Zelda Movie… Not Currently Being Planned

November 23rd, 2005 at 10:56 pm by SilverWind

The following image appeared on the website of Club Nintendo, the source that reported in the previous weeks that Nintendo was planning an upcoming Zelda movie in addition to a Metroid one:

Club Nintendo

“In our November issue, in the Dr. Mario section, due to a missinterpretation we said that Reggie had mentioned that Nintendo would be working on a Zelda movie, which is totally FALSE. It should have said the following:

While Nintendo is working on a Metroid movie, there are currently no plans for a Zelda or Mario film as of now.

Club Nintendo assumes this mistake in its entirely.”

Sorry guys, apparently it was a misunderstanding on Club Nintendo’s part. The error may have gotten our hopes up, but we can still hope for the success of the Metroid movie, and a probable Zelda movie being announced after that.

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Well! That was quite a bit of a slip up there, huh? Oh well, no loss for me ;)

Yes. No zleda movie is good thing in my mind. I just want nintendo to keep pumpingout good games.

Meh…Everyone makes mistakes.I mean, haven’t we messed up at least 20 times in our lives?

This is a huge goof on the part of Club Nintendo; however, at the same time, this isn’t any different than having a big typo appear at the New York Times or your daily newspaper. It happens all the time, and while they should have caught it, people will inevitably understand that sometimes mistakes go uncatched, even the big ones.

Though I do have to admit that it’s funny how quickly Internet rumours can be shown to be false, although to its credit, the story hasn’t even broken to the other Zelda sites much less IGN, EGM, and Gamespot, so technically the rumour isn’t dead… yet. ;)

  • 5. Jack says:

Curses, foiled again!

Oh thank god.


good so they wont be makeing a bad idea come true

I mean i love zelda but makeing a movie is pretty dumb what i say

I never believed that anyway. xD
I really hope the metroid movie is going to be good.. If not, my little brother runs berserk XD

  • 9. Kai says:

But yeah! That does say their is planning for a metroid movie, so that’s actually pretty cool in my opinion! But I was a bit releaved to see the title of this article. I thought that the movie would be terrible.


Kai said:

But yeah! That does say their is planning for a metroid movie

The Metroid movie has been in development for quite some time, Penny Arcade reported the news back in April 2004.

Oh *NAVI* oh well after Metroid is finished well find out if it will happen, I dont know if I should be excited by the fact that John Woo is involved he dosent exactly do stories very well, action yes, story no.

[TML: Edited for content.]

Ok sorry about that one guys, im not sure what happened I guess I screwed up, I wrote this in Wordpad then Copied and Pasted it and im not sure what went wrong so try to ignore the top part… so please forgive me…..PLEASE

oh i wounld of been good 2 have a zelda game

crazyfreak said:


Well um my reaction isn’t that enthusiastic, but I must say that I am glad a Zelda movie isn’t coming out. I really think that I would be very disappointed.

[TML: Robert-UK, your original comment hit the moderation list, and I edited your comment appropriately. This was part of the stuff that I cut out of your comment because it had nothing to do with the topic at hand. Please stay on topic; the ‘Blog is not a chat room to discuss your whims. Please see #2 on our list of rules and guidelines.]

Oh sorry, lol

I’m kind of glad there isn’t any plans for a Zelda movie yet.

I’m Mexican. Guess how I’m feeling now?

Ah well… But seriously, guys, did you really thought they were actually on heavy work on the movie already? My interpretation when I read that in the magazine was “Working? I bet they’ve only had a chat about it”.

But as Gamespot said, if Metroids succeeds, Zelda is obvious to come. Tremble in fear or jump up and down with excitement.

Uh……Am I the only person that wanted a Zelda movie to come out?

No. No, you are not. However, the vast majority fears another Street Fighter.

  • 22. Kai says:

The Missing Link said:

The Metroid movie has been in development for quite some time, Penny Arcade reported the news back in April 2004.

Oh, haha, goes to show how much I stay updated in the gaming world :) I usually dont go anywhere outside of Zelda

*Shuder* Mario Bros the Movie was bad but Street Fighter STANK, I have to admit I wonder what most of these guys are thinking when they make these movies take W.S. Anderson for example this man has made Aliev Vs Predator, Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat and what do all these films have in common, THEY ARE TERRIBLE this man should not be let near a movie set he cant make a decent movie, I know it and you know it yet the film companies keep giving him more projects and more money o.k. heres a knightmare scenario for you imagine if he gets interested in the zelda games just think about it, truly terrifying

Im not sure why that keeps happening

spikerman said:

Uh……Am I the only person that wanted a Zelda movie to come out?

No. I want a Zelda movie as much as you. (Mabey more.)

Alright well that makes me feel better

  • 27. TSA says:

My apologies. I was told this information was a mistake last Wednesday, but I was sadly away for Thanksgiving and had no way to communicate online until now. But my gf said people found out from news sites.

Oh well, I guess Lord-of-Shadow can breath easily now.

spikerman said:

Uh……Am I the only person that wanted a Zelda movie to come out?

No, you arent. I wanted one as well. Dern, guess we wont be getting one… at least not now.

YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was close!!!

[TML: Don’t stretch the page needlessly like that.]

Woah, wait a minute here. Don’t knock the Mortal Kombat movie, now. Other than leaving out the Scorpion/Sub-Zero stories, it was extremely faithful. Not to mention it’s the best video game movie ever made (not saying much, but still!). And Mario Bros was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a good movie, but at least they had Mario as a surly plumber from Brooklyn, as he should be, and not some high-voiced italian stereotype. If they made a Zelda movie, we should be HOPING they make it like Mortal Kombat, or even get it as right as Mario Bros, and just be happy if they don’t make it a modern-day version, where Link is a high school pusher, and Zelda is a teenage prostitute, whose pimp is a guy named Slick Gannon.

And yes, the second “n” was intentional.

*Deletes memory of previous post* XD