Tingle RPG, Wherefore art thou?

December 17th, 2005 at 1:34 pm by Archaic Sage

It seems that in the Zelda world, there is always something going on. In the past few weeks, there have been a bit of a slow down in news, a slow down to a stop. This is mainly because of the news we’ve been getting about the Revolution, and the fact that no Spanish websites have made up any news yet! However, this article will be discussing the Tingle RPG.

So, Tingle RPG, wherefore art thou? You seemed to have appeared briefly, once, in Famitsu, and then you seemed to die away. This makes me sad. I like to know about games like this, even if it is only for a second. I mean, seriously, there are some things about games that many people don’t ever know about. Yet, with the Tingle RPG, the entire planet knew for a few days and then you seemed to drop off the face of the Universe.

If you do a search for Tingle RPG, you’ll get next to no new information (you’ll also see Rauru’s Return in Sixth place!). If you go to Nintendo Japan, and try and wade your away through the masses of foreign information on the website, there will be nothing new there either.

Am I alone in wanting to know what’s going on with this? I have predicted for many a month now, that the game will not be released outside of Japan, as it’d fail miserably. However, the fact that there is no news at all makes me feel like they’ve stopped production of this game. If this is so, then why have they not announced it? Furthermore, why have they not attacked us with more information if it is coming out? Famitsu tends to be great with information like this; after all, they were the people that told us about the Pikmin E-Cards.

I don’t know to be honest with you, this does not seem like a promising sign to me at all. As much as a loath the idea of cheapening the Zelda series like this, I’d like to see more information about its cancellation or creation. Silence is just the worst.

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    It’s worth noting that Nintendo Power had Tingle RPG in a recent issue, but was the same exact screenshot seen in Famitsu.

    What I don’t like is all the naysayers who are all “Tingle RPG will never come stateside” and “Americans hate Tingle” and “You smell funny, Masa”.

    i found out that the Pikmin had chased NoJ and took all prototype Tingle RPG, YAY FOR PIKMIN!!!

    Tingle is one of my favorite characters! I’m American, through and through. I just don’t get why everyone is against him.

    Masamune said:

    It’s worth noting that Nintendo Power had Tingle RPG in a recent issue, but was the same exact screenshot seen in Famitsu.

    What I don’t like is all the naysayers who are all “Tingle RPG will never come stateside” and “Americans hate Tingle” and “You smell funny, Masa”.

    Well, the last part of that is true Masa! XD

    But yeah, I feel that it won’t get this way, simply because they know that the majority of the west hate him for whatever reason we do. It’d be a bad marketing move for Nintendo…. that being said, they say that about the Earthbound/Mother series, and there are some serious hardcore fans for that series.

    I’m not sure that I’d give up hope entirely. I mean, all we know about it is two whole screenshots’ worth of information. That’s not exactly a lot to really report on. What I suspect is going on is the “Christmas silence”; since everyone is focused on holiday shopping, I don’t think there’s really a lot of opportunity to talk about new stuff.

    [TML: There’s no reason to become combative now. :P ]

    ^ You’re so fired now. Everyone should love Tingle. Why, I see a day when people will have entire SITES dedicated to the Tingle series of games. On that glorious day, everyone will be like “I hate Link” and “Who would want to play a Link game” and “You smell funny, Rob”.

    I think its great there giving Tingle his own game. If it goes great people will start saying Link was created by Ganondorf. And start saying Princess Zelda and him should be together(pray they wont). Of course i’ll still agree with Link. Maybe they shouldnt make it THAT INTENESE on Link though. But Tingle has that many chances of the title being changed to “The legend of Tingle”. No offense Tingle, but im hoping they only make one.I still think Tingle gotz it in the bag for us. U NEVER KNOW, WE MIGHT NOT SEE DESTRUTION!!!!

    This is eveyones down fall. But this is Tingles reign on “The legend of Zelda”, and someone told me tingle kidnaps people and makes em apart of his crew. Not true, he’s that popular. People WANT to be like him. But people wont admit it. I can see it know. Dont stop beging nintendo Tingle. Cause its a fact they would never make u a star, this might not even happen!!!

    Wherefore means “why”, not “where”.

    I say good riddance to this “game”. TINGLE IS A *NAVI*!!!!!! But that’s just my opinion.

    My god I dont know what to say anymore, the only way to kill Tingle is to pop his Balloon as he floats over Death Mountain as the extreme heat of the Lava is the only thing that can kill him.

    • 13. Jack says:

    Archaic Sage said:

    no Spanish websites have made up any news yet!

    So true, that’s a great observation!

    I thought they weren’t making a Tingle game, that it was just another Zelda….

    What I don’t get is what peoples big problem with Tingle is, I don’t mind him…

    • 15. TSA says:

    The January NP confirmed Tingle RPG coming out in 2006…so I think it means America as well as Japan.

    • 16. JC says:

    I’m not against Tingle RPG. XD

    See, it may have Tingle, but it still might be fun. It’s an intruiging idea at the most and I’m with Archaic Sage on this one. Some new info would be great.

    But I know some idiot fan will say “TINGLE RPG IS IN THE TIMELINE!”

    ^The only reason I dread a Zelda spin-off title.

    Just as long as we don’t get some more goofy-ass Tingle titles after this one….

    Well I reakon they will cancel the Tingle game just like they did with the Tetra game. And also when the hell is Zelda ds comming out.

    Tingle is more annoying than Jar Jar Binks, at least Binks didnt steal all your money… oh whait a minute he did.

    BTW evil link, the only reason the Tetra’s Tracker’s game didnt get a release outside of Japan was because they would have had to use an English voice actor for Tetra.

    Talk about lazy.

    I’m not against Tingle RPG, but I’m not sure if I support it either. I hate Tingle, but if this game is gonna make it to it’s final stage and reach the States, I’ll give it a chance. Because it’s Zelda, and if it bombs, its rarity may gain it a great collectors value. Much like the CD-i Zeldas.

    I was fairly certain that the game wasn’t really a “Tingle RPG” so much as that shot just featured Tingle. And Americans do hate Tingle.

    Imagine how much they’ll hate the game when Tingle has partner in crime. I heard that Tingle has a partner named Oge. I think it was the wikipedia that said it.

    Damn, that middle aged wanabee fairy just won’t die! What do you have to smoke to think of having a game on a stupid balloon man. Grrg!

    Robert-UK said:

    Tingle is more annoying than Jar Jar Binks, at least Binks didnt steal all your money… oh whait a minute he did.

    How can Tingle be so annoying? He’s funny, and he doesn’t have a voice so his voice can’t annoy you. Jar Jar doesn’t annoy me much either… Except in the battle when he is inept do do anything.

    Tingle RPG is a DS game right? There is a whole bunch oof crazy games on the DS… So I think people will focus more on the gameplay of the game than Tingle…

    Jack the Ripper believe me its not just Americans who hate him.

    Im sorry to be so skeptical, but there is never going to be a tingle RPG. The very concept is completely, inherently absurd. That knowledge alone is enough.

    The posts I’m reading sound very much like the ones I read about the supposed “Zelda Movie”. And heck, this isn’t even close to a Zelda movie. This is a supposed tingle RPG for crying out loud. Who would ever, in their right mind, spend money on producing such a game?

    And on top of that, who would buy it if they did?

    I wouldn’t.

    And for an even more terrifying idea how about “The Legend of Tingle the Motion Picture” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD DREAM, BAD DREAM… NEED…. MY… SLEEPING… PILLS.

    THIS IS A BAD DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!

    I really hope tinglle rpg isn’t Zelda DS (Its gonna be on DS) I’ll faint if it is or is it some scary april fools trick we’ll only know when ninty spills da beans!!!!!!!!!