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January 1st, 2006 at 12:01 am by Darth Citrus

First of all, what the *Navi* are you people doing on Zelda Blog right now?! Its midnight! The New Year! Out with the old, in with the new and all that. Get out there and watch the ball drop or something.

But since you are here, you might as well read my article.

As everyone knows, the Bottom of the Well is an essential part of Ocarina of Time. It houses the legendary Lens of Truth which is needed to complete the Shadow Temple.

Now I’m not one to criticize the hiding place of such a magical artifact. After all, who would ever think about searching for treasure at the bottom of a well. For one it (was) flooded. Two it was hidden within a simple tomb. And three it was guarded by dozens of undead.

There’s just one little thing that’s bothering me.


With that intro, I welcome you to another edition of A Somewhat Serious Article. This edition takes a look at BOTTOM OF THE WELL WATER.

As most of you know, when Bongo Bongo attacks Kakariko Village, Link needs to enter the Shadow Temple to dispatch him. One of the most essential items needed in that temple is the Lens of Truth. After talking with a few of the residents, Link discovers from the windmill dude that some kid drained the well 7 years ago.

3 hours of pondering later, Link finally realizes that kid was him, and sets off to the past. He enters the windmill, plays the song of storms and drains the well. Entering the bottom of the well, he is immediately attacked by a ReDead.

Let’s stop and think about this for a second. Please repeat the phrase out loud: “he is immediately attacked by a ReDead”. Read it again. “he is immediately attacked by a ReDead”. Try it even slower. “heeeee isssss immeeeeeediately attacked by a ReeeeeDead”.

The point?

What in the blue blazing *Navi* is a ReDead doing at the bottom of a well?! Actually, what in the blue blazing *Navi* is dozens of ReDeads, with baddies surrounding a freaking TOMB, doing at the bottom of a well?! I’m pretty sure that various undead minions that have been rotting for decades would be pretty unhealthy if it happened to contaminate the drinking water of an entire town.


Before I get any remarks that “they could have just drank from the stream” let me ask you this.

You’re sleeping quite peacefully in the middle of the night when you’re awakened by your little sister. She’s tired, cranky and wants some water. There’s a glass of clean water within arms reach. Assuming there is nothing wrong with this glass, is there anyone in the history of the world that would walk down two flights of stairs, grab another cup, turn on the faucet, and get water that way?

Now picture the same scenario, only in Kakariko Village. I’m not hiking down to a stream if there’s a well right there.

Well maybe I would if I knew beforehand what was in the water.

So just to throw this out there, was absolutely no one aware about this? And if they were, was no one disgusted enough to do something about it?

If you ask me, I think the Sage of Shadow should take the blame for this one. Just because Impa was working at the castle it doesn’t relieve her of her responsibilities. Maybe she’ll do something about it when the whole *Naving* town turns into ReDeads.

So what is the point of the article? Simple. I think that Windmill guy shouldn’t be so cranky that the well is dry in the future. For all we know, Link saved him from a horrible life of eternal undeath. Maybe in the future the residents will learn something from this, and won’t drill a well right next to the air vent of a century old tomb.

Besides I don’t want to inspect my water every time I take a drink. I think the residents should be glad in way that there was nothing worse in the well.

And no, I don’t know what would be worse than a ReDead in your drinking water.

So, if you’re going to make any New Year’s resolution for 2006, I would suggest that you take some time and double check the water you’re drinking. Who knows, your next sip could be your last.

And at last the New Year is upon us. Let’s sit back, raise our glasses of freshly drawn well water and toast to the New Year. Let us hope that 2006 brings us all that we expect: Twilight Princess, the Revolution, a great year at Zelda Blog, ReDead free drinking water, and of course more excellent editions of A Somewhat Serious Article.

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I actually haven’t read it yet, I’ll comment when I have, but now that I know your posting schedule I can leave the first post. happy new year!

wow, that was good, I like how you incorporate some sort of hilarious image into almost every one of your assa’s, great job.

This article has totally changed my outlook on the denizens of Kakariko Village, its cuccos and Impa’s sanity…

Amazing relevation, Darth Citrus.

Maybe the density of whatever nastiness caused the Redeads was greater than the water. Thus, it settled to the bottom over time, creating the Redeads, but allowing the fresh water to rise to the top.

Or they’ve just been drinking contaiminated water for decades. :P

What would any of you people rather drink water from Kakariko Village well or water from tingle?

Ridiculous! In case you didn’t notice, Bongo Bongo had been trapped down in the well! Now, I don’t know about you, but a monster like him in my drinking water is about as bad as re-deads in my drinking water. Now, theoretically at least, the entire village knew that Bongo Bongo was in the well.

I prove your article incorrect, mortal!

Don’t forget the dead hand, you know, the wite thing with hands sticking up from the ground in several places, and when it grabs you, its real body rises from the damp earth, just to take a bite from Link, and the bubbles, and the skulltulas.Thats nasty water, it could have some festering didease in it or something.Thats why I drink bottled water.

I also forgot to mention this stuff (would make anyone reconsider drinking there well water) theres:
mystical fire
a triforce sign
rusty metal
rotting wood.
What kind of bacteria would grow on this stuff?Maybe Hylians are impervious to sickness.

Maybe, if they can take a blow from a Darknut’s sword without having severe lacerations, then they might be impervious to sickness. I mean, how many Hylians have we seen sick? Only a few, and most of them just had really bad asthma. (The boy in ALttP and FSA.) Maybe they just boil the water to kill all the bacteria before they drink it.

All I know is any town that willingly houses a family of cursed spider-humans, a multitude of Skulltulas, and Dampe, probably doesn’t care about some dead bodys in their drinking water.

Kakariko’s are tough for real’s yo.

Wait, where in FSA was there a sick person?I don’t remember.Help me out Master of ALttP.I’ve read that once in American history, there was a town somewhere in the original thirteen colonies that they fell ill, and someone found out the problem, so they started digging deeper wells, and other stuff (I can’t remember the details) and everyone started to feel better.I know deep, and that well wasn’t too deep, since when Link jumps in, he doesn’t get hurt.UNLIKE the well in Ikana Canyon (MM) which incedentally was full of dead stuff too, but…it was very deep.And dry, that could support the dead in there.One last (and slightly off subject) the 50th Post Award’s Prizes are the following:
Grand Prize: A trip to the Bottem of the OoT/MM well, and a 50 medallion.
First prize:Pocket Cucco!

Perhaps the Triforce sign down there is some sort of magical emblem that negates the bacterial effects of the undead. Or DC’s right and Kakariko’s citizens have been drinking contaminated water for years. Or the Hyrulians aren’t as primative as we first thought; Perhaps two New Yorkers stumbled from one kingdom to another and introduced running water and purifying filters to the Hyrulians. :P That way Kakariko citizens can drink water from the well without having to worry about what’s been in it. (jk)

Well (pun not intended) Teminians are more advanced at technology than Hyrulians, yet Hyrulians are more advanced at magic.Maybe they just purify the water via magic, since at times like that, only the courageous would go to the great beyond to figure out stuff…and no one ws brave enough to swim in that well to find out what was in it, so they have a witch in the area to purify the water as it goes from the earth, through her house, into he windmill, and ready for everyone to drink.*walks unnoticingly to the well* hopefully that teaches all to calm down about well water *pulls a cup from pocket and takes up water* now lets talk about city water *drinks* do you guys even know what kind of chemicals are in the wa-*turns green and passes out*

Who knows, perhaps with the drinking of the water that is infested with redeads and other wonderful things, your body would slowly build up a resistence to whatever nasatiness there is. Also, as Bongo Bongo is sealed at the bottom of the well, he is clearly more dense then the water, thus it would be harder for him to affect the water.

*a second HH holding a sandwhich comes up to the first one who’s half dead* like my replacement powers?Don’t worry people, I’m fine, I just used a trained dummy to drink that well water, I said earlier I prefer bottled water.*pulls dummy behind the place* Ok, Daemar, your probably right, infact TML would probably be correct, since ReDead are just magically born creatures, therefore not really rotting things, of course, that contamination could have brought to life NOT BY MAGIC, but by the original owner of the spot, Bongo!As an adult, the old man in blue tells you that there used to be a man that used an “Eye” of truth, and his house WAS where the wel is now, so his rotting corpse became bongo bongo, and used his shadow magic to create look-like sevants (wall/floor masters, ReDead, Dead hand, ect) and they all lived in some grave yard until Bongo Bogno decided to use his magic to burn the city, so he escaped from the grave, burned the town, and then went off.Then, one day, the city was rebuilt, and they needed water, so they found an underground stream, and dug through there, and woken up Bongo Bongo, and his domain was flooded, and was angered, and then one day some fairy lad comes by, empties his well, he sends one dead hand after him, loses his prized treasure, then takes seven ears to plan in his rotting remains of a brain, and sends more minions (after meeting Ganondorf) and gets that fairy lad, and when he returns to the village, BB breaks out, seals the well, and goes off to the royal family’s crypt, AKA, the shadow temple.There his *NAVI* was kicked and then Link saves the day, you get the pic ok I’m shutting down now *passes out for real*

I never thought about that water…

I’m in favor of the “magicly pure” theory. If the Hylians have enough magic to brew potions that will heal anything wrong with you in a single gulp, then they surely have some magical method of taking gunk out of water. It could be a magical shield over the mouths of buckets used to fetch water, or a small potion poured into each bucket retrived.(Spekaing of which, has anyone even SEEN a bucket in Kakario Village?)

The boiling method has some merit too… just put your water in a pan, hold it over a fire, wait a few minutes for it to boil, and another few minutes for it to cool…By which point your little sister has just gone back to bed, tired of waiting on her glass of water…

I was thinking of plumbing.People, I am going to venture into Kakariko well at the time Link is having his nightmare, so Bon Voyage until award time *dives in**tv screen comes up* don’t worry people, I am wearing the blue tunic (kid size) so I should be fine.And I know it takes all day to boil the water until its safe enough for drinking (sister askes one day, gets it next day)
hey, I foun some sort of…*tv turns off*

Is there not the possibility that there are no bacteria in hyrule? I mean think about it. The goddesses created all life forms on the planet including the hylians, but that dosn’t mean that they made bacteria as well. Just think about it.

But isn’t bacteria a life form?

Kojinka said:

But isn’t bacteria a life form?

Yes, it is a life form, but it’s probably not in the water. I mean, look at the surface of the water of the well. Really, start up your N64, star a new game if you have to, go to Kakariko and stand on the edge of the well. Press c-up, look at the water and tell me if you see any difference between that water, and the water at Lake Hylia. No? None? Zilch? It’s also perfectly clear! If you set your tv’s picture brightness the way the game tells you to, you can almost see the bootom of the well! I don’t see any grime, muck, green stuff, algae, moss, nothing growing around there at all! I now rest my case.

Guys, I think I already covered this. The point is they need to drink water at some point in time. Otherwise they wouldn’t need a well. THUS if they have been drinking water, they would take it from the well. Q.E.D. :P

That’s the first thing I thought of when I first entered that hellish dungeon all those years ago….

Heh, about time we got ASSA covering it. Good work DC, and keep it up through 2006

*tv starts up again* I leave you guys for a few hours, and a new guy comes and starts talking up a storm.Its nasty in here, belive me.I just got caught by an olf fishing line, apparently, some of this water comes from Lake Hylia’s fishing pond (I got me a sinking lure disguised as a floating lure) well, it seems I won’t have to wait long, but I still need a few more hours or so until I get out (I used Farore’s Wind, so I won’t have to travel all the way back)

Chill Linktacular, I just said ” some new guy” and when I last came here, we were at 17 posts, now its 34 (counting this one) and I’m doing a little roleplay, I’m in the Kakariko Well, at the time Link is still in Kokiri forest.

*tv turns on* Hello people, I’m almost done, so I’ll be up soon.And Linktacular, I’m the guy that give out an Award called the 50th post award, with random little prizes.Whoever makes the 50th post wins it, yet no one has won the 100th Post Triforce trophy.And we’re using the *Navi* censoring system brought up by none other than the webmaster of Exploding Deku Nut, the writer of the A Somewhat Serious Articles, the good sith himself, DARTH CITRUS! (you owe me DC, 50 ruppees) nine more posts as a reminder, one more thing, I mentions the prizes earlier in this article.*tv turns off*

You know, if the game had enough memory, disk space (whatever it is that doesn’t let the characters have a personality), or whatever, the Kakariko villagers would still probably never make a trip to the stream. Heck, they probably wouldn’t even go to the well for water. The programmers either won’t think we care about their healthy (or unhealthy) lives, or they won’t remember that people need to eat or drink anything to survive. In WW, non of the islanders ever go to get water from anywhere, but they live on islands, so if they get desperate enough for water, they can just drink sea water(which actually has almost as much bacteria as the Bottom of the Well). My point is(yes I have a point) that the if they had programmed personalities, the Kakariko Villagers would never go to drink any water, at all, which is why the fat lady’s dinner(assuming it’s soup) will never be ready.

hygiene wasn’t a big deal in the Middle Ages, Also when Christopher Cloumbus found the new world the indians were infected with diseases that the English were immune to, so maybe the Hylians were immune to the water if it did carry any diseases or bacteria…….A histroy recap for you.

Or….To be more funny about this….The well water is probably the reason why we won’t see any decendents of the people that drank it in future Zelda games….lol

Wow, I think this is the fastest I have ever seen one of my articles reach 50 posts. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet. :P

I don’t remember who said it, but spaming is not allowed. I can edit all the comments in the article. :P

Linktacular said:

Never have they drunk that water, never will they drink that water ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Read my earlier post to see why your right…

Earlier someone said that there might have been a witch keeping the water free of contamination. The “new guy”, has just reminded me of the old hag that sells red, green, and blue potion within the Village. Could this be the witch cleansing the water? Or maybe she pours a few cups of blue potion into the water every now and then. Who knows…

Linktacular, the reason that I called you “the new guy” was because of an earlier post.

Hyrulian Hero said:

I leave you guys for a few hours, and a new guy comes and starts talking up a storm.

That’s why I called you “the new guy”; I didn’t mean to offend you. Also, I was sort of agreeing with you earlier, except that I don’t think that they’ll ever drink any water, at all.

Alright you guys are taking this way to seriously. This is A SOMEWHAT SERIOUS ARTICLE. I’ve already covered the issue of them drinking water from the well. Period.

These articles are intended for humor, try to remember that. I don’t want to have to disable comments because this begins to turn into spam.

Did you read the article at all. The point is they DIDN’T know that the water was contaiminated. In fact the whole article is in jest. The only real person that would know is Impa, and I wrote about that as well.

They didnt know. They didnt know. OK????

I read the article. Listen to me DID THEY OR DID THEY NOT KNOW

Yes, see you making the man reapeat himself, all that matters to me is that you understand.

They didnt know. ok? THEY DID NOT, DID NOT KNOW


Linktacular, you contributed more comments to this post than any two other people combined. Do not spam or else.

Babygurl, you have been warned twice. As your third warning, I’m deleting your account. You may reregister if you wish, but know that I am watching your E-mail account and IP address. If I find you doing it again, you will be IP banned.

The TML has spoken.

Darth please bare with me. You are saying that they didn’t know that the water from the well was conteminated. Right? Yet they were as you said still drinking it, How could they not have know when they were getting sick?

This is what you said:
“Well maybe I would if I knew beforehand what was in the water.”
HOW could you have NOT known? The well was there for years, the “House” or whatever even longer. Are a new resident? What were people drinking before? Surely someone would’ve stumbled on this fasinating potetioly life saving information before and would have told you NOT to drink from the well. (Look at all the graves)

Hmm… Perhaps they do know that the water is contaminated, and throw criminals and felons into it (thus the Redeads.)

Linktacular, warning two. I have deleted enough of your posts as is. Double post one more time and your account is gone. End of story.

Yah but he is saying that they did’t

I don’t remember recieving the first two warnings

I’m not trying to spam you are not answearing my question

Warning One
Warning Two

Whether you think you are spamming or not, you are. This is NOT a message forum. This is NOT a chat room. This is a blog. This means that people may not reply to you in five seconds, Linktacular. Just because someone doesn’t post back to you within a minute doesn’t meant that they’re ignoring you. It doesn’t mean that you have permission to post again, asking what the hell is going on. It means you sit and wait for someone to reply back. And if no one does, then you silently regard yourself the winner of the debate.

If you wish to take this up with me further, please, . Otherwise, any further deviations from the rules, and your account is gone.

Did they or did they not know? If they didn’t well that’s just an impossibility, you could not have lived there for years and then just wake up one day and say “I think I’ll go and have a sip from the well”

I’m only going to write this once. This whole article is for humor. That is the whole reason I started Exploding Deku Nut. To bring Zelda Humor to the web. These kind of topics are taken too seriously. They are meant to be taken with a certain grain of salt. Good grief. When I say “Did no one know they were drinking this water” I’m talking about the numorous fans that have played this game. The point I’m trying to get across here is the total idiocy to drill a well next to the air vent of a tomb. The point that the villagers were drinking from the water all these years just makes the circumstances much more hiliarious.

Now that I have answered, I ask that you do not continue to spam. TML has already deleted numerious comments. I dont want to have to turn off comments because of this.

So have I won?

[TML: No. You have lost in the worst of possible ways… by not understanding the point.]

Although humorous the presumption of these people drinking contaminated water for years is frankly ridiculous.

If Hyrule was a real place and DC was actually writing a completely serious article than it would be ridiculous. actually, you’re right, it is ridiculous, that’s why it’s a joke!!!! Disregarding the fact that it is a somewhat serious article, it’s not meant to be taken this seriously. You keep talking about “winning” but it’s a joke. you obviously have the freedom to debate on any article, abiding withing the blog rules of course, but I’m just pointing out that you’re making a fool of yourself.

WOW I cant believe how many responses this has got in such a short amount of time… anyway this might explain why the Sheikah have red eyes.

BTW wouldnt it be cool if there was an entire Village of Sheikah in Twilight Princess?

I’m am definatly not drinking that crap.

Linktacular won a trip to the bottom of the well people ^_^ time to move on to my evil side *turns into zora**pops up and Sends Linktacular into the well and seals it* That would be cool.The monsters aren’t the ones who contaminated the well, its all the wood and metal in there, its nasty, and Hyrule is sorta in a sub-tropical climate, meaning it could snow, and have warm summers, and warm temps help germs reproduce, and dispite the fact that the Bottom of the well has a deep, dark, and cold secret, its quite warm in there.Thus, the sheikah drank enough of this water until their eyes turned red, and turned into a family trait (if your a shiekah, you’ve got blood poisening) and I don’t want to go back in there.

All the same, I woulnt want to drink that water heheh. Who knows wht kind of germs those redead have? Nice article by the way, DC. It brings a bit of humor to my day. :)

Nice article, that was comic relief for a day of studing for finals. Thank you!!!=)

Yay! I’m not the only one who thought deeply about the fact that undead lived in the well! That thought has bothered me for so very long! It is a good thing the well got drained. Now they can put a new one in a different and safer spot…how about the Skulltulla house? HAPPY NEW YEAR, YO!

Would you rather drink water contaminated by ReDead or Gibdo?

BTW WOW TML is scary when he gets angry, I sure dont want to get on his bad side XD.

I agree Robert.Give him TOTAL respect.I rather drink water from a river.I think they just get their water from the river, since the well is scary, it even had a name, “Deep, Dark, And Scary, The Well of Three Horros” or somethin’ like that.And the Zora keep all water clean.You know, only Zora’s fountain is the scource of all water in Hyrule, since all I can find is one waterfall from Zora’s Fountain, which branches off to Zora’s Domain, Zora’s River, the Hyrulian Plain river, the river through the desert, and to Lake Hylia, and possibly going to several underground sources, like the one leading to the Fishing Pond, while possibly another goes through the mountain, and ends up as well water, which mixes in the magically dead bodies of ReDead, and other creatures, and becoming like that of sewage.Now who would drink water from sewage?I could be right about plumbing in the town, and magic used to purify it, who knows, somehow theres a cow in Link’s house.Oops, I gave that away.

  • 62. jrz says:

im glad my account can’t be erased i have 5 email addresses i can remake and thats sick water

jrz said:

im glad my account can’t be erased i have 5 email addresses i can remake and thats sick water

All TML has to do is IP ban your computer and none of your emails will work.

Also, I think if Gibdo’s were down there it would be much worse. You, know with all the spices and *Navi* in the wrappings. ;D

And the Wall or Floor masters are there (I think) an they are giant severed hands (oozing blood maybe) and the sub boss calld the dead hand, that thing scares me, not how it looks, but how big it really is.Most of its body is in the dirt, and whats below the dirt would also be scary.

Actually, this explains a lot. No wonder the people of Kakariko are so screwed up.

There’s something in the water…

Plus I didnt see any of them trying to stop the fire from burning the Village down maybe they wanted it to be destroyed for that reason… or maybe Kakariko Village is the same Village in Resident Evil 4, it would explain where the Parasites came from lol.

Maybe they were *Navi’n* burning in the fire, Robert-UK.

I agree that it’s purified with magic. I’m a New Yorker and we know bad water when we see it, so that cancells out the monters were to dense theoy.

Hey, I said something agreeable (forgive me) anyways, they were trapped in the buildings (thanks to Bongo Bongo) and thanks to the local witch, they were healed from all damage (but they had to repair their own homes, dishes,ect) and Link was the one who got mud, blood, and acid all over him just to save this one little town.

All in a days work for the Hero of Time, he spends an entire day restoring Lake Hylia then goes back to Kakariko Village for a nap, some food and drink and maybe a little company and what happens… he gets his ass kicked by an invisible monster, sometimes its not worth getting out of bed.

I agree with Hyrulian Hero on all the monsters and *Navi* in the water… and the Dead Hand is scary. If you’re fast, you can go right up to it and press c^ to look at it’s arms to see something really disturbing(I won’t give it away). That mini-boss
makes me wonder why the game is rated E instead of T; a lot of people I know love Zelda games, but we know a lot of people who think it’s a game for little 8 yr. olds, just because it’s rated E.

KillerTofu, I will go Kung-Fu on you (hey that rhymes) if you don’t tell us what on the Dead Hand’s hands! *is suddenly wearing ninja costume**Navi comes in* You don’t know Kung-Fu**HH runs like a chicken*Never mind, I’ll find out myself *holds up a bag of golden ruppees*And when Link went into the well, he broke the entire water system that hasn’t been disturbed since the building of that well, so water will build up more in certain areas while droughts will occur in others.

*Seals the entrance to the Well trapping Hyrulian Hero inside so that we never have to hear from him again* *Then gets Link to play the Song of Storms to flood the Well*

Hey, why did you put my dummy in there?Remember my replacement move?The game should be rated E10+, to keep it from being thought of it being for little ones.*opens a portal in the space-time continuuum to Zora’s Domain in the fall**pushes Robert inside and Zoran females come swarming* have a nice “fall” (ok bad pun) *seals portal* he’ll be back when he sees his future self.Ok, now then, please don’t underestimeate me in RP, now back to reality.Just one last off subject thing, since there’s no 100 posts in the subjects, there’s going to be an 80th post Triforce Trophy, it will stay the same, a trophy cup that had a replica of the Triforce over it.Now back to the subject: this might be the second subject to reach 88 posts, but anyways, who knows if the people know if the water is contaminated, whos knows if the witch does purify it, but we do know, its just nasty under there (would make a good episode of “Dirty Jobs” ne?) and the dead (magic or real) are down there haunting Hyrule until TWW comes into time, and destroys every thing in Hyrule (after Ganondorf is stone) and we all get the point.But still, like any place in the world, this place is filled with mystery, history, dirt, worms, and someone playing scary music in there for eternity named George.

I aint coming back life here just got a lot more interesting.

ROTFL!!!I can’t wait to see half human zoras swimming around Hylia’s seas (I believe that a half human Zora is a Merperson, like mermaid, merman, you guys get the picture, right?)Anyways, keep them out from the well, ok?Plus, you might have to come back, you left all of your equipment here, and what would you do when the Zola catch your scent, eh?Boy, I gotta make a movie outta this (mwahaha!)Hey, I made a lame joke from this post.

Got any Goron attractant?

0_0; You disturb me, man.I’m going to have nightmares of this for a month.I’ll also need to go to therapy for this.*runs in terror, until he can’t be seen anymore*
Navi:And I thought I was annoying.Anyone wanna same a few things before this subject suddenly stops recieving posts?we could alsways use the 80th post Triforce Trophy.
*HH runs by*
Navi:T_T great, there he goes, off to the lava fields.

Ok, lets stop spamming this subject Robert, so people can think about what new thing I have to say:There’s going to be something like a sewage system in TP, filled with much putrid stuff, enough to make Kakariko Well clean as a whistle fresh from the factory.

LOL…that was funny. Shame about the spam though…

Although I just relised something… where exactly did the water go when you made the Windmill go faster?

What was the windmill’s perpose?
Think about that!

The Windmills purpose was to keep the evil water inside the well and poison the people of Kakariko Village and turn them into ReDead or Gibdo (Old Ganon/dorf or Tingle must have built it). And when Link played the Song of storms the water was released into the river outside of Kakariko Village to poison all of Hyrule mwahahaha.

Robert-UK said:

The Windmills purpose was to keep the evil water inside the well and poison the people of Kakariko Village and turn them into ReDead or Gibdo (Old Ganon/dorf or Tingle must have built it). And when Link played the Song of storms the water was released into the river outside of Kakariko Village to poison all of Hyrule mwahahaha.

Your right! Tingle would be behind something like that! He must have came through a portal from Termina to Hyrule, brought the windmill person (guru guru? I forget…) over from Termina with him, built the windmill to create his evil Zombie army, and then plagued all of Hyrule (and later the Great Sea) with his descendants forevermore (WW OoA OoS TMC etc)! :D

*bells ring and a golden light showers Robert UK*
Navi:CONGRATS ROBERT!YOU’VE WON THE 80TH POST TRIFORCE TROPHY!!!Hopefully the lights didn’t blind you
HH:Ok, I think you two are crazy.Like in a certain cartoon, where a windmill was used to drive vandals from the farm, the Kakariko Windmill no only pumped water from the earth, but also kept the evil within at bay, but only if the water reained, and guess what people, I’ll let you guys figure this one out :P

I still hold to the theory that Kakariko Village is the same Village in Resident Evil 4, I think that the Villagers are the same people too.

BTW Thanks Hyrulian Hero I win again.

Racoon City (of Earth) and Hyrule (of Hylia) I dun think so, sorry Robert.

Sorry but Racoon City was in Res 2 and 3, It was a Spanish Village in Res 4.

How am I s’posed to know, I don’t play it.Since its related to the subject *gets Robert to drink the Kakariko well water*

*Turns into ReDead due to the Well waters evil powers, sneakes/stumles upto Hyrulian Hero while his back is turned then grabs him and starts eating his Brain… well what there is of it.*

(last post of the subject)Heheheh, very funny *uses a sword to pry Robert off and knocks his block off, then carries him to Death Mountain and throws him in the lava, and then he chases Tingle and tosses him into Deahh Mountain, amd suddenly, Hyrule is happier, the well explodes, and everyoe is happier, so happy that they make HH their king, and he orders the Gerudo Fortress destroyed, and orders the Zora to be free from slavery, and tells the Gorons to eat more rocks, and all is happy for the rest of eternity**wakes up realizing he was asleep since the first post* well a person can dream, can’t he?