A Few Quick Notes

November 23rd, 2005 at 12:36 am by The Missing Link

Sorry for spamming you with entries tonight, but it has to be done. ;)

First, it’s come to my attention that Zelda Genesis was hacked into this month. Not only that, but the hacker managed to gain access to the webmaster’s E-mail and IM accounts. Also, I’ve heard that an administrator had his account on his forums compromised at The Hylia. I believe that in both cases there was no content was lost and that everything is now under control, which is good. It does, however, serve as a warning for all fans, webmasters especially, to make sure that their passwords are not easily guessable. It’s recommended to have a password of at least 8 characters that includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters (provided they’re allowed). It may be a hassle, but it makes good sense.

Second, I’ve set up a mailing list for ZeldaBlog. Whenever a new post goes up, you’ll be mailed about it. You don’t even have to be registered at ZeldaBlog to sign up! All you need is an E-mail address. Just go ahead and put your E-mail address in in the box on the main page, and then once you confirm your E-mail address, you’ll be receiving our updates.

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    that’s a good idea with the email thing and all

    MAN I hate Hackers what do they get out of it, what gives these little *Navi’s* the right to sit at home and break into other peoples Email’s and IM Accounts and creat Viruses to mess up our computers, it wasnt so long ago that my PC was so full of viruses and Spy ware that I didnt think I could save it, I thought I would have to get a new PC, but with a little luck I did manage to fix all the problems, I just dont underdtand them I use my computer to have fun but these retards mess it up for everyone else and for what, what the * Navi* do they get out of it *sigh* sorry about the rant but these subjects tend to make me angry, lol

    Well, some of them (hackers, mainly) enjoy doing it for the challenge. Some (both hackers and virus-writers) are just psychopaths. Others (mainly virus-writers) do it for the money.

    It should be noted that the password is usually secure, as long as it can’t be guessed. You can’t dictionary-bomb a login prompt. If the password is the weak spot, it’s usually because hackers got access to the encrypted version and brute-forced it. At that point, it may take weeks (unless your password occurs in their dictionary), but they can get it. However, to do that they need access to the encrypted version, which means that security elsewhere wasn’t good enough. Which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t choose your password carefully, but it’s at least as important to make certain there are no backdoors.


    This is not a post to rant and rave nor give death threats to other people, guys.

    • 6. Kai says:

    I think my password is a good one.. hopefully.

    But hey! Mailing List! Fun stuff!

    Ok! I like these new improvements to ZB.

    And as for the victims of the hackers, I’m sorry.

    This really ticks me off! I remember when my pc had Spy-Ware… dark times… so as you can geuss this annoys me. What we really need is something that filters your e-mails or something of the sort. If anyone has heard of this or something similar please e-mail me (i’m not really that good with P.Cs…). Oh, and i have a password no one will ever get. HA HA HACKERS!

    Why do people always have to ruin other peoples injoyment?. It really annoys me. I Know how it feels because it has happened to me before.

    As well as ensuring that you have a secure password, I recommend that webmasters routinely back up their sites. Not only will this ease the blow caused by malicious hackers, it will also help keep your site safe against other disasters such as server crashes.

    Funny, my computer never had anything like this. I use a nice 2004 desktop, and have am banging around on a 2002 laptop with the “v” key missing and the d key has a pistachio under it, but I do know how annoying it can be. My comp never had viruses, couple of trojans, nothing too bad. But geez both love to crash and I know how fustrating it is. I like making FE graphics and it really ticks me when it crashes in the middle of that….Oh and my password is secure. In fact, I let anyone see me type it, what keyes I hit is another matter, I type it so darn fast…. ;)