How Would Zelda Use the New Controller?

October 5th, 2005 at 10:35 pm by Jack

I’ve spent the last few days with extreme writer’s block, attempting to piece together some insightful and meaningful article for ZeldaBlog. But, after two days of self-inflicted, desk-related concussions I gave up and started looking at those nifty pictures of the new Revolution controller. And then, I gots ta thinkin’—how would this new controller be applied in Zelda games? What are its possible uses? How could it have been used in previous Zelda games?

Firstly, let’s presuppose how this revolutionary controller could have been used in previous games. Several instances where it would have been ideal stand out, such as the many instances in Ocarina of Time where the view switched to first person (like when firing the bow, or the hookshot). Remember how clumsy it was to strike an enemy using the joystick to guide your reticule? Imagine how easy it would be to stick a Poe in the eye with this new controller!

Moreover, in Ocarina of Time, imagine how much cooler fishing would have been if rather than using the N64 controller to fish, the new controller had been available. Say you’d pull back the controller to imitate the motions of casting a line, holding the B-trigger as you do so. Then, you let loose the swing, letting go of B, “casting the line” and having the game register your achievement with a satisfying “plunk.” Loaches beware, eh?

The controller also would have added a great new depth to the utilization of the Wind Waker instrument in the Zelda game of the same name. Rather than using the joystick for the flourishes of the Wind Waker, imagine using the controller, swinging it as elegantly as one can a peripheral from side to side and up and down and hitting the A and B buttons as appropriate to play the proper tune. Surely this would add a degree of complication to the game, but how much more interesting would the instrument system have been.

Now, let’s move away from the past and consider the games ahead of us. From what we know, clearly Twilight Princess will be a GameCube title, and thusly not be the first Zelda title to use this new controller. Nevertheless, the next main console Zelda game (the “revolutionary” one that Shiggy is promising us) will most likely use this controller and be on the Revolution system. As such, we can freely speculate how this new game will use the controller for its “everyday” functions.

Many have already written on the controller’s ability to change how swordplay is done in Zelda, but let’s go a little more in depth. I envision the system as follows, say you want to slash horizontally or vertically, you would hold down the B-trigger and then swing the controller in your desired arc, slaying all sorts of evil in your wake. Say you preferred a simple stabbing, then just point at what you want to die (to quote Homer Simpson) and hit the B-button. Imagine how epic sword battles could be now that rather than just hitting the sword button over and over again, letting Link do the hard work of deciding how to attack, you had to physically engage an enemy in sword duel!

This may be a drawback for some (perhaps making the game too hard, or complicated for what seems to be Zelda’s current target audience), though it would also add an artful new depth to Zelda, one worth exploring by Nintendo’s advance teams for the applications of this new peripheral. (And we know they’re reading ZB, right?)

Anyways, other functions that come to mind (excluding the aforementioned fishing and bow firing) include taking the reins and using them to motivate Epona whilst riding her (rather than offering a carrot) or using the pointing ability of the controller to search rooms and push/pull blocks.

I’m very excited to see where Nintendo can take this new controller, and the depth it can add to the Zelda series that we have not been able to experience beforehand due to the clunkiness of the standard controller.

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    “Please allow me to interrupt you by saying that you will have to be patient, really. This will be, without a doubt, the last Zelda game as you know it in its present form.”

    I think this is exactly where Shiggy was trying to get with that comment. The game as we know it in its present form is no less than the way in which we interact with the environment around us. I believe that this controller is going to radically change that, giving us completely new ways to explore the world of Hyrule.

    Well only one thing is for certain. This game WILL be good. If it is not nintendo will have some problems will really angry fans. Besides i do not think I have ever seen a ninendo game with a rating less then 7.

    I’m really excited about the swordfighting potential this new controller brings. What a way to involve the player!

    SO agree with Hylian. This is what Shiggy was most likely referring to when he said that. The swordplay ability withg that new controller is what I am looking forward to. Albeit, it will probably be… ::pauses, looking for right word:: …tricky, to say the least. I dunno, just my opinion. And, without a doubt, the Zelda Revolution WILL be amazing–we can bet most strongly on that.

    One thing that i liked that you brought to my attentiopn about OoT’s possible functions with teh Revo. controller was the first-person features. Surprisingly, I hadnt really thought about it like that. The bow is what I would probably fall for–i LOVE the bow and arrow! Link is like an assassin with that thing!

    I can’t wait until that is able to come out and you can actually take part in hand-to-hand combat with enemies. I agree with you when you say that it would have been great to have in the old games. OoT, which is by far my favorite Zelda game of all time, would have been even MORE fun, if that’s even possible!

    Ohhhh wow. Gosh, I’m gonna need one of these Revolution things! The interface sounds AWESOME. Man, I’m gonna have to get a job! Crap… I don’ wanna job. But it will be worth it.

    I WISH I had that controller in OoT! Fishing with it… -squeals with glee-

    I wonder if the rumble pack will be available. I think that is a little important since it is an integrated part of the new zelda games and something I (for one) have gotten used to. I’m pretty sure this system will be one where nintendo gadget will pop up everywhere!!!

    Ya, the controller does have a rumble pack installed in. Like in the Revolution article at Zelda Domain, you could pull the controller back, with the bow out and as you pull it it would rumble because of the Tension of the Bow.

    Oh yeah, and I dont see how any of this is complicated.

    When it comes to swordplay, I may swing the controller with my left hand to give a more indepth feeling of the game. You know I can feel more as if I were actually Link slaying Ganon’s minions.

    Yeah, I could see how there would be a definite increase in depth with the revolution controller. Imagine having an epic sword battle with Shadow Link! If the revolution incorporates sword fighting into their controllers, the new Zelda game should have… like… a fencing/swordfighting section of the game! You know, like it would be on the beginning menu at the start of the game. That would be uberfun!

    Any game that allows be to use a sword by actually swinging the control pad is awsome to me, bring it on but gives us a control pad shaped like a sword, lol

    I hear it comes with a swiss army knife and a sfork! Not to mention the plastic toothpick! :P