Hero’s Best Friend? Or Developer’s Best Plot Device?

January 5th, 2006 at 8:52 pm by The Missing Link

To this day, the only phrase that haunts me more than that “Kooloo-Limpah” is “Have you played the Nocturne of Shadow?” That’s right. It’s everyone’s favourite annoying fairy Navi. I got to wondering the other day (which is a very dangerous thought, let me assure you). I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen with Navi if the real world and Hyrule were combined…

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“And now, on the Late Show… it’s Daaaaviiiiiiiiid Linkerman!”

Thank you, thank you very much! Thank you, thank you.

So I bet you’ve all heard the news lately about this hero guy Link saving an entire country. Did you know that he wears green tights and a dress? With that sense of style, the only thing he needed to kill the King of Evil was feminine intuition! But I mean, seriously, who wears the type of getup anyways? Oh wait… Mayor Rudy Tingle-ani…

But the real kicker about this guy is the fact that he’s got this fairy sidekick that follows him around everwhere. Have you heard her at the interviews? She’s always answering things with “look!”, “have you played the Nocturne of Shadow?”, and “Link, shut up and let me answer this!” … Well, I guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship… in more ways than one!

So it’s painfully clear—and I do mean painfully—that Link doesn’t just keep Navi around for good graces. Maybe she’s some top secret sonic weapon the royalty had been making. Just send her into a temple, have her scream at the top of her lungs, and the bosses would beg Link to take away their WMDs—Weapons of Medieval Destruction!

For that matter, why do we even need Link? If our hero can’t defeat the forces of evil without having a fairy at his side night and day, maybe he should get out of the heroing business altogether. I mean, with that dress, he could always get a job as a Hyrule Castle intern!

Let’s give a round of applause for Rauru Shaffer over on the piano and the HBS Orchestra!


The fairies get a bad rap. Both Navi and Tatl are believed to be some of the most annoying additions to be ever placed in a Zelda game. As much as I try to be fair and look at each character with as neutral a view as I can (some with much more difficulty than others… *cough* Tingle *cough*), sadly I can’t exactly dispute the argument. I’ve always wanted to believe that Navi really is a friend to Link and less a teacher. If you’ve seen Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, I envison Navi being the Sir Sean Connery to Harrison Ford. Sure, he’s a father figure to Indy, but he’s much more a trusted ally, not much more and nothing less. They work together seamlessly, having this synergistic effect upon one another. At least that’s what my na├»ve mind would like to believe Navi and Tatl are to Link.

Yet the role that they gave Navi and Tatl partially forces the more annoying side of them—the schoolmarm side—to come out more often than it should. With every shout of “hey!”, “look!”, and “listen!”, the urge to bottle that fairy just became more and more tempting. Never could you impersonate The Godfather and say, “Navi, my acquaintance… I have such respect for you. I have done all that you have asked of me. I have played the song that Sheiky Corleone has taught me. I have paid my respects to the shadows in the cemetary. But the time is not here to do as you ask. I do not have the fire of Din. I do not have the Lens of Truth. My hands are tied, capice? Let me get the goods, and then I will fulfil your wishes, my acquaintance.” It wouldn’t work; they’d keep prattling on, saying that Saria wanted to talk to me or even insulting my intelligence since I didn’t know what that monster was. The experience juiced nearly three tablespoons of headache out of me.

But as I said before I interrupted myself, the problem is their role in the game. Navi and Tatl serve as the Hero’s Instruction Manual to Heroing 101. They’re in the game to introduce concepts and enemies. “Oh! Have you thought about shooting that eye with your bow?” “Oh! This is an enemy! Hit it with your sword!” Come now, is that really necessary? We’ve already got the bloody owl speaking to us in vague metaphors and mystic riddles. (How many of you, when replaying Ocarina or Majora, tap the A button continually to finish those speeches as soon as possible? How many of you accidentally then hit “No, I don’t understand” right after that?) Now I shouldn’t criticise them too harshly for this, for it is Nintendo’s attempt to bring depth into the game. All of the enemies have names, descriptions, slight background information… All of them now have metadata and a context as to how they fit into the realm of Hyrule. Yet Link to the Past functioned just fine without naming three-quarters of the enemies, and Wind Waker merely replaced that function with the Trophy Room o’ Doom! (That even rhymes.)

Otherwise, they supposedly served the purpose of allowing you to Z-target (L-target if you’re on the ‘Cube) an enemy. Puh-lease. Now yes, I realise that the 3D environment is more difficult to navigate than a 2D environment, especially when we’re working with analog sticks and whatnot. But what we’re suggesting is that Navi grants Link the ability to orient himself such that he’s pointed precisely at the enemy. (I hate to tell you this, but we all learn that at age four when we break mother’s vase. “Go sit in the corner and don’t look anywhere else!” See?) The whole spiel where Navi couldn’t break through Ganondorf’s magic fog to hover above him, thus disallowing Link from perfectly facing him… riiiiiight.

Now I honestly hate to sound so negative about this, because it seems my last few posts on the ‘Blog have been criticisms about such-and-such being a bad idea, that this thing was really bad, blah, blah. Yet at the same time, Navi wasn’t as good as I hoped she’d have been; in fact, we’ve already seen better. Personally, I liked Tatl much more than Navi despite someone ringing my doorbell every time she started to speak. Tatl was meant to be annoying. She had spunk, she had an edge, and she was provocative. She was on the bad guy’s side at the beginning, after all. It’s kind of difficult to make her little miss prissy two-shoes. Even Ezlo from Minish Cap was good too, if not better than Tatl herself. He had this aura of wisdom about him, this feeling about him that seemed that he was always in deep contemplation. He was like Sahasrahla the Wise Man, and he stuck to his part. Even The King of Red Lions wasn’t too bad. The common link? They all have personality. Like it or not, they were who they were.

Navi on the other hand doesn’t show character. She’s informational, yes, but even Hermione Granger from Harry Potter has personality. Because of this, Navi got annoying at times. Her role was minor, and every time we hit C-up, we knew we were going to get lectured to. (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) It’s because of this lack of personality that we see Navi, not as a character, but as a game mechanic. She’s there just to provide information, speaking more to the player than to Link, and that gives her an almost anachronistic feeling, like she shouldn’t belong in the story. Sure, Link getting a fairy at the beginning is big news; why Navi is to accompany Link is understandable. What Navi and Link mean to one another, however, fails to compute. We resort to the fact that she’s there simply to help us out (us being the player, not the character)… as if we couldn’t possibly function without her advice. She’s there to ease us into the game… ease us into each new dungeon… and really there to take the challenge out of the game. No longer do we have to figure out how to beat the Deku scrubs; ask Navi and poof, the knowledge comes immediately to us. Can you possibly imagine playing the original Legend of Zelda with Navi? You thought the old man was bad? (”Moblins have fear of sword!” Or, “You find quest with Shadow Nocturne!”)

Looking forward, we have the same potential storm looming over us with Midna. Sure, human Link has no Midna to tell him what to do, but wolf Link does. The hope is that her character really gets fleshed out as they’re developing the game, that they’ve spent time creating who Midna really is and that Midna and Link have this connection that binds the two together in plot. We don’t want Midna just thrown in there another instruction manual like Navi was. We don’t want to have another plot device, Mister Frodo, plot device. We don’t want Midna just thrown in the game because… *cough* the developers think that we need help progressing through the game.

We’re just fine on our own, thanks.

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    Thank god, my prayers have spoken. Every single on eof Link’s partners was so annoying, and yes, I have often pressed the A button accidentally when it says ‘Do you understand.’ I pretty muched hated the little jingle that or ring or odd noise that signaled a speech or a stupid little statement about how to kill an enemy. KORL wasn’t that bad. He didn’t follow you everywhere or interupt the gameplay every five minutes but the rest were stupid.

    Damn! did you have to remind me of navi saying “Link have you played the Nocturne of Shadow that Shiek tought you yet?” I have always hated navi for that. And as for Tatl she’s not bad at all. And as for Eloz he’s also ok and the King of read lions he never anoys me only if your unlucky enough to press A while near his head in the water then he yaps on for ages. Compared to Navi Tingle is good.

    Actually, I thought Navi was quite nice. I mean, yes, she did become a bit of a game mechanic, but… y’know, she was Link’s friend. I mean, yeah, the bit how Link couldn’t target Ganondorf was a little lame, but its like, y’know… good. Its like, Navi can’t help Link this time, she can’t tell him how to defeat this enemy. And then, the final showdown with Ganon: “There’s no way he’s going to hold me back again! This time, we fight together” and the entire setup was so great, Link and his trusted friend Navi, fighting this giant evil pig who’s just made Link lose the master sword, yet there’s still courage… Navi was NEEDED there. Without her, it wouldn’t be the same.

    Navi was also needed in the latter part of the game. “The desert… thats where Ganondorf was born…. maybe we should go there” (I’m sure thats not exactly right, but it would’ve been awfully hard to figure out where to go at the end). She tells Link to check out Zora’s domain ‘coz she feels an unusually cold breeze coming from that direction, and she tells Link… yeah, sure, she’s a bit of a game mechanic, but not completely. She has her intelligence. Sure, asking whether you’ve played the Nocturne of Shadow was unnecessary, but nothing’s perfect. She didn’t have all the character in the world, but she still rocks.

    Did you have to remind me of that pathetic “Have you played the Nocturne of Shadow that Shiek taught you?” quote? I swear that was the most annoying quote of the game, especially after she continually said it to me as I went searching for pieces of heart. Right behind that quote is, “Link, is that…? It’s that legendary blade…the Master Sword!” I literally smacked my head at that point. Yeah, it was only said once, and you may not know about the sword if OoT was your first Zelda game, but still…

    Tatl was a major improvement over Navi for the exact reasons you spoke of. Eloz and The King of Red Lions weren’t bad either…and I didn’t even mind the owl (Kaepora Gaepora or something like that) as much as I did Navi, because most of the time you could hit B and zoom through his speeches, and you wouldn’t have to talk to him nearly as frequently. But putting game helpfulness and dialogue length aside, Navi lacked personality besides at the beginning when she was yelling at Link to wake up to go see the Great Deku Tree, and even then it was poorly demonstrated. I always waited for Navi to say something that would actually provide information on her relationship with Link, or about her own character, but that never happened. Navi was probably my least favorite part of OoT, and you explained why perfectly. Once again, a great article.

    I really hope Midna isn’t another Navi…

    In a way, Navi’s purpose was to convey to the player what Link probably already knew. She was Link’s way of communicating to the player. Only in the beginning of the game is Navi a nuisance. Afterwards, you’re completely absolved of the responsibility of listening to her yack on about how to defeat a Deku Scrub.

    But I will concur that Tatl was a better improvement. Not only was she an integral character to the plot, but she was a lot better as providing a ’speaking role’ for Link. In fact, she hardly even offered information on enemies. She was just like, “You don’t know about Black Bat!? Slash it with your sword!” A really amusing character altogether, quite like how much of an improvement Goombella was to Goombario in the Paper Mario games. Although the fact at the end Tatl was like, “Get lost Link, we have a party to go to” was kind of insulting. ;)

    Navi wasn’t perfect, nor was the whole fairy partner deal (surprise surprise that Wind Waker didn’t use it). But I never saw it as a bad thing myself, only in subsequent playthroughts was it an irritation. However, I think the inclusion of partners for Link is not a abd thing. Ezlo was probably the best example of this. He was hardly intrusive at all. He also was useful for pressing select and hearing amusing comments from him.

    Navi IS annoying. Tatl was fine, and so was the boat and jewel thing in WW.

    Anyone remember in the Deku Tree, when you reach the first door, Navi tells you how to open it? “Lookie the action icon! It open door!” Arggh, I would always dread reaching that door. Tatl, on the other hand, actively participates in cutscenes to develop her character as well as the plot. Elzo was a little annoying, but that was just part of his personality, and KoRL is the best partner to date. (As in, most character and least annoying.)

    Great article, keep it up.

    Navi is pretty bad, because once she starts talking about something, she has to tell you all about it again, and again until you do something about it. The best example of this is, “Shouldn’t you talk to Saria about this, or that…” Tatl was interesting over Navi, but it would have been interesting to have Tael, as he always enjoys a good fight, and has a brain smaller then Link’s.

    But, you don’t even NEED to talk to Navi if you don’t want to! She can only be annoying at the start of the game, because otherwise you DON’T NEED TO LISTEN! Yep, just don’t tap /\C when the game tells you to. WOW! Now you don’t need to listen!

    ^ True. However, I find watching the blinking Navi icon on the C-up button most annoying, and after a while of seeing something blinking nonstop on the screen, I have to get rid of it, and talking to Navi is the better of two evils.

    Nice article TML. :D Yep Navi is annoying. Thats why I made the whole Navi Censoring around her. Tatl however I thought was pretty cool. She seemed more sarcastic around Link than annoying. I rather liked her.

    Death to navi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man navi is annoying

    *Comes in wearing Willy Wonka’s suit* Hey guys I…*reads article**walks backwards, comes in wearing green and blue pajamas* After all that read, It seems Navi, although annoying, is still good, while Tatl was too sarchastic and a scaredy cat (Link!I sense a thirst for blood looming around us) for me, I sense a bit of fear in that one unforgettible quote.The KoRL was good, plus he helps you more than just info *rides the KoRL over someones bathtub* and Ezlo was sorta like Navi, but still a good source of Vaati’s past.

    Sorry, I reread the Subject and mistook something else (I though TML was talking about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) my mistake.Let us all pray that Midna is not a new Navi (nor Tatl either)

    Uhhh… can somebody explains me why does the quote “Have you played the Nocturne of Shadow that Shiek taught you?” annoys you guys? I mean, I didn’t even remember it was in the game even after you’ve told the quote! And I’ve finished OoT like 10 times!

    I can only guess that’s because I like so much the Bottom of the Well and the Shadow Temple that I complete them as soon as possible… :D

    I posted a message earlier and it never came up, what happened?

    I do agree that Navi needs more characters. As the series progresses, you do see these “sidekicks” build up more and more of a character, but Navi, unfortunately, was the first sidekick, and had the least character. When you think about it, she was almost a prototype for the other sidekicks.

    Ezlo is my favorite permanent partner, but overall, Bow Wow from Link’s Awakening is my favorite.

    You made me laugh when you mentioned “Koo-loo lim-pah!”. I love when Tingle says that! Well, I agree with you about the annoing part of all the fairy stuff. The fairys are ment to help link find out what to do, but if you are a major veteron to the zelda game, you dont want that Whiney “Tatl or Navie stating the obviouse every couple minutes or so.

    Still, it would be nice if you could toggle the firys big fat mouth!

    [TML: Yeh, what v said.]

    Its a rule NOT to post other website here, right?Trust me, your post will be changed, just don’t do that again.Don’t forget the best partners that do more than tell you about monsters, sail you across vast oceans, and ride on your back stunning monsters fr you to bite, but fights next to your side, Link, Link, and Link.In the FS and FSA, your buddies are your partners, and all of you go around collecting ruppees and force gems, and kicking Vaati’s butt.

    SmashManiac said:

    Uhhh… can somebody explains me why does the quote “Have you played the Nocturne of Shadow that Shiek taught you?”

    The main reason is that people tend to hit Kakariko pretty often after a dungeon considering it’s really the only functioning town left in the game. The moment you get there after the Water Temple, you learn the Nocturne of Shadow.

    From that point on, until you beat Bongo Bongo, whenever you’re outside, Navi will chime in about playing the song. Even if you’ve already played it. Even if you’ve gone in the Temple… even if you’ve done everything you need to do before going in. The big deal is that there’s a lot of stuff you need to/can do before really committing yourself to the Shadow Temple. There’s pieces of heart (many now accessible with the hookshot), there’s the Biggoron Sword queset (which needs to have the Ice Caverns defeated before going in there, and although you can get through there before even setting foot in the Forest Temple, the standard progression puts it right before the Water Temple which players just beat), and there’s the whole Windmill thing as well as the Bottom of the Well to get the Lens of Truth. It’s got one of the biggest interludes between temples in the game, so… you tend to hear Navi mention the Nocturne of Shadow a lot. Again, even if you’ve already played it.

    Hence why people get annoyed by her ramblings.

    We just let her say something ’cause we already know what she’ll say.
    Surgeon General’s Warning
    Those attracted by the flashing Navi/Tatl button should avoid OoT/MM otherwise suffer from the following side effects:Annoyed twitching;dreams of fairies;constant yelling of “ShutTUP NAVI/TATL” and something too disturbing for sane people.

    I liked Tatl.

    She was saucy, indignant, and most of all, part of the plot of the game. She had her own agenda, which fortunately for Link happened to lead him and her to eventually cross paths and become allies.

    Yeah, her insults were annoying at first, but if you notice, as the game progresses, she warms up to Link, and by the end is even possibly friends with him.

    Also, her bell was 10,000 better than ‘Hey!’ Unfortunately most of the recent sidekicks haven’t followed her trend. Ezlo’s cool and all, but his sound effects hurt my ears.

    I’m hoping that Midna will have a similar Tatl-like edge to her personality, because it will be interesting to see how that relationship turns out. Somehow I feel that the opinion Midna has for Link at the beginning might be different at the end, and vice versa.

    Every time I write a long post it never shows up, what the *Navi* is going on guys?

    [TML: Robert-UK, you’re using curse words in your post. I’ve set the ‘Blog to automatically black-ball any post with certain words in there since, after all, we’re keeping it to PG at worst on the boards for our younger members. Since I can’t be on here 24/7 to moderate, I let the board do a good bit of it on its own. So please, speak considerately. :) ]

    I liked Tatl, she was cool. Navi never really irritated me, i actualy liked the sounds she made. Ezlo was cool, King of red lions got annoying during the 1st couple missions, hes ok
    i guess. and Midna, (shes that creature thing in twilght princess right) she looks like she’ll be rude, hopefuly more rude than Tatl. and I hate Tingle, hes irritating in TWW with his 380-some rupees per triforce chart

    I forgot about that owl… I hated him in OoT, OoT was the 1st zelda game i played, it took me like 5 months to win, that might be why i didnt mind Navi

    and question for TML: how do you use the smileys?

    Put a : next to ) and you will have a smiley.Since Navi is the nice one of the fairies, lets use Tatl as the censoring device.And don’t forget that KG could fly you around so you don’t have to.

    I agree. Sometimes those fairys get on my nerves. I know what to do and they’re like “Hey its time to go to this Bah-bah Temple”!!!
    And the king of the red lions acted liked he knew it all like if u go to far out of the ocean “Link, this area is far to dangerous, we must head back!!”. Boy oh boy. All of those turns I had to make hearin him say dat. But Ezlo…just plain cool. Anyways im guessing Midna will be like the king of the red lions and Navi. But we really want to be victorious heros and herans on R OWN!!!

    Another loooong but oh so enjoyable (and funny) Topic from TML *Navi’ing* about something else lol (DONT BAN ME XD), to be honest while there were a few things that I really hated about Navi and Tatl for the most part I did like them but its true that Tatl had a lot more personality than Navi who never really spoke at the start of Dungeons or during ingame cutscenes. Even her brother Tael (did I spell that right) seemed pretty intereting… if a little underused.

    For everyone who just cant stop saying “Just one more hour”, “just one more Horse Race” or “I gotta catch that HUGE fish to get the Golden Scale”-

    Make it all the way to the Princess. Make it one-on-one and free-for-all. make it full of adrenaline. Make it real. Make it one last shot to save Hyrule and “one more game” at 3 a.m. Make it fiercely contested. Make it blur the line between rivals and friends. Make it the story of a Hero and make it worth telling long after the game has come to an end.

    BTW how long do you think it will be untill George W. Bush invades Hyrule to find Ganon/dorfs WMDs and put him on trial for crimes against Humanity, Elves, Zora’s, Gorons, Kokiri, Deku Trees, Gerudos…e.t.c.

    BTW TML I hadnt realised that I ahd used any bad language so… sorry about that lol. Well the “Automatic Block” is quite cleaver.

    I think most partners make the game to easy,like navi giving you step-by-step directions or the king of red lions marking every area (if he knows the sea so good how come you have to have the fishman do your map?)but navi is the only partner who really anoyed me.I liked the king of red lions,at least you could hit him if he made you mad.whenever the owl comes I try to sneak past him and yes I usually hit “no”2-3 times.ezlos my favorite because hes funny and helpful.tatl was entertaining.Midna looks like she’s going to be interesting.and as for tingle…….lets just say when I freed him the first time i didint know he was in there,and the second time I freed him after the wind temple.

    GREAT LORD EPHRAIM!!!YOU RELEASED TINLGE!!!A curse on you and your food, to smell like fart whenever you say Tinlge for the next 72 hours!Ok maniacle evil over.I think Midna might be the quiet one, since she may ride on your wolf back, but she helps by stunning enemies.Midna probably lives in the Twilight realm since she’s not with you when your Hylian.KG also appears in FSA, telling you about whats going on in each stage, helping you out, sure you can’t get him to shut up, but still, he doesn’t talk as much, right?

    You know, Tetra was also a sidekick, in two games (well, sorta) in TWW, in a certain area of the second dungeon (after the Rito place, this place would be where you have to save the korok) Tetra takes over Tingle Island and talks to you via Tingle Tuner.And in the unreleased game called, “Tetra’s Trackers” Tetra helps you find stuff.

    Midna will be Links partnet in the Twilight Realm but I have learned of something more horrifying… Tingle will be Links partner in the real world.

    Quick!Hide the women and children, get all the strongest men, prepare the silver arrows and Fierce Deity Swords!We must go to war!Who’s with me…ok, shutting up.How would you know Robert?

    @[email protected] OH GOD NO! CURSE U NAVI!!!LINK, WHY DON’T U JUST KILL NAVI?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahahaha calm down Hyrulian Hero its just a joke… but in a way Tingle was your partner in WW if you think about it, just connect the GBA to it hahaha.

    Ok everyone, who thinks Midna is Zelda?

    Robert-UK. Warning one. Stay on topic.

    Robert-UK said:

    Another loooong but oh so enjoyable (and funny) Topic from TML *Navi’ing* about something else lol (DONT BAN ME XD)blockquote>

    Well first of all its *Naving* not *Navi’ing* :P

    To really be true about it, you we’ve had plot helpers since OoT. Navi, Tatl, Tingle, Impa (in OoA, and OoS), Ezlo (The Minish Cap). In truth, I think the games were much harder when you had few hints to go on, such as LoZ and AoL.

    But since we have to be realistic here, lets hope that the supposed plot helper in TP, (Midna) wont talk at all. :P

    Still, we would want Midna to say something. But not bug like Navi,like saying things over and over again. I think Midna should say things once, ONCE. The thing is, I dont think she’ll be with Link that long in the game, just the begininng. Though… she might pop up her head in middle of the game like Kratos in Tales of Symonia. As long as theres not a look-a-like Navi or Talt in the game like FSA the maidens looked like Navi. The thing is:
    *No annoying or repeating yourself
    *No talking ears off 24/7 off of what we already know
    Thats the bylaw.

    I liked Navi. Sure, she was bossy, irritating and sometimes frustrating, but at least she was company. I didn’t like Tatl at all however, with her fricking stupid door bell noise. Plus, she was a total biyatch.

    As for the hints they provided, well, watch the gameplay video of TP, you hit Z for a hint when fighting a boss. No fairy friend, you just pull the hint out of thin air. That kinda sucks.

    Is it just me or did Tatl seem to have a crush on Link towards the end of the game?

    Thats weird, a fairy that likes someone she slightly serves (if thats true shes the next Ruto) anyways, I heard several rumors that Midna is ether Ganon, or a sevant, or Zelda herself, I dun know what to belive, so I stick to seeing Midna as her own character.I also heard somewhere ONCE that the fairy queen is Navi, seeing she was first seen as a child in Mother & Child’s isle in TWW, I was thinking thats crazy.Navi is good, not bossy, nce and just fun to pick on (censoring, fanfics, ect) but the one who deserves such picking on the the real nag, TATL!

    Navi was a great fairy! but Tatl was sort of rude…. without any of them u cant target enemies! the fairies are also a great help in beating a boss! and when a little secret is nearby or something like that…. tatl or navi turn green and they give u a hint!!! dont make fun of them because without them u will be in the first temple!(ocarina of time) and u also make fun of Link yes its sort of like a dress, but it looks cool…

    i liked the way in OoT when you fight Ganon Navi says “nothings gonna stop me this time we fight together” then you target him him ask for the info and she says “i really have no idea how to fight him” i so wanted to throw her in that wall of fire after that. and that owl! god he went on and on then id press ‘repeat what you said again’ and id have to go through that traumatic experience all over