thinking they took off the HUD on most footage in most of the movies I’ve “scene” just to show off the new look for TP.I’ve been waiting for TP to come out and I am just about to not wanna wait anymore.It may not look like the Bomb Arrow (LA) will be making a comeback, but who knows, I could be wrong.

    I’m just really sick of waiting for it oh well I guess I have world of warcraft to play when I get broadband.

    • 5. TSA says:

    Yeah…some issues came up with GameCube Cafe…they weren’t too happy somebody took our footage and put it on Google. While Hyrule.net has the footage as well, they did get it from me. It was fine they took it because I’m friends with Mighty Dekunut, but I would prefer in the future people ask to use something like that…the rapid spread of the file without asking for permission caused GCC to freak out and ask us to recut the footage to its current form.

    And for those who don’t have DivX, shame on you. But a .wmv version is going up now.

    Link fighting off those flying enemies on horseback with bomb arrows? Wasn’t that in the GDC 2005 trailer. I doubt those were keese, they were more bird-like.

    Thanks for sharing that footage with us! :)

    They look more like dragons.Thats a nice change, I mean, the game is in a medieval theme, and I hardly see any dragons, except those that are bosses, and isn’t a knight s’posed to save princesses from dragons, or japanese demon pigs?

    Calm down Evil Link, the longer we wait the better it will be.

    Meh, if someone else can wait, so can I, besides, nothing on Earth is better than a sword fight.Not even chocolate, so I can’t wait to see what Nintendo has in TP, since the graphics are better, and I’m looking for another sword fight with Ganondorf.

    I want to have a sword fight with Tingle & his family… and Knuckle.

    BTW I know another thing that is better than chocolate, rofl.

    Good stuff, though it’s kinda hard to see sometimes cause its kinda dark.

    Well, it was taped in the “Twilight” zone…maybe that was real bad, ah well.If anyone wants to see a metafiction, please post in the subject, LoZ:Ocarina of Hard Time.Anyways, This game is worth its “wait” for all the gaming space, meaning it would take a while to get from point A to point B, monsters (even first boss) will be tougher, you have better weapons, new items, maybe even more races (horse race, foot race, ok I meant races like Zoras, Gorons, ect) and Link is still everyone’s favorite ego-maniac.

    I saw em. There amazing and i love em. Check it out ya’ll!!

    Ah good old ego-maniacal Link.