The Conclusion to Windwaker

January 4th, 2006 at 2:40 pm by ShawnaDuck

Windwaker is without a doubt a controversial game among Zelda fans, partially for its love-it-or-hate-it cel-shaded graphics, partially for the tons of repetitive sailing throughout the game, and also partly because of the ending to the story. For those of you who have not completed the game and are concerned about spoilers, stay away from this article. For the rest of you, let us explore the ending to this interesting chapter of the Zelda universe.

Ever since the game first came out, I have read numerous complaints on the Internet about Windwaker’s conclusion; specifically about how Hyrule itself is never fully recovered and left for eternity under the waves. Because of Hyrule’s soggy fate, many belive that their work throughout the game was in vain, while some feel that Ganon had actually been victorious this time because Hyrule was effectively destroyed.

My husband recently conquered the game for the first time, which made me happy because I could watch the conclusion again and we could finally discuss the ending. He was a little surprised by the Hylian King’s decision to scuttle the land, especially when the king had obtained the Triforce and could have wished for the restoration of Hyrule and for Ganondorf to be exiled (again). Such a solution would have followed the basic Zelda formula (and that solution was exactly what I expected when I first played through the game), but let’s explore the story, why Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule did what he did, and whether or not Hyrule’s destruction could be considered a victory for Ganondorf.

Within the game, it is told that when Ganondorf returned to the Hyrule and started spreading darkness and despair across the land, Daphnes alone did not have the power to stop the reign of terror. Desperate, the Hylian King begged the gods for help. The gods warned a worthy few to head for high ground and then flooded the land, sealing both Ganondorf and Hyrule under the waves for many generations. For that time, Ganondorf was defeated because not all of Hyrule was lost and there were survivors who adapted and started a new way of life. Eventually, Ganondorf returned and gained enough power to start trouble again, or at least search for the heir of Royal Family who guarded the Triforce of Wisdom.

Once, long ago, this land of Hyrule was
turned into a world of shadows by Ganon,
who sought to obtain the power of the
gods for his own evil ends.

My power alone could not stop the fiend,
and our only choice was to leave the fate
of the kingdom in the hands of the gods…

When the gods heard our pleas, they chose
to seal away not only Ganon, but Hyrule
itself…and so, with a torrential downpour
of rains from the heavens…

Our fair kingdom was soon buried beneath
the waves, forgotten at the bottom of
the ocean.

Yet all was not lost. For the gods knew
that to seal the people away with the
kingdom would be to grant Ganon’s wish
for the destruction of the land.

So, before the sealing of the kingdom,
the gods chose those who would build a
new country and commanded them to take
refuge on the mountaintops.

Those people were your ancestors.

Hundreds of years have passed since then…

So long as Ganondorf was not revived,
Hyrule would remain below, never waking
from its slumber.

Of course, as Ganondorf sent out the Helmaroc King to kidnap all the local blonde girls, Tetra quite literally fell into Link’s life and about ten minutes later his sister was stolen away before his very eyes. So he left his home in search of his sister, he was discovered by a talking boat, the boat turned out to be the ancient King of Hyrule, and the king was very concerned that Ganondorf would soon rise to power and taint the world once more.

If he succeeds, my ancient kingdom under
the sea will be turned into a land of
shadow and despair…and so will the world
you know above the waves.

By the end of the game, Ganondorf found the Triforce again and came within inches of having his wishes of Hyrule to himself granted, but the Triforce was taken from beneath his large nose. The King of Hyrule placed a hand on the Triforce’s golden surface and requested that the gods flood Hyrule forever. Link, Tetra, and Ganondorf were soon locked in mortal combat, which resulted in Ganondorf getting a sword through the head and turning into stone, while the kids were sent back up to the surface, where they could enjoy a brighter future.

It’s a bit of a downer ending because Hyrule is gone for good. In fact, when Tetra/Zelda told Daphnes her intention of finding and establishing another Hyrule, he insisted that the new land be their land, as though he wanted the shadow and memory of the ancient kingdom to fade forever; an unusual request for one who felt so “bound to Hyrule.”

So why flood the land? Why destroy its legacy? Why not boot Ganondorf out of the picture and return the world to its former glory? Why not give the people on the surface better lives, more land, greater resources, and a rich history to rediscover?

Why? Because Ganondorf would come back. As long as Hyrule existed, Ganondorf had a passion, a purpose, a goal. The island folk on the surface had no idea of the world below and lived simple, happy lives, but as long as Hyrule slept under the waves, Ganondorf would always be a threat to both worlds. By destroying the land, the King of Hyrule robbed Ganondorf of his incentive to return. Daphnes wished for hope for the future and one of the best ways to ensure that the people on the surface would be safe was to get rid of the unobtainable prize below.

So, with Hyrule destroyed, did Ganondorf “win this round?” Far from it. In his epic speech that described his motives, Ganondorf stated that he wanted Hyrule because it was better, kinder, and gentler then the deserts of the Haunted Wasteland.

My country lay within a vast desert.
When the sun rose into the sky, a burning wind punished my lands, searing the world.
And when the moon climbed into the dark of night, a frigid gale pierced our homes.
No matter when it came, the wind carried the same thing… Death.
But the winds that blew across the green fields of Hyrule brought something other than suffering and ruin.
I coveted that wind, I suppose.

According to this quote, one is led to believe that Ganondorf had no intention of destroying Hyrule at all, so much as he wanted a better home for himself and his people. Over time, his desire for the land may have turned into an unhealthy obsession and it became the goal–the haven–that he waited for centuries to obtain. By the time the world was first flooded, Ganondorf’s people were long gone and Hyrule was all he had. Bitter that the gods had betrayed him and foiled his plans for the nth time, he latched onto the goal of regaining Hyrule perhaps out of stubbornness, as well as a desire to regain the glory of the past.

When Daphnes washed away Hyrule, he defeated Ganondorf on a level that was perhaps far more devastating than any of Ganon’s previous (according to the order in which the games were published) defeats; in Windwaker, Daphnes sacrificed his beloved land (as well as himself) and in turn robbed Ganondorf of so much. As the water began to pour down and all hope of regaining Hyrule was lost, Ganondorf’s mad laughter was telling of how he had finally snapped.

Can you imagine? All that work, all that energy, all that desire for something–across hundreds of achingly long years–and then it’s gone. Forever. Some people complained that “Ganon won” in Windwaker, but Ganondorf got pwned.

I daresay that Ganondorf loved the land… too much. He wanted Hyrule so badly, yet as we’ve seen in Ocarina of Time, the land suffers under his care. Is this out of laziness on his part? Or spite? Perhaps, but I doubt it. My husband made an interesting point concerning the state of Hyrule under Ganon’s rule: what if, much as it does in the Sacred Realm/Dark World, the nature of whomever touches the Triforce reflects itself onto Hyrule? Perhaps Ganondorf’s evil nature is a curse not only to the land but also to himself–that as long as he uses the power of the Triforce to obtain Hyrule, the luscious realm will inevitably, unintentionally wilt under his reign. This, of course, is all speculation and we don’t know for sure, but I would love to hear your thoughts on that idea.

Finally, the other complaint that is common about Windwaker’s conclusion is if Link’s toils throughout the game were in vain. No, because without his help, Ganondorf would have surely obtained the Triforce, restored Hyrule, then swiftly watch the kingdom deteriorate and the people suffer. In Windwaker, Link saved his sister, maintained the status quo of the world (aka. no one on the surface aside from a few main characters ever realized there was any danger of their lives changing), helped defeat the lurking evil that haunted the realm for centuries, and helped ensure a safer tomorrow. Link is indeed a hero in this game, albeit a very short one. ^_~

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    I never really considered the Wind Waker to be the end of Hyrule. In as there are different Links and different Zeldas in each game, I assumed there to be different Hyrules too. I took the fact that Zelda said she wanted to establish another Hyrule as evidence to this theory. Great article, very thought provoking!

    • 2. TSA says:

    King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule’s words summed it up best:

    “Ganondorf, may you drown with Hyrule.”

    And drown in his hopeless ambitions he did with the sinking of Hyrule.

    I have to admit, I never gave Wind Waker’s ending any serious thought until now. I’d have to agree with everything you pointed out in this article.

    However, I think that many people believe that Ganondorf did win this time because of the maniacal laugh you spoke of. I mean, most evil villains are insane, but they are usually geniuses as well. Ganondorf may have snapped at that very moment…or, he could know more than we do…

    And I do believe that Link’s toils were not in vain, considering the main quest of the story was originally to save his sister, Aryll. As long as she is safe in the end, then Link’s toils were recognized and rewarded. Stopping Ganondorf wasn’t considered the objective until later in the game; at the very least, this mission came to light after the first visit to the Forbidden Fortress. Of course, no one was surprised that Ganondorf was the antagonist of the game. I mean, seriously, who else would it be? But even still, I think that Link’s hardships were not in vain as long as the main objective- saving his sister- was completed in the end.

    Oh, and as far as the end of Hyrule, I agree with Kotake. Even if the original Hyrule was forever submerged under water, a new one would begin on the surface. The cycle would continue, just not in the same pattern as the others. The real question is, how would the Zelda series itself continue in this new Hyrule? Who would the villain with Ganondorf gone? Or is Ganondorf even gone? If he could still return, then building a new Hyrule on the surface would give Ganondorf the incentive to return, the very incentive that the King tried to extinguish by sacrificing Hyrule to the merciless waters of the Great Sea.

    But maybe I’m just babbling. All I know is, I don’t want the series to end with Wind Waker. I know there’s still a huge gap in the timeline to fill in before the events in the Wind Waker occurred, but I’d like to see what the new Hyrule would be like, too!

    Nice article ShawnaDuck.

    I think WW’s conclusion could, in theory, explain the ever shifting geography of Hyrule. However, it’s a scary thought to think that this kind of thing might have been done more than once.

    I agree with Kotake. Because in MC Hyrule’s there and TP takes place in Hyrule to.

    Good article.
    I actually liked the ending of TWW,Hyrule was destroyed,but link still stoped Ganon’s plans.I think Ganon and hyrule will be back(not sure when)because the people were to build a new kingdom.the king said “the land will not be hyrule”but I think he was saying it wouldint be the same.

    by the way,is king Nohansen a ghost or something???and if not how does he double as a talking boat?

    First let me say that TWW is my favorite ending in any zelda game.
    I think Gannondorf lost…for a time, he will be back. after all he has been sealed before hasent he? He was sealed away in OoT, how did he get out anyway?

    I also think that the future zelda games will all be before that happened, unless they make a wind waker 2, but I highly doubt that

    I forgot to say why i think Ganon will come back! oh well,its pretty obvious,hes done it once you know he’ll do it again.I think when hes sealed he slowly gains power or something.and SS4 kurama,Tww is the follow-up of OOT so,though thay look drasticly different, the ganondorfs from oot and tww are the same (I think).

    WW’s ending was a little sad for me; I nean, the king got drowned?!! But all in all, it was great. Sometimes, those are the best endings. Too much victory makes you empty. Bah, Im being psycological now! :)
    Wouldnt it be weird if WW is the final ending to the whole Zelda series? TP is betrwwn that and OOt.

    I thought The Wind Waker was a pretty amazing game. It still is too some. The king of Hyrule should have agreed to what Tetra said, then the legend would keep going, but Ganon would come back and then Link would have to save Zelda again. Unless all Ganon wanted was the Triforce and not Hyrule.

    zelda_otaku said:

    I agree with Kotake. Because in MC Hyrule’s there and TP takes place in Hyrule to.

    i dunno about The Minish Cap (never played it), but i thought it was agreed that TP takes place *before* WW, or am i wrong?

    To be honest, i didnt fully understand the ending of WW. But now that you highlight some main points about it, it makes a lot more sense. But Ganon’s maniacal laughter can be taken two different ways: either the way you state it (that he truly HAS gone insane because he just realized, “crap, now im NEVER gonna get Hyrule”) or that he has something ELSE up his sleeves. ::shrug:: Take that as you will. Just a thought.

    and kudos to your husband on beating WW!

    Incredibly deep article. You get TML’s Stamp of Approval.

    The real question, however, is what prevents Ganondorf from coming back after Wind Waker. Sure, he doesn’t have the motivation of reacquiring the luxury of Hyrule… or does he?

    There are two major plots that could take place after Wind Waker provided that Ganondorf finds a way back into Hyrule again. On one hand, he could go after revenge, if only to save his honour or pride, but that doesn’t acquire much in the long run. The second real possibility, however, is a little more devious. It… has to do with the Triforce.

    Can the Triforce rescind wishes previously wished upon it?

    If the Triforce is omnipotent, it would have the ability to do anything whether it was previously wished or not (although counterintuitively, it would also have the power to create an unalterable wish). If the Triforce is not all-powerful, then there are limits to its abilities, and thus it might not have the power to reverse a wish… or even grant some wishes, yet we know it’s power is immense if only because of Link’s wish in Link to the Past. Yet at the same time, a wish on a Triforce can be circumvented (a la Link to the Past) through death… and thereafter time can be reversed to be as it should be.

    Choices, choices…

    I doubt Ganondorf will be back for a few reasons:
    The first is he was trapped in stone and not killed or sealed into the sacred realm, so its unlikely he’ll come back, its not like he’s little minions are going to be reviving him if he’s not dead and he can’t exactly escape. And the can’t “unstone” him because he’s under all that water.

    Secondly, he did really go insane at that single point in time. Not only did he laugh over his unbelievable loss, but he also says “Lets see how much your precious Triforce is worth!”. Now, this is Ganondorf, the guy who’s been after the Triforce for centuries now. He’s not gonna talk about the Triforce like that, is he? No. He lost, and he knew it. And he went well and truly insane.

    Now, perhaps Hyrule was recovered: it probably was. It was probably like, found again, and the Deku Tree says he’s sprouts can turn small islands into large forests (something Hyrule has plenty of is Lost Woods) so these could possibly bring Hyrule back to the surface. And then Ganondorf could be revived and our pattern starts over. Maybe it will. But, as we don’t know what happens, we can only assume that Hyrule was not recovered.

    Man that was a great article. I wonder if any of you remember how the deku tree in WW said that the seeds that the koroks planted on the islands would grow into forests and spread out, connecting the islands and forming a land of harmony (something like that). That land would form over the original Hyrule that was sunken under the Great Sea and possibly make a new Hyrule. Heck, maybe the world of the legend of zelda has been doing that since the beggining of time and Hyrule castle has been built on the exact same spot over and over? Speeking of the deku tree, how did he get on top of a mountain?!?!?

    The King of Hyrule is dead now, so Ganon could just re-wish for Hyrule to return to normal, but there is also the fact that the tree’s in great numbers could suck up the water, or a major Ice Age could suck up the water as well. There is also a chance of Hyrule becoming a giant Gerudo Desert with extreme heat, which would get rid of the water. Plus, keep in mind Ganon sucked out the power of the Master Sword, and Vaati sucked out the power of the Four Sword, so couldn’t Ganon suck out the power of the Master Sword, and escape being stoned, as well as become all powerful?

    Ah, a wonderful article on what I think is among the more underrated Zelda games (of course, I only say that because I’m around people who criticize it for its animation).

    I agree with several points you made in this article, especially in regards of Ganon’s obsession with Hyrule. After TWW, I went under the same presumption, that he didn’t really hate Hyrule and want to destroy it, but wanted it as his own home. I myself thought that his maniacal laugh was mostly him losing sanity at that point, knowing that Hyrule would never be his. Also liked your husband’s idea of the Triforce reflecting one’s heart on Hyrule as well.

    Still, I found it difficult to connect TWW and ALttP, because the ending of TWW, as much as I liked it, left us with so many questions. The theory spinning around in my head was that there were two Hyrules, the second one obviously the newly created one shown in ALttP (which binds TWW and ALttP). But then I was bothered by a few things. One: how would the legacy of the old Hyrule carry over to the new one? My guess was by the Triforce/the Gods or by perhaps the Master Sword (obtained from the sea…?}, but I couldn’t explain to you how. And good ol’ Ganon. How is he un-stoned and get back into Hyrule (or the Dark World if ALttP occurs after WW)? Then there was the Dark World of ALttP. If the Dark World was supposed to be a black representation of Hyrule, wouldn’t it be a depiction of the old one, as it was formed from the one in OoT? I suppose that if the legacy of the old one carried over to the next one, then maybe the Dark World could also be a display of the old one, but…wow, so many questions…okay only three, but they confuse the *Navi* out of me. Who knows? Maybe they aren’t connected at all, and I’m sitting here confusing myself for no reason.

    I wouldn’t give Ganondorf the W on this one. He again failed to achieve what he set out to do, and basically ended up in worse condition than before. Link’s efforts were not in vain, because, like kamikaziplumber said, his real goal was to save his sister, and he did that. In a sense, he succeeded in his later goal, too, defeating Ganondorf and preventing him from obtaining the Triforce or destroying the land above the seas.

    Twilight Princess is after OoT but before TWW, which is nice as it will explain exactly what happened before Hyrule flooded (and perhaps throw an interesting twist in the story…I’m under that impression for some reason). However, I desire a game that explains what happens after TWW, perhaps connecting or unconnecting it with ALttP (thus proving my timeline theory wrong). I loved TWW, but I’m oh so curious to know what occurs after that, if anything.

    I have it, but before I go directly to the subject, I would like to point out the few things of Ganon/dorf.When Ganondorf (in OoT) used his Triforce to become a monster, he did, but upon defeat he returned into human, but I have a theory, that Ganondorf and Ganon are separate beings.Ganondorf officially came up in two games, OoT, and TWW.While Ganon, the giant Pig Demon, appeared in quite a few games (cartoons included) and I belive that when GanonDorf was being sealed, he and Mandrag split up, leaving Ganondorf more, how could I put this…gentle.He first had Zel the first in a glass prison (shaped like a ruppee, hey I got a new idea for the highest amount of ruppees in one glass shard) while when Ganondorf had Zel the second, she was in bed, sleeping like a baby pirate.While Ganon didn’t care about his own minions, so Ganon is Ganondorf’s darker, uglier,and more magical side.And when Ganondorf was struck in the head (I always geek out at that scene) he and the Master Sword automatically went into a battle to stay alive, and both the powers of good and evil became matter, turning into a solid, changing Ganondorf into stone, and theoretically, while the New Heroes set off for new worlds to make Middle Hyrule, the castle broke under pressure and erosion, and and poor Ganny was broken into dust too, leaving the master sword unscathed, and soon was found (by Zora?) and taken to Middle Hyrule, and places far in the Lost woods, to await one with the courage, the wisdom, and the power to make it through and pull this mystical blade out of the new pedestal.Then at some point, in Middle Hyrule, Link grows up in village outside of Hyrule, while Tetra (now Zelda) lives as a princess, and then some evil begins to tear reality apart here, first in TP, then theoritically in ALttP, while these events went on, Old Hyrule began draining out, century by century, until it reached the point where it became land again, meanwhile, the Hyrulians once again moved to a new Hyrule (in TMC) and made their home there, and soon, they find several new lands, Old Hyrule, and Northern Hyrule, and Calatia.Then during LoZ, and AoL, these new lands were explored by a fisherman’s son, a boy clad in green (and those that don’t know who, I feel sorry for you) and stopped Mandrag Once and for all (Spoiler alert: in LoZ, Mandrag was turned into dust by the boy in green) so we can figure out the timeline according to lands instead of Links and Zeldas.I’ll cover this on an older subject about Timelines (see you guys there) and thats what I think.

    • 18. jrz says:

    but wasn’t gannon stabbed in the head frozen transported to the evil realm and sent to the evil realm at the bottem of the ocean and turned to stone

    • 19. jrz says:

    how does it feel zeldas out in exactly 106 days 3 hours 53 minutes 55 sec

    ^ If we knew that for certain, I’d be excited.

    Bwahahaha! Yeah, Ganondorf did get pwned. I actually loved and understood the ending the first time I beat the game.

    You made some great points there ShawnaDuck I always like to examine game endings as much as I can but you came up with a few things I didnt. Personally I dont think Hyrule is gone, yes its been destroyed but that dosent mean its gone for the land still exists, also old Ganon/dorf isnt dead for he shall return someday and I believe that by using the Triforce he could restore Hyrule in some form or another.

    Ok, I posted my timeline on the first Timeline subject (check it out, for its the longest post in the whole site) and from now on, the 50th Post award prizes will be related to the subject they were featured on, but I want no cheating (spamming, using posts to make jokes while other half on subject, ect.) and TWW was nominated the best ending scene of the games in one of my Nintendo Powers (bet you guys didn’t know that)

    Well, I’m here a little too late to say anything that hasn’t been said before, but, I agree. My thoughts when I witnessed the ending were pretty much identical to yours. When Daphnes destroyed Hyrule, he did it because it was the only way. And Ganondorf undoubtedly went insane. (How long does that laugh go on? Good grief.)

    The Wind Waker did a good job of giving Ganondorf a little personality; something he had very little of in OoT. Then again, the Wind Waker is without a doubt the most story-driven game in the series. Plot and character development is very important to me in games, and I hope that the TP tells a good story as well.

    ok i havent read all u had to say but wouldnt the water go down affter gannondorf died because he was kind of the start of it and anyways windwaker was more of like an ocean and only some of that was hyrule not all of it kind of like atlanteses

    The water is Din, Farore, and Nayru’s fault, not Gnondorf, the water was used to keep him with Hyrule, and he snapped when he lost the Triforce, and Dided there, and only came back once, in FSA, and was changed into Ganon and used Shadow Link an dVaati to beat Link.Sheesh, the dude is a coward, and uses his whole strength just to fight Link.

    “Twilight Princess is after OoT but before TWW…” –Thank you, Legendary Blade.

    jrz said:

    how does it feel zeldas out in exactly 106 days 3 hours 53 minutes 55 sec

    okay, what did THAT have to do with this…?

    Wait a second… in the begining of the wind waker it says that the 2nd time ganon came they prayed to the gods, and later we find out that the gods flooded Hyrule. Were the hell in there did TP happen?

    I like TML’s view of where TWW fits into the timeline on his site at the book of modora.

    Thats a good book.I base most of my timeline on his, but I always try to fit logical pieces together to sound quite logical.Besides, TP confuses me, if its a direct sequal to TWW, then why would it be before TWW?Nintendo is up to somethin’ guys.

    That’s funny, I thought I posted in this article…

    I thought Daphnes and Ganondorf both lost when Hyrule got flooded.Ganondorf lost but I think he will break that seal and he’ll go back to his obsessions ^^U.

    You know now that ive had time to really think about the things that old Ganon/dorf says at the end of the game I actually started to sympathise with the old, crazy coot.

    To me, the ending was really deep, and I agree with those of you who say Ganondorf merely wanted the land of Hyrule because it was full of life. After beating the game(which was actually only a few weeks ago) I had to really think about the whole thing for four days and decided that it was too deep for me to get into… I don’t think Ganondorf had cracked, but that he laughed when you kill him because he knew he was dead, and that he had no way of returning, so I think it was a sort of sorrowful laugh. Maybe I just feel sorry fo him, if it’s possible. Anyway, really great article.

    And allow me to give a big twist…….This doesn’t mean it’s the last Zelda game ever….It only means that Nintendo has to come up with a new arch rival for Link……Such as Samus had Mother Brain, now she has Prime or Dark Samus…..Agahnim perhaps?

    People Like Ganondorf, people hate Ganon.I think he snapped ‘cuz he had Link and Tetra unconscience, he had the Triforce, and he was going to rule Hyrule, because of a curse that the original Link and Zel and the Sages places upon him when sending him to the Realm of Darkness, and suddenly, there he is, the King of Hyrule, touching his centuries old dream, wishing for Hyrule’s destruction, Ganondorf was so upset, losing his future home, something he wanted to centuries, and suddenly, its all in the winds.I would snap to if I were him.And if it were a sorrowful laugh, sobbing would come next.

    Hmmm yeah theres an idea Spikerman a new and even more evil bad guy could revitalise the Zelda Franchise but who could it be Agahnim, Dark Link Vaati, or someone or something even worse like one of the evil Gods?

    A mortal would never beat an immortal, thats a fact, the only way thats possible is that Fierce Deity Link comes back.I’ve found some fan movies about TP somewhere in the sites on ZB’s Link List, I just can’t remember which one.One of them had Link and Ganondorf fightng each other, and I figure Ganondorf’s coming back to TP.what do you guys think?

    Well, who else would be the villan? Perhaps shadow link to ressurect Ganon but thats in AOL. Link and Tetra and especially the king sacrificed a huge part of themselves for the good of man-rito-korok-kind. But as someone above said, Ganon suffered the most. ganon has a more….phycological side in TWW. The other ones he just seemed to be some power-crazed maniac trying to take over the world…wonderful article, drew plenty of observations.

    I think that a Mortal could defeat an Immortal it just depends on what kind of Weapons you have such as the “Master Sword”, “Golden Arrows” and other Magical Items.

    That can’t be the end of Hyrule cause TP and MC take place in Hyrule……well, TP has Hyrule and Dark Hyrule

    I dont get how TP can fit in between Oot and WW? Because MM seems to fit between Oot and WW better. Besides, it makes no sense to me. I think that it would make sense to be after WW because the king said “Make this land your land” or something. The land above is still Hyrule techinally because the islands above are just the mountains of Hyrule. So those islands are going to become the new Hyrule NO MATTER WHAT, some how. If you notice Hyrule transforms in diffrent forms all the time. So if they put TP after WW, that would make my brain so much happier.So….the king of Hyrule needs to understand you might as well destroy every island and Hyrule too for there to be no Hyrule. Other wise… it still is Hyrule.

    Thats what I’m thinking, besides, how could a direct sequal go before its prequal? would that mean>OoT,MM,TP,TWW.OR>OoT,MM,TWW,TP.I think it makes sense too since I belive Nintendo is messing with our brains.Someone here who DOESN”T have a job yet could work in Nintendo, and maybe sort things out (I alread planned a job, belive me)

    Lets invade Nintendo’s Headquarters in Japan and steal Mr Miyamoto’s Brain Mwahahahahahahar.

    When you say the word “Immortal” It means they don’t die period. So here’s how it goes:

    1. Ganondorf wishes for immortality with the Triforce.

    2. He’s sealed in the Sacred Realm.

    3. 100 Years later he comes back in Wind Waker

    4. Link stabs him in the head with the Master Sword…..And he talks….

    So……This is to be blunt…..He’s immortal no matter what you do….Link needs to be smart and undo his immortality with the Triforce, then kill him, then we’re all happy!

    Miyamoto pretty much said he didn’t care about the timeline, he just wants to make good games for all audiences….So I’m not worried about the timeline anymore.

    Eh, maybe your right, maybe Ganondorf is like the Gargoyles, from the cartoon, placed under a curse until some centureis later, and capable of walking o earth again.Of course, Ganondorf makes one last appearance in FSA, and alothough he isn’t seen at all, Ganon’s there, mabye that he just reincarnated and became evil and malevolent and completely became Ganon with my theoretical split up.

    At first I thought Ganondorf turning into stone was apart of the Master Sword’s magic…..In Link to the Past Sarashala told Link that evil can never touch the Sword…….But we really didn’t see what happened if Link accidently dropped the sword then some evil guy try to pick it up to swing at him……I’d say they would get electocuted by it’s power or something……Turning into stone with a sword in your head……….weird……

    No matter what happens I think its fairly obvious that someday Old Ganon/dorf will be back, fingers crossed that he brings Dark Link and Agahnim with him.

    Well, Dark Link hasn’t showed since OoT, but possibly comes back in AoL, while Shadow Link is merely a magic (and dark) clone of Link, since he’s about everywhere in FSA, and Agahnim would possibly show up first in TP, since those that go along with TML’s timeline (aka The Book of Mudora) think that ALttP came after TWW, so Agahnim would have a chance of showing up, and as for Dark Link, we don’t know, but TP would be better with Dark Link to fight.We shold always expect the unexpected on TP (unless you have the Player’s guide) and I still believe (dispits what Nintendo says) that TP will be after TWW, and maybe before ALttP.

    It should be like Metroid Prime 2: Echoes where over the course of the game you meet Dark Link a number of times and learn a few things about him.

    I finally get to be the 50th post person, buuuuuuuut too bad that its been cancelled *evil laugh* ah well, out with the old, in with the new, now every time a subject reaches 50 posts, I get 1,500 force gems, and that includes older subjects (I’m going to be rich) and I liked the conclusion of TWW in The book of Mudora, a little different than what I’m used to, still its a good book (can’t wait ’til TML finishes it)

    HAHAHA finishes it are you insane, it will NEVER be finished for the Legend of Zelda will last forever. TMLs’ children and his childrens’ children will carry on the story untill the end of time (hey kind of like a curse).

    When he gets the chance he’ll work on it.Besides, nothing on Earth is forever.

    very true…