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October 1st, 2005 at 7:11 pm by Darth Citrus

The Legend of Zelda series has delighted children, entertained adults, and intrigued fans for years. For many people, the series not only provides a place to get away, but also acts as a source of debate and mystery for fans everywhere. Articles can be found trying to explain some of the most perplexing timeline questions the game has to offer. Theories of how the games connect, to Link and Zelda’s relationship have spawned innumerable articles and questions that fans have been quite willing to go in-depth into, order to explain.

For me however, only one pressing question remains at the foremost of my thoughts.

At what point does mild irritation become raving insanity?

I ponder this question at 2 am in the morning, playing once again through one of the most hated and difficult dungeons in the Zelda world.

The Great Bay Temple.

Oh, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Darth Citrus and welcome to this edition of A Somewhat Serious Article, a series that I created on my site Exploding Deku Nut, and hope to continue here at Zelda Blog.

If you’re looking for something serious don’t wouldn’t bother reading any further. The issues that I look at are not important ones. Rather, my line of articles raise questions more along the line of, “Why does Link only get ONE power glove in LTTP?” or “How come no one ever uses Deku Nuts?

Thus issue I would like to talk about today is of equal importance: WATER THEMED DUNGEONS

Or temples, I’m not that picky about it. After all, Link had to go though Jabu Jabu’s Belly for crying out loud.

But where was I? Ah yes Water Themed Dungeons.

I personally am not a fan of anything water themed. I rarely drink water and living in the desert isn’t that bad. But again I am no stranger to the Zelda series as well. You would think after playing each game 3 times, I could breeze through the Great Bay Temple with my eyes closed.


Great Bay Temple has some really good music. A really unique layout and some really cool machinery. But the complexity, backtracking, and of course that stupid fish at the end of the whole thing is enough to make anyone tear their hair out.

The Great Bay Temple is not the only water based dungeon that’s drove people insane. For many fans, it’s the dreaded Water Temple from Ocarina of Time. The sheer size of it was enough to make anyone confused. When you add the extra feature of a three tiered water level system, you have yourself hours of stumbling your way through endless maze corridors and fighting the odd like-like that can somehow survive underwater.

I’m sure everyone has felt irritated at some point with a Water Based Dungeon. Jabu Jabu’s Belly, The Water Temple, Great Bay Temple, Jabu Jabu’s Belly AGAIN (from Oracle of Ages) or the Temple of Droplets from the Minish Cap. I wouldn’t have added this last one were it not for the fact you have to fight an octorock while you’re the size of a peanut.

But in all seriousness, why is it that the Water Based Dungeons take the longest to complete? Swimming aside, just finding your way around them is hard enough, never mind searching 3 floors with a fine toothed comb, just to find a single key. I find that they also have the hardest bosses you’ll find in the entire game. Morpha, Gyorg and that stupid Octorock was much harder to beat than the final boss. And it often took several tries as well.

3 am . I should probably be sleeping soon. However, seeing as one can’t save unless they are willing to go back to day one and start over, it looks like I’ll be up for another hour or two. I sit back, rubbing my eyes, frustration setting in. I take comfort knowing that I certainly can’t be the only one frustrated over these things. And if I am, excuse me while I curl into a ball and cry for the next 6 or 7 hours.

We can only wait to see what sorts of traps and challenges Twilight Princess will bring. If there’s a Water Based Dungeon in there I’m sure I’ll be missing another night’s sleep, as well as a late term paper, but only time will tell.

I’m sure by now many of you are sitting back, scratching your heads, and wondering what the point of this article; besides that Water Based Dungeons are annoying. There is none. And that’s what makes it, A Somewhat Serious Article.

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It’s been a long time since I played MM. I was only like 9 when I bought it, so you can imagine, I was 11 when I beat it.

Jeez, I so agree with you on these stupid Water Dungeons. It took me literally THREE YEARS to figure out the Water Temple in OoT and I just loaned OoT to a friend of mine; he’s been working on the Water Temple for FIVE DAYS and he is amazing at video games. Doenst even use a player’s guide or walkthrough, i dont think. And while Great Bay Temple had really good music, it was very confusing and dont even get me started on Gyorg… I didnt think Morpha was so bad–you know, consider things… like Dark Link: hardest sub-boss in the whole game, I think. He takes forever!

Water-based dungeons are annoying, a trend that was started in ALttP with the Flooded Palace in the Dark World. Going back and forth switching the valves was annoying, but nothing compared to the Water Temple or Great Bay.

Great Bay was definitely the worst water dungeon. If you didn’t at least have someone to help you out then you were typically stuck wandering in circles for hours. Even worse, when you absolutely HAD to collect fairies to complete your perfectionist urges Great Bay easily became 2 times harder. However, because of the difficulty of the water dungeons I actually liked them a lot more then most of the other dungeons available. However, the bosses of the Water Temple from OoT and Great Bay weren’t too difficult. Morpha was defeated just by staying to one corner and spamming your hookshot, making Dark Link a little harder depending on how you look at it. Gyorg was just a matter of patience and timing (but you had to have practiced “dolphin hopping” beforehand otherwise you’d require a fairy or two). I’ve yet to try out Minish Cap, but the prospect of fighting an octorock while the size of a peanut is appealing.

Oh, and I use Deku Nuts. Easily one of the coolist items to use if you’re going to try to go through whole dungeons without being touched. It’s also the alternative to use when you want to kill those pesky electric jelly-fish in Juba-Juba because when they are stunned you can just smash ‘em with your sword. Gotta love Deku Nuts. (Especially useful if you decided to plow your way through Master Quest.)

My God. You must have really really disliked The Wind Waker! ;)

On A Somewhat More Serious note though, Great Bay’s temple is actually the only ‘water based dungeon’ that managed to annoy me. During Ocarina of Time’s water temple I was too baffled by the beautiful atmosphere design (the water reflections on the wall, the subtle background music, the echoing sounds) that I never let frustration about a simply nonexistant Small Key get the best of me. It took me a full week to find out about the hole in the bottom of the central tower, but the damn atmosphere was like a drug, keeping me smiling and feeling rather relaxed.

Am I alone when I express genuine appreciation for the notorious Water Temple?

Getting back to the Great Bay temple though; that was the complete opposite. Music that was getting on my nerves, ugly machine-like scenery (I bet Super Mario the plumber would have digged it though), backtracking…

Thank the heavens for the Stone Tower temple to make it all worhwhile.

*quivers as repressed memories start coming back*

The Great Bay Temple must die.

The Water Temple from OoT only gave me so much trouble because of that one troublesome Small Key - yeah, a lot of people are probably giving me an amen right now. You know what I’m talking about.
But the Great Bay Temple was something new alltogether. It was genuinely confusing, what with all the backtracking you had to do. And if you were also collecting those little fairies? Forget about it.
Every time I’m playing a new Zelda game and I come to the required water-themed temple, I consume no less than three alcoholic drinks before venturing in, just to calm myself enough to not chuck the controller in a random direction.

Let it be known that the boss of the Great Bay Temple should henceforth be known as the Evil Fish of Doom™.

I’ve heard by many people that the Evil Fish of Doom™ was very easy should you have followed a very certain strategy, but that strategy was not the one I was able to find. I finally beat the temple at 3am on the night of the final day… after having been killed five times prior… after having already once killed the boss… precisely when it took my final heart away. The Evil Fish of Doom™ vanished. And then the cut scene ended, and Link died.

For those of you who are strangely wondering what happened later, no, even though I didn’t turn back the clock to day one, the boss didn’t stay dead. I had to do it ALL over again.

Evil Fish of Doom™, I tell you.

Yep, long hours those were, redoing the whole thing over and over. Then dieing cause I got eaten by Gyorg.

Oh by the way Legend of Jelda, Wind Waker was one of my favorite, mostly because for a game that is based completely on water, you never had to dive underwater. :D

WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL HERE?! I thought the Water Temple in OoT was the simplest of the bunch. o_O I had extreme trouble with the Forest Temple!

I would have to aggree with Atake, the Water Temple was pretty simple, as was the Great Bay Temple. What I had trouble with was the Shadow Temple and the Stone Tower Temple. Granted, they were the most fun, I found them surprisingly hard.

I absolutely hated the Water Temple (loved the Forest Temple, though). Searching for hours for one missing key… It still gives me nightmares.

And I would add that I was 12 when I first played OOT, I beat it in 1 week and I DIDN’T EVEN speak english very well. And I had school during that week too.

I agree… Except, however the water temple wasn’t necessarily hard. It was just somewhat annoying that you constantly had to change the water level to continue. And morpha was unbeleivably easy.

In response to what Twilight Princess said, Dark link isn’t that hard. I can easily beat him in less than 30 seconds. The trick is to wait for him to drop his guard and then do a quik stab (forward+b)

I also found him to be quite easy. In fact, he’s the only mini-boss I didn’t get hurt by at all, and took the least amount of time for me to beat. Once I noticed he was a mirror of me, I brought out the Megaton Hammer, and just used that. He has no defence against it.

^ Ah… but that takes the whole fun out of it. The way I see it, Dark Link is one of the very few enemies that you can actually “sword fight” with. Fighting him with only your sword is like an epic battle right there. ;)

Gamer, what do you mean by stabbing when his guard is down? Every time I’ve fought him he has always thwarted my stab attempts. Tell me of this… off guard… thing. =\

The forest temple and shadow temple were pretty easy for me. The forest was simply a matter of exploration. How good are you at checking your map and going to areas you’ve never been before. The shadow temple, however, was simply trial and error. They weren’t that hard. Even on Master Quest shadow temple was a piece of cake. Oh, but forest temple on Master Quest? Evil… absolutely EVIL. Hidden eye switch anyone? =_=

Even though Great Bay and the Water Temple were so challenging, I still really liked them. It’s nice to have a dungeon that you can’t figure out in one sitting. Sure it starts to get annoying after a few days and you still can’t find a stupid key, but overall, I think they were very well crafted dungeons.

Personally, I’ve always loved the Water Temples. *Sigh* Starting back from the days of LttP when I spent a full day re-tracing my steps searching for the elusive door hidden behind the waterfall. I have always felt that the Water Temples were the only time that Miyamoto ever lived up to the potential of the puzzles he could create and I dearly wish he would get more inventive with his other dungeons. ^_^ Yes, I lost a lot of sleep on these dungeons, too, but, to me a Zelda game isn’t worth playing until you’ve had one “controller-breaking” moment.

  • JC says:

Water-based dungeons/temples aren’t so bad..


*looks away from Great Bay Temple*

The Water temple in Oot or Oot MQ isn’t so bad if you just watch your step. I mean, if you wanna use keys in the wrong spots and throw yourself haphazardly into Tecktites while jumping into the water that makes you ever-so want to tinkle, be my guest.

The Alttp Swamp Level (was that the Water temple in that..?) wasn’t bad really. Arrhgus wasn’t hard at all. Morhpa was fun..only if you loved spikes in the rear and had fairies up to wazu..and lovely ol’ Gyorg…no comment.

The water in TWW did get monotonous and boring to me. Not even the Ballad of Gales made me stop crying. >_

Once you figure it/him/her out, Morpha is really easy. Basically, you just run in circles around the outer edge of the boss room, and soot your hookshot at morpha whenever you get the chance.

And as for dark link, if you have biggorns sword, then just do the stab thing, and don’t even worry about what he is doing, however, if you don’t, then target him and hold down R until one of his blows strikes your shield, then quikly stab him and repeat.

^Interesting. Waiting until he’s off balance after striking your shield then stabbing… I might have tried it once, but maybe my timing was off… In anycase, I’ll give it a shot. Sounds fun. =D

Again, I assert that the easiest way to beat Morpha is to camp in one corner of the room and spam that longshot. You go through the entire fight without a scratch.

It was not until the Water Temple did I crack down and open a manual to see how to solve it. While the overall design of that particular dungeon was interesting and fun to play, my impatience got the best of me, unfortunately.

Nice article, btw.

The Evil Fish of Doom™ was a right blaggard. That whole temple was a hefty pain in the ass, really…. I had to keep resetting the time and everything because stuff came up…..

JC, the “water” temple in Link to the Past probably would have been Watergate Palace, which was #2 in the Dark World.

Even though watergate temple was the official water temple in ALttP, I think of the ice temple, that was hard, and it was kind of a water temple.

Errm…Well, I’ve a confession to make. While the Water Temple and Great Bay Temple (minus the fairies, which I NEVER collected) were pretty easy for me, any sort of 2D water based dungeon is, like, on the edge of impossible. Really, I just suck at 2D games, but the water dungeons in 2D games are the worst part. One of the hardest 3D temples for me was the Forest Temple. Yup. Did NOT like that one. Still, though, I can generally concur with the craziness of water based dungeons. So, yah. Akira, out. >.>

Wow, alot of posts for an article that suppose to be “Somewhat Serious” :P I truth, I really don’t find 2D games that hard. For some reason though, I suck at moving Link through water, though when he was Zora Link, swimming became much much easier.

I didn’t mention this, but when I first played Majora’s Mask, I had to redo the temple 4 times. The first time I died and had to restart, the second time I ran out of time and had to warp the the first day. Then the THIRD time, I actually beat the whole temple, and right when I got back to the main land, there was a POWER OUTAGE. What are the odds. -_-

Suffice to say, I don’t like them very much. Majora’s Mask is still my favorite game though. :D

Sigh. I just got to the Water Place in Majoras Mask. Defeating The water temple 5 years ago wasn’t that hard (I did have a Players guid though). Now in Majoras mask, I am currently thanking all you webmasters for those free walkthroughs. Thanx.

Players’ guide… Sickening. Learn to be patient, and think problems out. It’s a much better feeling that you get when you actually figure things out for yourself instead of having to read some stupid guide to tell you all of the answers.

If you have trouble with dark link then get biggorns sword and use that stab move. He rarly ever blocks it.

^Megaton hammer is just as fast, if not a little slower. It also requires no targeting to use, for those of us too lazy to Z target.

I despised the Water Temple in Oot. Didn’t have much trouble with the Great Bay temple in MM that I can recall. And Dark Link in Oot was so stupidly easy to kill - it took me a while, but I didn’t break my fingers doing it (which I nearly did when trying to kill Link’s Shadow in AoL). I just jumped around a lot and went stabbity stab. Or something. It’s been awhile. :D

Water Temple…Ooohhh……..I thought it was so annoying that you had pause to put on those iron boots and walk 3 steps down the hall, pause, take off the boots, raise up to the top, pause, put the boots back on….Holy cow that was murder, and what’s worse I didn’t even know what the Zora tunic
was……….Yeah…….I tried to beat it without the tunic that allows you to breath water….Yeah….I’m a moron. Great Bay was a bit simpler for me because you didn’t have to change the water level and explore the floors that were now flooded or not flooded. And Dark Link should have been the real boss of the Water Temple because he’s harder than Morpha…..He just should have been.

^Dark Link’s challenge varies on “how” you challenge him. It’s up to you to determine whether he’s difficult or not. Also, don’t worry about the Zora’s tunic. I go through the game without getting that now. The time they allow you to have underwater is pretty ridiculous.

Yeah well Dark Link is the Final boss in Adventure of Link, and he was hard then too, the main problem I had was I couldn’t hit him, at least not without me taking more damage, the only cheap way I could smack him was with Din’s Fire and that lasted for a good 30 seconds, after that I just hacked at him wildly with the sword and that got him, you think he would be more important than a sub boss for this game. And the main problem I had with the Zora tunic was I didn’t collect enough heart containers for my under water time to be enough.

wow i beat ocarina of time in 1-2 years i finished win i was about 5 i got majora when i was 5 beat it 2-10 months later i was six i got oracle of ages never beat it then got master quest sad story i made it 2 the end of fire temple then lost memory card got a new one i’m still stuck in dodongos cavern games i’ve beat oot,mm,mc,and I get killed by the eyes on zelda 2 gba and so close to beating lttp and zelda gba classic never got to play links awakening though

took 8 months for me to beat water temple though

*ON THE FLOOR FOAMING IN CONVULTIONS* No! Not the Water!! Ah! Away! Away! Anything but the water level!!!

the water temple is cool! it has dark link in it! DARK LINK ROCKS!!!!!! and great bay temple does have nice music.

i wish dark link was in more games actually hes in quite a few i hope he’s in tp everyone loves to fight an evil image of thereselfs like sponge bob and that old tv show so weird and a few links and dark gannon

MAN I cant believe you guys I have both The Water Temple and the Great Bay temple memorized, I LOVE water puzzles and the fight with Dark Liks is one of my fondest memories and I can breeze through the Water Temple an 18 minutes and it only took me two days to complete both water Temples when I played Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask for the first time.

Actually I have Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask 100% memorized

Oh geez. My experience from the two Nintendo 64 games:

The water temple in Ocarina of Time? Not that bad, really. I thought it was simple logic, going through each tunnel in an order using the keys as so until I found the Boss Key. That passage in the middle was sly, but didn’t catch me that off-guard. Dark Link was okay - my second attempt maybe? And the Boss was certainly not the hardest in the game.

Great Bay was an entirely different story. I used a guide, and am disgusted with myself. It’s been a few years since, so I could posssibly go back and try again without it.

I beat Dark Link (Dark Robert, lol) on myfirst try with the unbreakable Bigoron Sword and the Megaton Hammer

this topics dead like many others sad

i’ll miss it (tear) get it water why did people abandon it write something g’s

This is for comments, not converstation. I’m glad you like the article, but again, this is not a forum. Please leave comments for thing relevent to the article.

ALTTP water temple wasn’t bad. But whenever I saved outside, going to the light world to keep pulling that switch got maddening. Actually, when that happened for the 6th time in a row, I was maddened. I pulled the self-destruct switch and watched gleefuly at the sudden change in serery. No I did not get link killed. But dodging those bombs relieved my stress. The Ice temple though? Murder. Pure murder. Those… despicable…PENGUINS!!!

I hated the Water Temple… for the reason we all hate it one key. Up until that point I didn’t need a guide, but that one key stumped me. ALthough I didn’t think Great Bay was bad. Or the Evil Fish of Doom. It took a long time, but I beat the fish on one try. I forget how at the moment though.

i know exacly what you mean with the water temple, and the water level of the place up and down, up and down, it was like two weeks before if found the crack in the wall.

I LOVE Water Temples

Robert-UK said:

I LOVE Water Temples

Your evil dude. I mean, sure the one in LttP was okay, but Termina Great Bay? How could you love all those furiating tunnels, and not knowing you left from your right? HOW? HOW I SAY!

Well it wasnt too hard for me, I beat that Temple in one day and I enjoyed it, but I still prefer the Water Temple from OOT because nothing beats the battle with Dark Link

BTW, stock up on some Fairies and let the Boss (I forget its name) swing you around, its sooo funny

BTW hopefully there will be a Water Temple in TWP

A water temple is classic, sure they will.And Morpha gave us a hard time, but still looks cool.Even fighting Dark Link was cool, so cool I made a name for fighting him whenever I felt like it.I can beat him as fast as I want, and any ways I want.

I forgot to add this:
Idea is patented so anyone who takes it will be hunted down by Tingle and made one of his own, YOU GOT IT!!!Nah, just sign some papers and you can use it anytime.

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