Zelda Released on Silver?

November 20th, 2005 at 2:57 am by The Missing Link

No, I’m not talking about cartridge colours. (GameCube uses DVDs, people! They’re already silver!) I’m talking about the silver screen.

According to an issue of the Spanish Club Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aime has supposedly confirmed an effort to create a Zelda movie while talking about the efforts under way to creating a movie based upon Metroid.

The article says “Reggie Fils-Aime (Vice President of Marketing for NOA) told us that they will focus on [a movie about] the adventure of Samus and then later start with something about Zelda and maybe Mario. When? Still no word, but don’t doubt that it won’t be something sensational” (translation mine).

Technically, this appears in an official magazine, but pundits so far remain somewhat skeptical since the Metroid efforts haven’t reached filming stage yet. However, this is the first official word that confirms that there are plans in the works for making Zelda on the silver screen. Seeing that we’re in the wake of Doom and several other video game titles, this really doesn’t come as a surprise, but as everyone mentioned before, this does come with some controversy.

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    That would be pretty cool to see some Nintendo movies.

    • Kai says:

    Wow this rumor is spreading very quickly accross the net, it’s big news though. I’m looking forward to seeing if they will release any Nintendo movies or not, I just hope they’re not too Hollywood.

    Meh, at this stage its all talk but no action. So I’m ignoring this info until something concrete comes along about it.

    I don’t know, but I can’t believe this until I’ve seen at least some screenshots..

    Well, it would actually have to derive pretty far from the game to make a good movie. A guy (no matter how amazing) going though five or more dungeons works well in a game, but gets monotonous in a movie. And there would also be some romantic crap between Zelda and Link (I’m a no shipping type of person). All-in-all, I really don’t know if it would be worth it. The only reason I can think that would make it worth-while is that it could possibly shed some light on the time-line mess.

    A Metroid Movie, a Zelda movie and a Mario movie EXCELLENT I hope they are Anime films and NOT Live Action (I have painful memories of Super Mario Bros the Movie).

    BTW Kotake you dont have to have 5 Dungeons in one movie, you could do a Zelda Trillogy and have one dungeon in each movie.

    I think a live action Metroid could work. As for anime, unfortunately, the U.S. hardly ever shows any anime movies anymore. It pains me to see how underrated anime is to the majority in this country, which is why I think a Metroid movie should be live action, Zelda could go either way (preferrably animated, though) Mario HAS to be animated, period. (where are you gonna find actors who can look and sound like Mario, Luigi, etc? And do I need to mention that early 90’s movie?)

    If it was to happen, I would prefer it to be something similiar to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. A film made with a small team of people from nintendo, using computer animation. Like AC, it should mainly be a tribute to the fans of Zelda. A theatrical screening would be nice, (I really hope FFVII: AC gets one).

    I just hope the project DOES NOT get turned over to a hollywood director, and I really hope it is animated. (Like I said before, computer animation like AC would be awesome).

    Let me put it this way: The last thing we need is something along the lines of Doom, Resident Evil, or (gasp) Super Mario Bros.

    I have really high hopes, like we all do. Let’s just hope that they don’t get dashed into a million pieces.

    • Kai says:

    I agree, I have hardly seen many good movies by hollywood directors, I hate them.

    So they confirmed and “effort” to create a Zelda movie. Well a bunch of people have made an “effort” to create a Zelda movie, whether it be anime, real life, or CGI. Trying my best not to be negative but like most the people have already said I will believe it when I see it.

    I heard about the Metroid Movie project last year so…..I don’t know, we’ll just have to see.

    I can’t help but be a wee bit worried about something like this. I mean, such a project CAN work, I’m just wondering if Nintendo will make sure that all effort shall be given towards the project in order to not make it suck completely.

    We’ll just have to see, and until then I am holding my breath.

    This rumour HAS been spreading like wild fire over the Internet… for years, too. Although, all im seeing right now is all talk and no action.

    Anyway, if they make a movie with Zelda, I think it would be best either anime (as first choice) or CGI. Just my thoughts… Wonder what a movie plot for Zelda would entail? Like, would they base it off a specific game (::cough, cough!:: OCARINA OF TIME!! ::cough, cough!::) or would they make a completely new plot? Questions, questions…

    Metriod would be better as a live action, and Mario has to be animated the same way it is in the 2-d games, but a Zelda movie made like a video game = MAJOR CRAP!!!A movie like that called Keane:The Prophesy (I know I mis-spelt the name)it was made like a video game, were alot of stuff was liquid like, it really sucked, and I see Zelda as an anime rather than live or video game.Anyone who agrees with me, say “Whoop-Whoop”, and those that don’t, draw a mushtache on a zola (river zora).

    Mandy said:

    I can’t help but be a wee bit worried about something like this. I mean, such a project CAN work, I’m just wondering if Nintendo will make sure that all effort shall be given towards the project in order to not make it suck completely.

    We’ll just have to see, and until then I am holding my breath.

    zactly what im thinking.

    well this realy tics me off because even tho the old show was ok it still it was gay because if u give a voice to link it wont be right i mean thats just like makeing someone take the roleplay of god and that just aint right so even if they do make it it will still take away everything from the game and make zelda a gay thing and homos will raid the websites saying crap that aint true so i dont think so (if this does happen u should have to do a test only true members would know to get in to prevent this)

    Why does every one hate the mario movie i loved it

    The only thing I didn’t like about the Mario Bros. movie was that ugly little dinosaur. Was that supposed to be Yoshi? D: Yoshi is my favorite Mario character, and when I saw what I thought was supposed to be Yoshi on that movie, a part of me died. Other than that, I thought the movie was okay.

    Did THOSE that think that a Zel movie would be gay, could just use the same guy that does Link’s voice in the movie?Plus, it has to be a new plot, since the mario movie had a plot all on its own.

    As terrible as the Sup Mario Bros movie was I jave to admit that Bob Hoskins was an inspired choice as Mario, the guy actually looks like Mario, lol

    It would be good if they bought out a zelda movie, if it was good!

    The Super Mario movie was bad… even though it wasn’t really based on Mario’s story I liked it. But Legend of Zelda… sounds good to me. I remember last time people were talking about a Zelda movie, most girls wanted Leonardo DeCaprio as Link (I wouldn’t have gone to see it). But not we have a different possibility. That dude who was Legolas in the Lord of Rings wouldn’t be too bad.

    Yeah, Orlando Bloom would be one of my first choices to play as Link. But I think it’s mostly because he did such a great Legolas in the LotR movies.

    A zelda movie! It just sounds like the ultimate movie to me only because i worship the game and its characters. The only way to get it right would be to animate it and keep it to the true nature of Zelda, none of that on a tangent crap which has nothing to do with the script. Would be cool to see someone play link though….

    As much as I want to see a Zelda movie made I only want to see one if its made well and another problem is accents, no matter what accent they give Link its not going to make everyone happy, so which accent do you guys think Link should have hmm, American, English, Japanese, Canadian or…… French (scary) it dosent matter which they go for because we all imagine a different kind of voice, for me its an English accent.

    BTW Leonardo Dicaprio HELL NO, and Orlando Bloom no thanks besides hes too old and I think hes tired of playing Elves, I want an unknown to play Link and Ganondorf.

    I disergree i think a good american acent. I discussed it today with pals and they think that the only way for it to be successful is if he is a young man in his 20s as link is only just a man in the ornica of time. No shabby old man trying to pull of a young boys voice.

    I am completely against any kind of Zelda movie. It’s pretty much the opposite of the way stupid movies and their games work: the movie comes out, than an incredibly stupid game sequel (NOT including Lord of the Rings-they actually triedto make a good game, and those games were awesome) comes out, except this time it’s the other way around. First the games, then the movie. I mean, look at the success of the cartoon! It was a FAILURE!

    I’m just really worried that it’s going to look or feel completely opposite from the games. I liked the old Mario real-people comedy show. That was cool (funny, too).

    But if they mess up ANY characters from my precious Zelda games, there’s gonna be MORE than Hell to pay!!

    The only way I can bare to watch the end result which will be the Zelda Movie, is if it were done PERECTLY, without leaving any detail to the ALREADY DEVELOPTED characters! Like Link-X said, they better not mess up anycharacters!!! I think the Creators of this movie should work VERY closely with Shiguru Miyamoto, as to shape the story of this movie to HIS vision, NOT THEIRS.

    Head my warning, if this is live action, it is most likely to flump. Need I remind you all of the super mario bros. movie in the 80’s. But I think that it was made to be anime. You just can’t do something like LoZ in live action.

    The funny thing is that, even though many people are against a Zelda movie, those people will all watch it if it comes out.

    Hmm…I’m not quite sure if a Zelda movie is a good thing. Like in a previous article, the characters have no predetremined personalities. A Zelda movie might crush some peoples idea of who Link is. Also, I’ve hard about Zelda movies off and on. I don’t know when or where, but somewhere I heard that there was a Zelda movie being filmed in Austrailia, and had been approved by Miyamoto himself. But that was a one time thing, I’ve not heard about it since. then there are other site with Zelda “movie posters”. I’m not 100% sure there is going to be a Zelda movie, and even if there is, I have yet to find more proof. Also, no one knows ii it would be live action or animated… then there is the thing with Orlando Bloom and how he should play Link. My vote is on Patrick Wilson, aka Raoul in the Phantom of the Opera. He looks great with the longer hair and has a more Link-ish shaped face, in my opinion. But, seriously… who knows for sure, right? All we can do is wait for things to unfold. but, if there is a Zelda movie, it better be perfect, unlike that Mario movie from a long time ago. That was stupid. I have yet to see screen shots and more articles on this subject.

    To me a Zelda movie would be horrible! No Metroid movie either. But on a side note if there is going to be a Zelda movie they should get the guy from How to Deal (some movie with Mandy Moore in it), me and my little sister watched it when we were bored one day and I must have said the guy would make a good Link (based on looks) like five times (he would, he had dirty blond hair and it was always in his face). No Orlando Bloom, he is so overrated.

    Thats my point Hazzard, you imagine an American accent because you are American and I imagine an english accent because I am English, im sure its the same for Japanese, Canadian, french, German e.t.c. people the world over, so no matter which they choose somebody is gonne be *Tingle’d* off, lol

    You think im american cool!!!!!Robert UK No im not, sorry im from the uk too. I just think of an american acent when i think of an action movie meadia instinct i think (damn die hard).In all it should be animated as the art and design of the recent game is sooooo cool similar to pokemon art. And to be fair it could be any thing and as you said not every one will be satisfied i love drawing art from the wind waker, plus it’s easier than the ornica of time stuff, another reason for an animated film.

    Hahahaha a fellow Limey and its cool that you are into art like that, I cant draw to save my life lol

    A Zelda movie would rule. I think they need to get Tom Cruise for Link (Just kidding). But Jessica Simpson would be a good Zelda. That is, if it’s live action. On a completely unrelated note, a Prince of Persia movie would be awsome.