Welcome to ZeldaBlog!

September 29th, 2005 at 10:45 pm by The Missing Link

Welcome everyone to ZeldaBlog!

Before I point out all of the important stuff, let me take a moment to explain what we are. In the recent months, there have been a lot of problems that have been plaguing the Zelda online community, slowly corroding away the community from the inside. Many of these problems have always been present since the dawn of the community when North Castle was founded in 1997; however, after all this time, the extent of these problems has been brought to centre attention when near a half dozen websites fell due to in-fighting and content theft. It’s been a shame to see much of this come to pass, but though the lesson was learned late, we fully intend to try to work towards making the community a better place.

Enter ZeldaBlog. ZeldaBlog is a community site designed not only to bring news, opinions, and discussions to the fans of the community but also to help promote unity within the Zelda community, a unity that has recently been lacking amongst sites. I could bore you to death about how we intend to fix that, but I’ll spare you the details and just point you to the link that will explain everything.

As for the grand tour of the site, the rules of the blog tell you all about how to write comments to our discussions and articles as well as how to take our articles here and repost them on your site.

If you have a question or concern, please feel free to contact us about it. Any feedback you have is appreciated.

Last but not please, feel free to check out all of the sites in the site listing. If you’d like to add your site into the listing, feel free to let us know about it.

We hope you have a great time on ZeldaBlog!

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It’s nice to see Zelda fans actually grouping together to do something good for once. I really hope this proves to be a success. I’ve linked to you guys from my site already. Good luck.

To tell you the truth, I remain skeptical. Although I know I’ll come here often and read this blog, and I know I’ll enjoy it, I’m still doubtful this will really change the community in a way that would make it so ideal. I’m hoping for a gradual change by example, but for now there’s no telling how big this will become or how many people will really come into the community with the intention of contributing to it. It’s so much easier to believe the worse in people because of the examples set by those who abuse their anonymity with blatant disregard for the feelings of others. I’m hoping for unity… but just how many people want that? I look forward to what this blog will bring, and the potential that it undoubtedly holds because of such people working on it, but I can’t help but fear that it’ll crash, just like so many others, because of those who wish it so for the heck of it.

Well, UL, I’ll admit to you openly: ZeldaBlog isn’t the ultimate answer to the community’s problems. To think that one website will be able to turn the clock of the community back years is quite naïve. Be that as it may, you can look at this as you would a thousand lawyers laid end to end at the bottom of the ocean: a start. Those I have talked to are really excited by the project, and if the goal can be met by allowing this site to serve as a main base for all Zelda fans to discuss Zelda as well as use this to explore other sites different from their “home site”, I can chalk ZeldaBlog up as a success. :)

I still think its awesome, and not just because of the cucco.

I think that this site is a really good idea, and I really hope that it helps to bring the Zelda community together.

I’m really excited about this site, I and hope you guys can succeed in bringing the community together.

I am soooo happy to be here!!!! Finally, a community that has good sense in game play!!! You all rock!!!

man i think it’s great to have zelda fans come to one website and just chat with other zelda fans. like i already made friends with sam the chicken!

Yeah before I found The Grand Adventures and the Zelda Blog I was the only BIG Zelda fan I knew, now I can talk to people who enjoy the games as much as I do, which is great

I’m so glad that there’s a site like this that unites Zelda fans! yay! Before I found this site, I was almost the only Zelda fan in my skool… mm… scary… so I’d talk to people about it and they’d be like, “Dood! I’ve almost never heard of Zelda! Get off my back!” Only my best friend and some other guy knows it exists over there…. eek..

This is a fantastic experiment, and I’m really excited to see you pioneering a new direction for the Zelda community. Well done.

Welcome to the club Nayria, I was in the same situation as you but now I can talk to you guys

This is an awesome idea for a Zelda site. So refreshing and new. I hope it does well. :D