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November 20th, 2005 at 10:02 pm by The Missing Link

[UPDATE: The Live Preview function is back and working this time in all browsers I’ve tested. If you have problems, .]

A lot of people have complained about the comment system that WordPress has, and I’ve finally had the time to go hunting for mods to the WordPress system to help you all out.

  • There’s now a preview option whenever you write posts, but it’s unlike what you might expect. Just below the comment field, there’s one of our familiar “buffet tables” that will actually display what your post will look like as you type it. I know several people have gotten hit by using smilies using the HTML tag characters < and >, so this will be a good way to double-check that what you have in the box is really what you want. :)
  • There’s also a much easier way to quote other members. Each comment should have an option to [quote] their post. Please do not abuse this by quoting quotes that quote quotes and so forth, because it just takes a button click for me to disable the option.

Anyways, I hope you find these useful!

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21 Messages from the Gossip Stones about “New Features”


    The preview table is simply awesome. ;)

    Amazing, TML, keep up the good work!

    Wow… I love that preview box. =D
    “Cast in the name of god… Ye not guilty…” xD
    [email protected]” >_

    *Bows to TML*
    I name thee, code master!!!111


    It would be nice to have a preview button as well, for those of us without Javascript, but that’s not a big deal and it’s probably only me. Same for the quote thing.

    i just joined so iono wuts going on anyways.. but i like it so its all good

    Oooooooooo quote button……. Pretty…….. I want to touch it!

    Nabooru is my idol said:

    Oooooooooo quote button……. Pretty…….. I want to touch it!

    And I’ve done it! XD Damn, that thing is amazing… XD

    Yay for new options :) Ty TML!

    Mandy said:

    Yay for new options :) Ty TML!


    • Kai says:

    I like it alot how you made it easier to comment other members, much better than the recent way, this is great :)

    I hope you like the Preview function (now that it works) just as much as you like the Quote function. ;)

    • Kai says:

    Yeah! The preview function’s really cool! :) it’s just when I came it wasnt up, but it is now! And i’m impressed!

    Do you know if it slows down the site for people with a slower connection, though?

    Kai said:

    Yeah! The preview function’s really cool! :) blockquote>

    IT IS!!! Look at me Quote.

    It shouldn’t slow down based upon connection speed since the preview option doesn’t hit the server in between keystrokes; all the processing is done locally on your computer. At worst, the preview option will slow down for those on really old computers, but even then, I don’t think it will be too bad.

    testing testing *phhphh* hellooooooooooooo!ollie olly oxen free!how do you work this thing again?*pics up a mic*In this world nowadays, there are two kinds of people, the insane ones and the less insane ones, and those that know me well whick one i am.Ganondorf needs a hug (I’m hyper right know) seriously, how do you use the preview thing?
    I’m just trying to make people laugh.

    Hyrulian Hero said:

    seriously, how do you use the preview thing?

    It should work pretty automatically. If you just start typing in the comment box, below you’ll see your post appear as you type it, and it’ll look exactly as you want it to.

    Alright, nice it works now. Great job TML. :D

    I’m offline for a couple of days, and this happens. You’ve done really well here TML, it looks really good.

    Good job!

    Another great idea from TML, well done