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October 6th, 2005 at 1:15 am by Masamune

No, it’s not Tingle RPG. Aonuma reveals to EGM some information about what to expect in the Zelda DS title. Some of it is restating what we know, but there’s some other interesting tidbits.

This is a basic reiteration of what we already know, but confirms a few things. It’s not a Four Swords game, it’s not made by Capcom, Aonuma is handling this game personally and the touch screen will play a large part.

“What I can tell you is that it’s going to use the touch screen for a very unique control system that people have never experienced in a Zelda game before,” is what Aonuma had to say on that. He continued saying, “I think one of the important elements of the Zelda series has always been that you feel like you’re in the world doing the things that Link is doing and touching the things that Link is touching. This time you’ll be able to use the touch screen and actually touch those items and objects yourself.”

What we’re looking at here could be a new Zelda experience unlike handheld Zelda games we have been exposed to in the past. The level of interaction will allow gamers to immerse theirselves into the game more than previous experiences. Hopefully this just doesn’t imply making the bottom screen a simple item selection screen. ;)

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    Do I get to poke tingle out of the screen with the pen? :P

    Oh no! A moblin is after me. I’d better poke it. *lol*

    Aww This means I’ll have to buy a DS now.

    First person Link action! O_o;;;

    I’m glad its not Tingle RPG, o_O. And since its my first comment, yeah.

    Don’t poke the Wolfos.

    I’ve never been a big fan of handheld Zelda, but poking a Deku Scrub might be intriguing… ::POKE:: ::scoffs:: Watch it sound like the Pillsbury Doughboy when you poke it…!

    • 8. JC says:

    I still think its still too early to say anything..

    I agree with JC but I also think that whatever the game is, it is going to be very interesting to play, since you are now allowed to interract with characters, enemies, and items. But I do hope killing a wolfos won’t be as easy as a *poke* or even a couple of *pokes* with a touch screen sword.


    Might be fun to poke enemies and people just to make them mad. It will be strange having to control Link with the touch screen, but it might introduce some new gameplay elements, such as pressing a certain tile on a wall or door to open it.

    Dude… Tingle RPG, TOO scary.

    *Pokes a Moblin.*
    Moblin: Uh, dude. You’re weird. o_o

    Wow i feel stupid! I spelled idol wrong in my original name!!! It’s idol not idle!!!

    But again, I can’t wait to see this new game!!!

    Okay, who’s the Guy who poked my mate?

    *Pokes a Hylian*

    *Points to Nabooru is my idle*

    “Actually touch the things Link uses”

    Poking glass doesn’t feel like a sword’s hilt, really.

    Archery will never be the same *POKE* *POKE*

    now i can steal the kings stuff hahaaha poke steal

    Zelda DS. Very cool. Now I can poke chickens instead of stabbing them to death.
    *pokes chicken then fends off the onslaught by poking them*


    The more times you poke Tingle, you win!! 10 points for the stomach, 5 points for the feet, 20 points for the arse, 5000 points for the eyes… Congratulations! You’ve finally completed the game!